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  1. @Nick Cooper Has this issue finally beeen resolved in this latest Patch - refer to this please
  2. The "18-33% improvement if it can be replicated when more demanding payware" is the operative here. At this stage, we can only hope there will be a significant increase. Without the real comparison of a 3rd party "frame hog" aircraft, what improvement if any is open to conjecture. But by simply observing the pure numbers on the screen - all one has to do is allow for let's say a PMDG aircraft into the mix, and that may very well absorb the increase differential. I observe this in V4.4 - if I load a default a/c at a specific location - look at external/internal views and observe frames. Then I load a PMDG aircraft - same location - external/internal views - and voila! A drop in frames of at least 10+ in comparison to the default. Hopefully there will be a substantive video produced soon, showing a PMDG aircraft in v4 as opposed to v5. Then, let's introduce True Earth into the mix - with a 3rd party airport that is known to be intensive - that will be the definitive moment for me - whether to purchase the upgrade - or not.
  3. Overall, unimpressed. An average of 8-10 frames improvement - despite reduced CPU usage and increased GPU usage. Visuals.......was there a stark improvement over v4? And need I say, how will the frames and smoothness pan out when "real" 3rd party aircraft are in the mix like PMDG, FSL, Aerosoft, etc?
  4. Good/valid point Rob. Can't wait to see your vids detailing these aircraft in v5 when available.
  5. The real question for me is....how well will v5 perform with aircraft add-ons like PMDG, FSL, etc? Since the vast majority of sim flyers arer flying in 3rd party payware aircraft - whether large liners or smaller props - they each chew frames up - ergo, I'd like to see Rob fly any of these 3rd parties a/c for a real substantive/meaningful comparison on video.
  6. @medx421 Many thanks, I've taken care of it via this
  7. @Sammy H Just to let you know (in the event you still haven't been able to resolve this issue), I went into Orbx central again and checked that I had SCA ticked. And as I already knew, it was selected. However, I unticked it and then ticked it again and pressed save. This solved the issue of duplicate buildings. Having said that, I still have the dupliacte Aircraft Carrier museum. I'll deal with that separately. Why on earth Orbx central displayed duplicate buildings despite the fact I already had SCA ticked is beyond the scope of my knowledge and experience. @Matteo Veneziani I already had SCA ticked in Orbx Central. I decided to untick it and tick it again and press save - that resolved the issue pertaining to duplicate buildings. PS: I hope you're doing ok at home in Italy. Stay well and safe.
  8. Hi, it's set to SCA as I have KSAN & SCA.
  9. Hi Doug, I'm experiencing the precise same issues at KSAN as is @Sammy H In my scenery library KSAN is placed in position 5 which indicates it's not a layering issue. Having said that, I really wanted to avoid uninstalling/reinstalling KSAN due to the fact I have GSX and have spent many hours getting KSAN airport to where I need it to be in terms of Jetways, Parking systems etc and ergo, I don't want to risk further complications/issues by removing and reinstalling KSAN and the possible adverse implications that may cause to my GSX work. I've noticed these duplicates extend not only to CBD buildings and aircraft carrier museum, but also the hotels on Harbor Island. Are there any bgl's that can be disabled in order to resolve the issue? That would definitely be my preferred method of resolving this issue. Much appreciated.
  10. Hi, can somebody please let me know which specific file/s I need to turn off in order to remove the SODE Jetways at KSAN please? I'd much prefer to use GSX SODE jetways. Thanks & Regards,
  11. @Nick Cooper Hi Nick, just following up on this issue - has there been any progress at all since July? Many thanks
  12. Hi Orbx, can I ask if Sydney is currently under development? If not, an appproximate? Also, what features are expected to be implemented with it? Many thanks,
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