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  1. I have the same industrial area at YBBN, and I only have FTX addons. Pretty sure its part of AU Gold, with the FSX autogen. BTW, great pics!
  2. Peter, I run FSX in Vista 64 with DX10 Preview mode enabled all the time, without issue. Normally, when you put a tick in the Preview DX10 box, FSX will inform you that you need to restart FSX before it will take effect. If in your case, putting a tick there causes FSX to crash, then there is something wrong indeed, most likely software. The likely suspects are 1)video drivers 2)corrupt FSX installation or 3)corrupt Vista installation. However, to help confirm or deny that your problem is a software issue, can you run any other game software successfully, or do you get similiar results? If the answer to that is 'NO' then that makes it either a video driver issue, or a Vista issue. If the answer is 'YES' then the problem is exclusive to FSX. That said, when experiencing a problem like this, I like to test out at least 3 or more other resource demanding software games to see if the problem exists in all of them or just one or two.
  3. That is very interesting...does it indicate what the first card is working on? Also, did you notice if there was any decrease in performance overall in SLI, with that second card working.
  4. Well, I am running MyTraffic X 5.2 and at Jandakot I get plenty of GA AI traffic there...it is very immersive and realistic. I just took off from there about 15 minutes ago, as a matter of fact, and as I was taxiing to my rwy 24R for takeoff I was thinking how many aircraft there were at this airport...sitting, taxiing, taking off and landing. And my AI traffic sliders in FSX are set at 25% for GA aircraft.
  5. Nice screen shots there, and looks like a good flight as well.
  6. Cool maxter, YPJT is another great Orbx airport and thank you for welcoming me to the West Now, after a few hours stay there, I am now flying to YGEL with some more FsPassengers in a Twotter. Time to read up about Geraldton a bit. The FTX AU scenery slong the route is GREAT (as usual)
  7. Randy, no, I did not get an Asus P6 mobo. The one that I had problems with was an MSI Elcipse mobo, but my replaced one is an EVGA X58 board. Works great! ASA is working good as well. I upgraded from ASX, which always worked good for me, and it does not hurt the performance that much at all, but it does depend on how you set the settings, like anything. There is another thread here: http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=7636.0 about FsPassengers. In fact, it was thanks to that thread that I tried the FsPassengers demo and realized how much I was missing something like that. Lastly, I agree with both you Randy and Iain. I only like to fly in FTX areas now. In fact, I have not flown outside of an FTX region (other than for testing purposes) since I bought my first FTX package. Since I know very little about Australia, and even less before I got my first FTX region, I like to know about the area I am flying in. I've seen lots of the wonderful world we live in, but I have yet to make it to Australia. Some day I will, but in the meantime, I am experiencing the "Land Down Under" through the Internet via this here forum board and Wikipedia, and of course the FSX/FTX combo. I've always made it a point, for many reasons, to learn about the country or land that I am travelling in, visiting, or deployed to (thanks to the military). Well, I am about 145nm from YPJT...gotta start going through my approach and landing checklists.
  8. Just wanted to say that I am in the middle of an enjoyable flight over the Kalgoorlie region of Western Australia in AU Red, in my CS C-130X, with 10 FsPassengers pax on board along with lots of cargo, with ASA weather running, enroute to YPJT. Along the way, I have been doing a little study up on the region thanks to Wikipedia. My passengers are happy, and I am happy. This is the first real chance I have had to fly and explore AU Red without troubleshooting my grey screen problem from the past weeks, and I am loving it. Thanks Orbx! ;D
  9. After reading all this, I have to agree with Wolter....I have great system specs right now, and FSX and FTX perform great for me, even the Brisbane Triangle area referred to. I get NO spiking whatsover. That said, on my older system, I have experienced spiking a few times. In one case, my video card at the time was not getting enough power (my PSU was underrated) and the other instances were simply my graphic settings were too high for my hardware. My two cents worth on the subject.
  10. Well, that's a bummer Frank...I know..I was having withdrawls from flying in the FTX world while I was waiting on my new motherboard. Hang in there.
  11. That is very odd indeed...I've never heard of such a thing...maybe a virus? But then, a virus would probably delete other files as well with out discrimination...hmmmm
  12. Geoff, do you by any chance have a Seagate HDD that you've recently bought? If so, then it should have come with a utility program called Seagate DiscWizard. That program has a few very useful features, one of which is a basic version of Acronis Imaging software. I have not checked if Seagate DiscWizard can be downloaded from Seagate's website.
  13. Okay, have you made sure that FTX Mode is 'Turned On' ? Simple question, I know, but sometimes the simple answers are it.
  14. Okay Maurice and Teecee..that was the info I wanted...I CAN start the aircraft with CTRL-E, but that is not what I was after. I've been attempting to start it as per the checklist, but I have not been pumping the throttle whilst holding the start switch, so I shall give that a go. Thanks!
  15. Okay gang, I am sitting at the parking area at YPJT, in a cold and dark C182 II (Carenado w/ Orbx HD cockpit) and I cannot get her started up. I follow the 'Before starting engine' and 'Starting engine' portion of the aircraft checklist, the prop turns a few times, then nothing. I have fuel. Any ideas? Is there some switch I am missing?
  16. I wish all the folks there the best....I know flooding REALLY sucks...water and mud damage...ugh!!!! Hang in there.
  17. Ouch!...Sorry to hear that...keep your head up and focus on healing up that leg so you can go back up.
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