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  1. echoing the thanks to the Orbx team - its why I continue to spend the dosh - even though a bunch of purchased airports of never been flown into - the difference you've made to the flight sim experience is simply outstanding. Cheers Peter
  2. On the topic not breaking the companies download costs - Given I'm mid-PC refresh - and have now downloaded 240G in the past week from Orbx, P3d, Xplane, and DCS, one question that I've just got to ask (which could be a complete 101), is Torrenting downloads in the same way DCS does an option to reduce download feeds? With the DCS torrents in action I'm constantly seeing the link fully utililised which is happiness when building a new PC
  3. Hi guys Just a quick thanks for the amazing job you've done on GB south. I really brings XPlane to life! cheers Peter
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