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  1. Great collection of shots Mike. Loved all of them.
  2. Yeah, I don't mind Jetstar. I have flown Jetstar, Tiger and Qantas although only on short flights, between Melbourne and Adelaide or Melbourne and Sydney. I found the flights and the service to be similar amongst the three, although Qantas usually provide a free breakfast,lunch or dinner, depending on the time. But then I probably paid 50% more for the Qantas tickets. My best flight between Sydney and Melbourne was a Jetstar flight when I had all three seats to myself on a 787! It was a transfer/pickup flight before heading off to Bali. I did have a return flight booked with J
  3. Happy belated Birthday Rodger. Hope you had a great day
  4. Just a few departure shots out of San Fransisco using the QW 787 and Orbx TE NorCal. Cheers,
  5. Amazing shots Ben! You have captured the centrepieces of the city really well. What an amazing city too. It looks like something you would see in a Sci fi movie.
  6. My thoughts and best wishes are with you Iain. I hope you have a speedy recovery, and can get back to living your normal life. Cheers,
  7. You're not wrong Terry. Not sure if I would do that trip in the Jabiru. Not in one shot anyway .
  8. Happy Birthday Iain. Best wishes are with you to get well soon and get home and about again. Enjoy your birthday the best you can! Cheers, Scott
  9. That livery is awesome. Incredible shots too Chris. Thanks very much for sharing!
  10. Awesome shots Chris! Is that Jetstar jet a 717? I wasn't aware they flew them. Love the shot of the Wedgetail, definitely a perspective I haven't seen before. Here's a few shots I took of a Wedgetail a few years ago at Avalon. Cheers,
  11. Nice shots Adam! Pretty good for "rejects" .
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