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  1. Thanks Jack . This livery is on the Aerosoft A320 Professional. I can't actually find the exact livery when searching my files or the internet for it, although there are similar paints with different registration numbers, so it may be a default Aerosoft livery. The airline is Fly Niki and the rego is OE-LEA. Here is a video showing the real aircraft I just found too. I thought of using this livery as I was thinking about the recent passing of the founder of the airline, the legendary Niki Lauda. Cheers,
  2. Hi Aharon, Almost every shot, or perhaps every shot, is taken within the boundaries of the coverage area for ORBX Innsbruck (LOWI). Cheers,
  3. Thanks for the comments all. Yes I did actually use some PR Bernd. Just last night I added quite a few European sceneries to my scenery.cfg, which I do from time to time. They include ORBX Netherlands HD, Megascenery Germany, Freeware Belgium and HD Brussels, Freeware France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and some of Austria. Of course most of the scenery in the shots is from ORBX LOWI. Cheers,
  4. Amazing pics Timmo. As John said above the lighting and weather in these shots is spectacular.
  5. Awesome pics Martyn! Wow, that was like a trip down memory lane. I grew up in Seymour, worked in Puckapunyal and Mangalore as a contractor for the Army ( I actually worked around the airfield a few times at Pukka), and used to go swimming and worked on the motel at Lake Nagambie. I remember too the first time I loaded up FSX my first flight was from Tullamarine to Puckapunyal in the Hornet. Cheers,
  6. Great shots Martyn. It looked like a successful flight to me. I really love flying in the Alaska region, but have not done so for a while. Maybe tonight I will give that a go. Cheers,
  7. Perfect shot Pete. Melbourne sure looks great at night.
  8. FYI this is P3DV4, not the new Microsoft Flight Simulator announced today at E3. Look at the date of the video, and in the description. Cheers,
  9. My first long haul flight from Salvador, Brazil to Quito, Ecuador in the PMDG 777F. I left SBSV at around 2am local time. Cheers,
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