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  1. Happy (belated) Birthday Roger! Hope you had a great one.
  2. Top shots Adam. I was surprised I hadn't seen any DC-6 shots yet. It looks great in MSFS. I love that video. What a beast of a plane. I suspect it would have garnered the same reaction back in the day as an A380 does today.
  3. Happy Birthday Martyn! Have a great day mate.
  4. Fantastic shots! Your colours are always so vibrant Pete, and there is a lot of colour at Avalon and Catalina to bring out.
  5. Pretty sure it's one of the default aircraft. The JMB VL-3. https://www.windowscentral.com/list-microsoft-flight-simulator-planes#jmbvl3 Cheers,
  6. Happy Birthday Misha. Have a great one!
  7. I haven't noticed any memory leaks as such, but haven't really measured the memory either. I did hear third hand about a post on the MSFS forums where someone mentioned that upgrading from 32GB to 64GB made their sim a lot smoother and stopped a lot of micropauses and stuttering.. This would suggest to me some type of overuse of memory. There would be more information on the MSFS forums about this. I am curious too. Unfortunately I bought 4 x 8GB sticks of RAM with my last PC, so an upgrade to RAM would mean a complete replacement up to 4 x 16GB sticks of RAM. I really thought 32GB was f
  8. Hi Don, You can try using another browser to download. If you are using Chrome, try using Microsoft Edge (previously Internet Explorer). I assume you are downloading directly from FSDT? Usually you can allow a program through even if Chrome does block it. Not sure why it would block GSX anyway, but if you click on the options on the download page if it has been blocked you should be able to allow it through. Probably easiest to just try MS Edge first though. Cheers,
  9. Happy Birthday for yesterday John. Hope you had a great one. No need to stop the celebrations yet. Cheers,
  10. As much as I would love to see this happen I do not see it happening unfortunately. I cannot speak for Orbx development or management, but in the past any thought of developing a military airport has been quickly quashed by the fact that you are not allowed to take photos at military installations. A scenery development is founded on the photos that are originally taken to create textures, models, layouts, details etc. Without such photos unfortunately it is not practical to develop an airport. I have witnessed first hand the (understandable) strictness of the rule against any photography
  11. Hi Don, If you have one throttle then you need to assign throttle to "Throttle axis". Like this: If you had two throttles then you can assign them to "Engine 1 throttle axis" and "Engine 2 throttle axis". Like this: Cheers,
  12. Hi Don, It sounds as if you have somehow ended up with pitch and roll assigned to your throttle axis in P3D. I have had this occur in DCS but never in P3D, although I have had other issues with controls in DCS. Have you checked all the axis assignments for your throttle in the P3D controls settings? If you like, attach a copy of your "Standard.xml" file which contains your control settings and I will take a look. You can find it at: .......\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Controls\Standard.xml Cheers,
  13. Wow! Amazing shots Adam. They're all great, but that last one is spectacular. All of them look so realistic.
  14. Hey TTM, It is NZA Simulations, the developers of Cambridge and Hobart Airports. https://orbxdirect.com/partner/nza-simulations Cheers,
  15. Unfortunately X Vision isn't really working with the latest version of XP11, at least when using Vulkan. There was a new version released, but I don't think it adjusts the shaders at all.
  16. Hi Derek, There are a lot of variables to consider with PC performance, not just the graphics card. The 1080Ti shoudl give you better performance than your 1060 for sure, so you can be confident of that being a good decision. The actual frames between PCs will always vary due to CPU, background load on CPU and GPU, ambient temperature and cooling of the PC, graphics and sound settings in the sim etc. You may have more things running in the background so the frames might be lower for example. In P3D, XP11, and MSFS, some settings can increase or decrease the frames drastically,
  17. Stunning shot Graeme!!! Love the lighting and the colours.
  18. Top shots John!! I am loving all the attention Adelaide is getting in MSFS. I have flown into Adelaide many times and you can see Parafield and Edinburgh (RAAF) during the approach to YPAD. I started making a scenery for Parafield in FSX years ago, but only got as far as making the PR ground and starting to model the terminal. AUscene have done an awesome job with this one. If you don't have it yet, I also suggest getting their freeware Aldinga, which is a GA airport South of Adelaide, available from their website.
  19. Happy Birthday Sue!!!. Hope you have an amazing day, and year ahead.
  20. I had that on the first try too. What I did was to open the Discord app (program) on my PC, and then clicked on that link which gave me the invite code in the address bar at the top. I think you may have to just be signed in to Discord when you click on that invite link. Discord is available as a website on your browser, or there is also program on your PC, which will probably be required if you ever want to use the chat/voice functions. Discord is great for multiplayer or group flights, as you simply set up your microphone/headset in Discord, and then it is just a matter of clicking once
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