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  1. Hi Orbx, can I ask if Sydney is currently under development? If not, an appproximate? Also, what features are expected to be implemented with it? Many thanks,
  2. As the title suggests - I've been a customer of ORBX since the very , very beginning. Back when Australia was largely neglected by the flightsim community (ie 3rd party devs and Microsoft) - and only Ozx and a few individuals were paying any real attention to providing us Oz simmers with something qualitative other than the vanilla dished out to us by Microsoft. I'm very thankful to ORBX for all they do - particularly with respect to Australian scenery, whether large or small airports and the entire continent. I dont fly low and slow - but mainly small-medium jets across the major hubs in Aus. I've now flown a few segments primarily east coast of Aus - and it looks super impressive - the improvement visually over V1 is substantial to say the least. So, keep up the excellent work and thank you for updating/upgrading our continent! Can't wait to see what else you may have in the works for Aus in the future.
  3. Haha! I got caught at 1st too - then finally noticed it. Love the OC btw
  4. Why was Sydney City and surrounds missing from the screenshots? I'm going to upgrade to V2 in any case - but Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne - all featured - but not Australia's premier Capital city.......hmmm
  5. @Jarrad Marshall Hi Jarrad, from reading your response to @mburkhard today, am I to understand that SODE technology (ie jetways) will only be revisited on existing HD airports? Thus meaning, that for example, your rendition of YBCS will not be remodeled with SODE jetways - and hence YMML, YBBN & YSCB will not be remodeled either? Regards, Steve
  6. As the title suggests, Australia (where it all began for ORBX) is way overdue for a complete overhaul. And did I mention for P3D platform?! Many thanks, Steve
  7. So glad to hear that SODE is finally here at ORBX. Hopefully, the older Aus airports such as YSCB, YBBN & YMML will be SODE integrated soon too. Oh, and did I mention YBCS too? Many thanks! Steve
  8. Thanks for clarifying this Matteo. I was going to edit my post to ask you "when will KSAN SP1 be ready?" when I realized in your statement that KSAN SP1 and KSNC were still in development......but couldn't edit.
  9. Hi Matteo, I have KSAN at present, but when I open FTX Central V3, there is no update for KSAN SP1?
  10. Nice to also see if this technology will be rolled out for all the current regions.....including Australia!!!!!
  11. Hi JV, not to labour the point, but can I ask why the shift away from continuing the traction Orbx had developing and releasing NA regions?
  12. Reading through the RM for 2017, didn't see any mention of additional NA regions? I'm still waiting for adjoining regions to Socal & Norcal for a smooth Orbx transition. (ie Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, etc) Any info on these? Steve
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