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  1. I too have been keenly following your posts on you new system. I very much like your detailed comments and in depth info. As the i7 so new, the kind of info you are providing is invaluable to the FSX crowd. I have seen several postinggs and some customer reviews around the 'net remarking at how well the i7 performs with games and graphics, but NONE of them even mention FSX. You postings here are probably VERY imformative to those in the market for an upgrade. I say, keep up the good work and also keep on enjoying that new system build of yours.
  2. If you guys want to pay for SP's then I am happy to accomodate Whoa John....what 'guys'? LOL
  3. Once again, Orbx continues with its wonderful work. Orbx....AWESOME!!!!
  4. I absolutely love flying into and out of Coffs Harbour. The Orbx Team really did a wonderful job on this one, and the attention to detail, time and money that went into developing it shows. This is now my favorite airport in FSX, and it is full of its own character and flavor. Thanks to the Orbx and OZx Teams, I have been flying exclusively in and around Australia for months now, and I am another member here that lives in the United States. I can't wait until the PNW comes out, but flying 'down under' has become my favorite. Great scenery, great people and above all, as per the flavor of this thread, great airport!
  5. I'll bet that was a bit harrowing indeed! Nice work holding the nose up as long as possible. The audio mentioned something about the nose wheel not locking when the pilot lowered the gear.
  6. Jason, You should be able to run all three of those programs via Simconnect just fine. The only reason my programs are split over Simconnect and WideFS is because FSCommander requires WideFS in order to run over a network. Good luck and I hope you get it all figured out. If I can help you in any other way, feel free to ask. Salute, Landon
  7. John, I for one, like this plan. I am a fan of printed material, BUT, if I could have much more info, as you listed above, in PDF form versus less info in printed form, give me the PDF form any day of the week.
  8. Jason, I am by NO means an expert on networking, BUT, after some trial and error, and LOTS of re-reading of the readme files involved, I have Active Sky runnning on a second PC connected to FSX via Simconnect, and also FSCommander running on the second PC connected to FSX via WideFS. Both of these are running and connected to FSX at the same time, and have been working for me flawlessly for a few months now. The best advice I can give is that you must have a TON of patience if you're not a networking guru, make sure to read ALL the documents for ALL the programs involved concerning this setup. I also used,as a reference, an article from an issue of Computer Pilot on networking with FSX. This article was helpful for setting up the basic networking stuff, but for the program specific stuff, I stuck to those program's readme docs. I am work right now, but if you need to know the specific Computer Pilot article let me know, and I will check when I am home. Also, I should add, that while this setup does not speed up your FSX system necessarily, it DOES keep those programs from slowing it down anymore if you were to run them at the same time, on the same PC as FSX is running. Overall, after I got it setup and working, I love it and would not go back to the older way.
  9. Thanks for the info Turnip, but I use nHancer. BTW, did you get the problem taken care of with you water shimmer?
  10. Solareagle, Those are some good tips. I've been using MSCONFIG for years, as I'm, sure many folks here have been. Still, I am amazed at how many people still are not aware of it, and the beauty of it is that it is built right into Windows! Very handy. Recently, I came across another handy utility that has been even more helpful for this this sort of thing...a program called 'AlacrityPC' I heard about this little guy from somewhere in the FS community (can't remember where now, but but bottom line is that one of the ACES guys was using it and suggested it). Ken Salter is the guy who wrote it. This is one handy puppy for shutting down programs and services that take up lots of system resources and run in the background. I've seen hundreds of programs that claim to do what this one can, but this one works. Anyhow, best of all, its free! Here's a link to where you can find it: http://alacritypc.kensalter.com/ Anyhow, VERY handy and very user friendly. Everyone on here probably already knows about it anyway already.
  11. Ian, that is some of the best RAID advice I've heard from someone in awhile. I agree completely.
  12. Well guys, thanks for the replies. I know this has been a hot topic, and that is why I wanted to hear what folks on here had to say about it. You guys seem to have some good opinion's....more mature if you will;) As for 32 bit, that is where I am leaning. My setup is not too bad, but you know how us FS peeps are, always trying to get more performance. For the most part, my system runs FSX pretty well, but as the add-ons start to pile on, things run down a bit. I am very religious about taking care of how I install/uninstall software and am moderately tech savy (I used to be tech support guy for Dell once upon a time, and even ran my own custom PC buisness but that was in a different life;). Anyhow, I am running Vista 32 bit right now without issue, and was just curious what you all thought. Thanks for the input.
  13. Okay folks, I am curious...how much (if any) performance increase in FSX is there with Win Vista 64 bit? Now, my question is of course assuming a 64 bit capable system...any thoughts welcome...
  14. John, Thanks for the quick reply, but no, I have not done that lately. The drivers I am running have been working flawlessly. The only recent changes with my system were: 1) I upgraded my version of Captain Sim C-130X from 1.0 to 1.1 (exactly as per thier instructions, ie I uninstalled v 1.0 first then installed 1.1 after a system reboot) 2) I switched my system from SLI mode to Non-SLI mode, which I do all the time without issue. I am baffled by the problem...
  15. Okay, for some reason, now, when I load up a flight, I am in full screen mode. I then hit Alt-Ent like I have done many times in the past to got to window mode, so I can open up some instrument views, undock them and move them to my second monitor. I have done this routine ever since having FSX. Now, when I hit Alt-Ent, instead of getting a window view, I get a full screen of nothing but black that I cannot get rid of, nor can I do anything else. Anyone have any ideas?
  16. Oops, sorry about that Turnip, probably should have told you that to begin with....my refresh rate is set at 60hz.
  17. Turnip, I am running the same Acer monitor, in 1680 x 1050 without any of this shimmer problem you are having, so I don't think it is a monitor issue. Hope you get it figured out.
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