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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family too Iain. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas season. Cheers,
  2. Hi, Probably best to open a support ticket and they will sort it out for you. https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Cheers,
  3. Scott Harmes

    TrueEarth GB Central XP11 - lasties ...

    It seems to be working now.
  4. Scott Harmes

    How to hold a notification of reply?

    Hi Rodger, Usually if you see that pop up and click on "show reply" the reply will then become visible at the bottom of the page, so you will need to scroll down to see it. If it doesn't appear a refesh of the page should force it to appear. Cheers,
  5. Top Gun on Atari......then now. Great post Ben. I agree, we are spoiled for choice right now. I enjoy all the sims I use currently, and I suppose the hardest part is finding enough time to use each of them. Cheers,
  6. Hi, You will need to open a new topic in the support forums. Cheers,
  7. Scott Harmes

    Trees and Windmills

    Totally under control Mark. Cheers,
  8. Ahhh, now see John, my total was 234,564. Although, if one is still missing I guess we were both out. Thankyou orbmoke, we will inform the developer. Cheers,
  9. Scott Harmes

    Be aware.

    As scammers go to greater lengths to deceive, it's becoming harder to be certain, and it is becoming more risky to do so. To be safe I would also recommend manually finding your own way to a site.
  10. Scott Harmes

    A Real Star

    Hi Rodger, I can't recall exactly unfortunately. Once I got it up and running I saved the files in a working state so that I wouldn't need to install FS2004 again just to install the aircraft. From memory it had something to do with the setup or configuration. Basically I got the aircraft in a full working and running state in FS2004 and then saved all the related files in that condition. Cheers,
  11. Scott Harmes

    Proposed Upgrade - Comments Sought!

    Good to hear Nigel! I think that if it didn't break the bank and considering your time investment in flight simulation, it was a wise investment. I'm speaking from a somewhat selfish perspective about your experience, as today I outlayed a large sum of money for a new custom system, even though my current one is still functioning. To be honest, I have no regrets. I spend so much time using my PC, and as the software has become more demanding, I find my enjoyment being affected as my current PC struggles to keep up. There are plenty of sims, planes and places I can fly comfortably, but there are a growing number of sims, planes and places where my system won't allow a decent frame rate or visuals, no matter how much I adjust my settings. If we both think of our investment on a per day or per hour basis, I think we have both done OK. Cheers,
  12. HI, If you are in Australia then all Steam prices are now in AUD: Cheers,
  13. Hi, At the moment the total size for the Central region is 76.4GB installed. This may change for the final version, but it won't change by much. Cheers,