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  1. Very nice Jan! Dave.
  2. Thank you very much for these pics. How does the card go in P3D with lots of cloud and high AA settings? Dave.
  3. Sorry bit slow getting back to this. I have sorted it out. ENVTEX installed some ground textures that weren't playing nice. I have uninstalled them and all is good again. Thank you. Mods can we cross this off the list please. Regards Dave.
  4. Has anyone seen this sort of thing before. Photo's taken at Golden. NRM region. Have seen similar at Smithers. Regards Dave.
  5. Thank you very much Brad. The XML file fixed the problem. Cheers! Dave.
  6. No roofs at Felts. P3D4.1. Latest libraries. Thank you. Regards Dave.
  7. Ok thanks Nick. Could re-installing the ORBX libraries help? Dave.
  8. Hope this is the right place to post this. KBZN P3DV4 not 4.1 with latest libraries. Dave.
  9. Enjoying flying in and out of cities and being able to hold 30 FPS! Mucking about with PTA as well. Dave.
  10. Just checked and the mesh was set to 5m. I changed to 2m and that fixed the trench. I then changed back to 5m and guess what? No trench. Bit of a weird one. Thanks for your help Jeff. Looks like it is sorted now. Regards Dave.
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