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  1. Operating system: WIindows 10 Simulator: P3DV4.5 Screenshot: Issue: How do I turn off the Orbx Update box that appears everytime I load P3D. I have correctly updated already and do not know why I keep getting this messsage box.
  2. Doug and Don: Thanks guys. I was trying to work out of FTX Central for the lilsting and didn't think of logging in to access my ORBX account. Problem solved. All the best, Dennis
  3. Hello:: I have many ORBX products installed on my computer and previously, I was able to print out a listing of Global, Region, Airport, Other and uncategorized items. I know I can view them on FTX Central but is there any way I can print them out for easy viewing. The whole new system is great and easy to work but is there any option to typing all my products out? ,I look forward to your reply and thanks for your help. golfguyw5
  4. A great big thanks to both of you guys. Nick, when I slewed backwards then forward, the scenery/elevation came right back to "normal". Dan, your alt, world, scenery library "trick" worked perfectly as well. I really enjoy this scenery as I was fortunate to have actually been there on a cruise a few years ago so it was driving me nuts not to be able to fully enjoy it. You guys made it possible again. Incidentally Nick, as I mentioned in my posting above, the elevation tool fix only worked in FSX and not P3D. Very best to you both, Dennis
  5. I appreciate your getting back to me Nick but unchecking the parking space option changes nothing. Please see attached screen captures. This seems to be a P3D/Vector problem as I corrected it with the elevation tool in FSX. Regards, Dennis
  6. Aside from the parking option comments I have still not received an answer regarding the floating buildings and aircraft at PAKT. (See my photo above) I paid for scenery in addition to the runway. Can anyone offer a suggestion or solution to this problem or am I always going to be stuck on the runway. Last time I opened FTX Central I was told to submit this copy of my ftx.3 log. Here it is. Thanks, Dennis. ftxc3.log
  7. Please let me know if the image came through Richard. Thanks, Dennis
  8. jjaycee1 and Nick: I do have a new download for P3DV3 from PC Aviator and FSS for not only Pacific Fjords but Central Rockies, Northern California,Northern Rockies Pacific NW and Southern Alaska plus 25 FTX airports that also have been recently re-installed/downloaded and updated. The quote above was from quite a while back. Look forward to hearing from you and thanks, Dennis
  9. I previously had elevation problems in FSX with PAKT that were solved with the Vector cfg tool. This no longer works in P3DV3. In fact, PAKT is not even shown in the enable/disable airport elevation listings. Also, in the ORBX PAKT cfg airport options, parking spaces are unchecked as not available by default. If this option is checked, people and aircraft are floating all over the place in these parking areas.. Is there a fix available for this glitch or do I have to schedule all my flights directly from the runways? Is this a unique P3D problem? Has anyone else experienced this anomaly? I
  10. Hello: Understand the procedure for boxed ORBX scenery's purchased from other stores but what about downloaded FSX scenery purchases from the Flight Sim Store? I have Global Base, Vector and LC Alaska I want to use on my new P3D simulator. Please advise as to how I can do this. Thank you, Dennis
  11. Stewart: Thank you so much. Running the AEC tool solved the problem. I really appreciate your help in resolving this issue. Dennis
  12. I just updated to Library 151108 11/15 and Global Vector 1.35. Prior to this update, I had no problem with Redlands Municipal (L12-KREI) but now when I try to load it the textures are totally messed up (aircraft in the air and high dirt walls all around). Can you give me some guidance as to how I can clear this up? San Bernadino a couple of miles east is fine!! (I have FSX) Thanks, Dennis Burke
  13. I recently noticed a config error message message next to the Central Rockies heading in the FTX Control panel.. A red box opens which says it cannot locate my .cfg file. I checked the path suggested and it does not appear in the scripts folder. If I open the FTX control panel however, it shows "Central Rockies FTX NA CRM Central Rocky Mountains V1.00 Patch 004 February 2015" I don't know how to correct the problem or what the problem is. Your guidance would really be appreciated. D. Burke
  14. Thank you Ed. I am running all in FSX. That answers my question and thanks for the link as well. Dennis
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