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  1. I know for a fact that bottom marina dock should have four boats berthed on it. Tisk tisk. The commentators at FS Elite will have a field day with that one.
  2. Hoping for a speedy recovery for you Ben. Stay strong and keep taking care. I can say this, you are one of the best flightsim video producers I have seen, and I love your videos every time I watch them. Cheers,
  3. This is really sad news. Bruce was a genuinely fantastic guy and a helpful gentleman who was always keen to help others. This is really tragic. RIP Bruce.
  4. Thanks for checking in Teecee. Glad to hear there is some improvement. Get well soon mate.
  5. Hi, You can use the library function in Orbx Central to achieve this. If you have your products installed in an external library then Orbx Central will use the addon.xml method to add it to both sims simultaneously.
  6. Not at all Jack. Actually I took it as humour. I'm glad you tested negative. Stay safe.
  7. Great shots Jack! Very impressive. I really like that Lauda livery too. Hey it's a sim, so we can do what we want, right?. I was flying an Easyjet 737-700 out of Montreal today, a long way from home . Heck, I didn't enter anything in to my FMC either.
  8. Great video and pics Erik, and a great message. Very sensible flying
  9. Hi Fulvio, I can't speak for Orbx as no official announcement has been made, but in the case of LOWW, that is developed by Gaya Simulations, and they have stated that their products will be updated for P3Dv5 free of charge. I found this announcement at FS Elite. https://fselite.net/originals/live-article-developer-statements-on-prepar3d-v5-product-compatibility/ Cheers,
  10. This is very sad, tragic news. As Tim said above Frank took his flight simulation to a level we could all dream of, and that certainly took talent, perseverance, and a love of our hobby and aviation. Frank was always gracious, so knowledgeable, and very helpful on these forums and his presence will be truly missed. My sincere condolences to his family. RIP Frank.
  11. OMG. This is shocking and terrible news. So sorry to hear this. RIP Frank.
  12. Nice shot. Is that a moving ship, or static? I didn't think XP11 had moving ships.
  13. Very nice, and another great way to look at things.
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