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  1. I experience exact the same long pauses of ca 5 seconds during the flight. Happen at the same area's. Apparently there is a lot of data to be exchanged between systems (CPU is always over 95%, I don't see GPU upscaling so it is data to CPU memory transfer or somewhere in that system). Pauses extinguise after uninstalling Vector. I don't use FSUIPC. My system sould be able to perform well. 7700K @4.4 GHz, 16 GB, GTX1080, P3D on SSD. A bit akward that the developers don't react anymore on questions concerning their software. ORBX should interfere, as they sold the software. Hiding behind the developers is not the right way to react.
  2. Got the same problem. Unfortunately I am not an active member on this forum and searched for my problems after it reveiled itself . My luck: I just made an image of the P3D drive before the running of the last LIBS file, so I could restore the installation in 20 minutes. Also could restore the "permanetly deleted" old LIBS file. So I got it restored to a functional sim again . Now I will wait until Ed or anyone else from ORBX announces there is a corrected LIBS file, and no problem is reported anymore.
  3. Got the new FTX Central installed. This issue can be closed .
  4. Ben, My FTX Central certainly does not look like that. Will download the update this evening. Any need (and how) to uninstall FTX V1.00? Thanks for the help.
  5. Ok guys, thanks for the answers, my system seems to be in order. What I still don't understand is that FTX Central shows V1.00 when you click "about" in the help-menu. Should this not be V2.00??
  6. I have installed FTX GLOBAL, FTX Vector and OpenLC Europe in this order. Installed updates 1.10 and 1.15 for OpenLC Europe. Latest LIBS for P3D V2 downloaded and installed (run after Vector installation and again after OpenLC Europe). After installation of OpenLC Europe, got an error, but that is a known one in this forum and I ignored it (clicked "continue"). Latest LIBS should have solved this. However, Europe is not displayed as a choice in FTX Central, only FTX Global. FTX Central version says V1.00 (help , about..). I assume this should be V2.00? Products installed report: FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 150331 31st MARCH 2015 FTX GLOBAL BASE PACK - Version 1.30 September 2014 FTX GLOBAL VECTOR PACK - Version 1.20 October 2014 FTX openLC Base Region Version 1.10 - September 2013 FTX openLC Europe Version 1.15 - January 2015 FTX openLC North America Region 1 Version 1.00 - September 2013 Where did this went wrong and how do I solve it. BTW, I removed all FTX installations and reinstalled everything from a fresh start, but still the same result.
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