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  1. Really nice work - thank you Graham Cheers Peter
  2. On the topic not breaking the companies download costs - Given I'm mid-PC refresh - and have now downloaded 240G in the past week from Orbx, P3d, Xplane, and DCS, one question that I've just got to ask (which could be a complete 101), is Torrenting downloads in the same way DCS does an option to reduce download feeds? With the DCS torrents in action I'm constantly seeing the link fully utililised which is happiness when building a new PC
  3. Hi guys Just a quick thanks for the amazing job you've done on GB south. I really brings XPlane to life! cheers Peter
  4. Looking very nice - time for me to finally fly outside of NZ
  5. Agreed, awesome work, looks like it should be fun in the Dodo.
  6. Ran into the same issue with NZNI last night - try using the global CDN as the download source and when you unzip it check files are Nov 2015, not 2014. Cheers Peter
  7. Agreed - thanks very much for these, really does show you look after customers - must be time to finally get brave and update toP3d 3.X :)... along with windows 10.... cheers Peter
  8. Couldn't agree more - payware quality. Thank you Sylvain.
  9. Very nice job on this Marcus, you've really captured the feel of the winter in those shots. Cheers Peter
  10. funny - was thinking exactly the same thing, next thought was what about the Hover Dam and downtown Vegas? ........ Darn should have checked the next lot of photos before asking happy days and well done gents
  11. real nice work on those seat as well as the projector alignment, I take it you are converting the 737 to a X-Wing? ch
  12. Freight will be expensive - these units are really solid. On the P3D, I'd be very surprised if they didn't, my unit is more than a few years old, so it had the serial (I think) interface. I'd swapped the interface for a USB board from Beta Innovations. I be more than a little surprised if the newer units didn't work with P3D.
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