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  1. Thanks. The aircraft in the screenshots is the Carenado Dornier Do-228. Cheers,
  2. It's funny, I thought the sky and clouds looked great while I was flying, and even looking at the screenshots now, they still don't look bad to me, although I do of course see a bluish hue, with a dash of purple, through the clouds and atmosphere, which I don't mind. I have my PTA set up (in P3D) to be quite blue through the atmosphere in the distance because to me that seems realistic and on certain days there is quite a bluish hue in the real atmosphere, and it gets more blue the further you are looking through the atmosphere. That being said, I looked at this thread on my phone earlier today, and boy did those clouds look purple! I suppose there is a different colour profile on my monitor compared to my phone.
  3. Yeah me too Jack. I'm using Filou's XVision preset and with the new UWXP I am pretty much using default settings until I get more info or another setup to follow. I'm sure Filou will post something up when he has had a look and sorted his own setup. Things certainly are improving all the time. It's unbelievable really how much choice we have regarding just flight sims.
  4. Hi Jack, I'm not sure but I would assume the previous presets could not be used, because the number and layout of the settings seems to have changed quite a bit. I need to look in to the settings and start just experimenting, so I know what each of the settings actually does. Cheers,
  5. Hi Adam, Yes UWXP and X Vision work very well together. For a while I was using UWXP with the freeware Reshade, and I basically copied Filou's settings. Then I tried X Vison and again I just copied Filou's settings for both UWXP and X Vision. To be honest I really need to look into the settings more, as I don't really understand a lot of the settings. That being said, there is colour and lighting adjustment available for the skies, the clouds, and the water. I am using the auto, or random setting, so UWXP just randomly changes the colours to mix it up a bit. The main reason I went the UWXP and Reshade/Xvision route was to get rid of the horrible default X Plane haze, and they both do a good job of that and more. Have a look at Filou's thread for some more info: Cheers,
  6. Fantastic shots Carlos, they show off the great work by Matteo really well. That's the plane I use a lot for test purposes too, the PMDG 737-600 "Janet". Cheers,
  7. Just testing the new UWXP 2.5 update which was released today. Using mostly default settings, with water, skies and cloud colours set to auto, default XP11 weather and X Vision. Cheers,
  8. @Russell Linn Happy Birthday Russell! Have an awesome day. Looking forward to your next developments. Cheers,
  9. Yeah I agree. Spectacular shots. Probably the best feature of XP11 for me is the night lighting.
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