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  1. I haven't seen it myself but apparently there's a Tom Cruise movie called American Made, about drug running. I heard the Aerostar features in that, as someone made a repaint for the XP11 Avia71 Aerostar. Then of course there's that other classic Tom Cruise movie from the 80's with LOTS of awesome aircraft. In fact I just bought the digital version of that the other day. Then there's Iron Eagle, Con Air........ I will also watch anything on TV with a plane in it. It may sound morbid but one of my favourite shows ever is Mayday, aka Air Crash Investigations. That show is so interesting and well made.
  2. Great shot. Glad you guys had a good time. That would have been a great day.
  3. That's correct. If you purchase TE Washington HD, then you are entitled to purchase TE Washington SD for no cost.
  4. No worries Dave. Another thing to note is that ORBX usually have several sales per year, so if you were willing to wait for the next sale of course you could get a good discount. There's no guarantee when the next sale will be, but there usually are a few per year. Another option, which is a new one, is the Global Range Bundle, which will give you all the Global products with a discount. https://orbxdirect.com/bundle/global-range I'm not trying to upsell you , just giving the information that is out there. There are plenty of options. Cheers,
  5. Hi Dave, Welcome to the forums. Addon airports from other developers generally work very well with ORBX regions and with the Global products. As you say you mainly fly in the UK but also venture further afield sometines, I would suggest the best two products to start with would be Global Base and Open_LC EU. The former replaces the default textures, and as such your whole simulator world will get a makeover with the one product. Open_LC EU is the European Landclass addon which will improve the look of the coverage area even more by updating the landclass. This basically makes things look more accurate so villages are where villages should be, forests are where forests should be etc. These two products are excellent performance wise, with very small impact, and they will work well with any 3rd party addon airports you may have. Here are some documents which will give you much more information about how each product works, and of course you can find screenshots either on the forum or on the product pages at ORBX Direct. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=34397 https://orbx-user-guides.storage.googleapis.com/orbx-global-base-user-guide-41e31b.pdf https://orbx-user-guides.storage.googleapis.com/orbx-global-openlc-europe-user-guide-38aefa.pdf Cheers,
  6. Tha Boyz (as the youngsters say ) . Great to see you guys meeting face to face, and also great to put a face to your names here on the forum. Have an awesome time guys! I am envious as I know you will be having a blast together. I like your yoke, and the rest of your setup Jack. Also, I just read your post the other day about your large maps, and there they are in the photo.
  7. Great shots and story Aharon. I particularly like the IPEC livery too. My dad used to work for IPEC when they were still known by that name. Which addon aircraft is that by the way? Cheers,
  8. 41. I'm really a (relative) newcomer to simming though, having started with FSX in 2009. That's if you don't count Top Gun on the Atari 2600 . I've made up for the late start though, as I pretty much fly one sim or another every day.
  9. Hi Ranny, Welcome to the forums. There is a topic on the subject in the XP11 support forum. Have a read of that and you will find some info. Cheers,
  10. I don't know for sure, but my guess would be that they are wild, just based on the lack of enclosures and the small number. For a definitive answer you would need to ask Walter .
  11. Fantastic shot Andreas! I love the colours and lighting.
  12. Great shot Patrick. The sheep are obviously not doing their job properly.
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