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  1. No, I think that is incorrect Caleb. Flightsim.com put out a statement saying they were not related to FSPilotshop. It does indeed look as if FSpilotshop is out of business.
  2. OK, I know the first one and the third one. Not sure yet about the middle photo. 1/ Despite the logs missing (or added, depending on your point of view) I think the first one is 74S Anacortes. 2/ ? 3/ I think this one is KBVS Skagit. The "Port of...." was the hint for me. Great shots. It's awesome to see these airports in real life photos.
  3. I think it's Innsbruck. The main hint was the like by Jarrad . It certainly looks different from this view (if I am right).
  4. No worries Gary, any time. I'm glad it all went smoothly. Cheers,
  5. HI Gary, I am no expert, but updating my older PC from Windows 7 64 bit to Windows 10 was very easy. I did do a completely fresh installation of that PC, as I had previously removed almost everything from it and transferred to my new PC, and I decided to start from scratch with the Windows 10 update. The main reason I did it was just to test an issue I was having with my Oculus Rift S on a second PC, and that required Windows 10 to be installed. If you do it, just take note of a few things: Back up any important files you definitely don't want to lose such as documents, photos, videos, installers etc. Preferably back these up on a drive that is not your OS drive or an external drive. When you use the Media Creation Tool, which is the tool that updates your PC to Windows 10, there are two options. First option is to "Upgrade this PC now". This option is the recommended option. This will simply download and install Windows 10 on to your PC then and there, overwriting your Windows 7 OS. The second option is to create installation media (USB Flash Drive, DVD or ISO file). The reason I would not recommend this option is that although it is probably safe if done properly, there was a developer recently that lost all of his work off his PC when he accidentally used this option incorrectly and the installer wiped his drive when it created the installation media. I don't know the exact circumstances, but it seems that this is what happened. This is the reason that I would recommend backing up any important files first, just in case. Although, in saying that, if you use the "Upgrade my PC now" option you should not have a problem. Just make sure you follow the on screen instructiuons because there is one selection where you need to decide to keep all your personal files and apps. I'm pretty sure this is the default selection anyway. Here is a Youtube video below which explains the process pretty well, and in the description is the link for the Media Creation Tool (also below). I would recommend doing a bit of research before doing it; watch a few Youtube videos (read the comments too, as they will usually confirm or disprove the information from the video), Google anything you're not 100% sure of, so you know what is required before you start. I am making it sound pretty risky, but it's not if you take your time, back things up first, and follow the on screen instructions carefully while you are doing the upgrade. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 Cheers,
  6. The RTX2060 gets very good reviews online, from users and tech journalists. The only thing I would have concern over is the 6GB of VRAM. For flight simming needs 6GB is not a lot these days when using P3D or XP11. The i7-9700 is a nice CPU and rates very well comparitively on CPU Passmark. The other items I would personally have concern over would be the amount of RAM ( I would prefer 32GB today), and the amount of storage ( I use a LOT of storage, currently 16TB internally). All in all it's a nice sytem for a pretty nice price, but for flight simming needs it could be considered limited, and may need enhancement and upgrading after the fact. As for your current system, that is no slouch, and if your only concern is switching to Windows 10, you can do that with your current system. There are actually still free upgrades for Windows 7 to Windows 10. I just upgraded my old PC which I still have running as a bit of a test and storage rig. it is a hard decision, but IMHO I think you could hold off with your current system for a bit longer, and just by waiting, get more bang for your buck when you really NEED to upgrade. Tech prices decrease fairly rapidly these days, so I think you could do better if you take your time. Cheers,
  7. Amazing shots John! This is a really nice scenery and your shots capture it beautifully. There's one sure way to cure this . Come over to the dark side . There's no need to switch, just use both sims.
  8. Hi, You can post a new topic in the FSX Steam Support Forum. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/188-fsx-steam-edition-support-forum/ Cheers,
  9. After picking up Active Sky for the first time I thought I would test it out. I did a quick search on an online world weather satellite site for some "interesting" weather. There was some very interesting weather near Izmir, Turkey, so that's where I departed from. I am also using REX Sky Force and Environment Force.
  10. Hey Ben, The first two come with two of Larry's freeware SPBs. The first one comes with YRC, Refuge Cove SPB. The second one comes with CAE3, Campbell River SPB. They should be installed automatically when the scenery is installed, and they will be selectable from your normal P3D aircraft selection screen. The easiest way to find them if you have a lot of aircraft is to search by the group "Publisher" and type "ORBX" in the search bar.
  11. Amazing shots TTM!! I am a big fan of Buffalo Airways. Loved the TV series. I bought the series and also have a couple of Airline/cockpit videos featuring Buffalo. I have a big collection of Buffalo repaints for various aircraft hidden in a folder somewhere. I must dig them out. Did you know they also have a Virtual Buffalo Airways? There is also a very nice freeware Yellowknife available online. That's one airport I always hoped someone at ORBX would do. Cheers,
  12. A few snaps of some of the awesome pilotable boats which are included with some of Larry's fantastic (freeware!!!) SPBs.
  13. Also, the packages from Larry Robinson which include a pilotable boat are YRC, CAE3 and CAG8.
  14. Hi Ben, Anything that is described as "FSX Native" will work fine in P3Dv4. It is just older FS2004 models which will not work in P3Dv4. Hope this helps. Cheers,
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