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  1. 1. VFR default transponder code is 1200 2. The "Transition Layer" exists between the "Transition Altitiude" of 10000' (determined from the local QNH), and the "Transition Level" of FL110 to FL125 (at which your altimeter is set to 1013HPA). The "Transition Level" will vary depending on what the QNH is, so that the Transition Altitude and the Transition Level do not meet. Welcome to the confusing Aussie skies. Cheers, Steve. What exactly is the QNH? Since I started using RC4, I've been wondering about that.
  2. Wow...I love the C130 and I don't have any of these problems. I agree with Butch as far as the guage initialization goes, but that is in the manual, so if you don't read it, than you won't see it;) Also, the AP works just fine, just like the one in a real C130 (yes, I actually do know about real C130's). Again, reading the manual is a must for the AP, so that you know how it works. The C130 is a complex aircraft, hence the manual.....
  3. Yep, I have the same problem sometimes....to help me, I play golf in real life (even though I am no good, I still have fun, plus my wife likes to play too, so bonus quality time together). Also, I have a subscription to Computer Pilot, so many times reading an article in there will get me ready to fly.
  4. Well, I have an I7 940 and it rocks for me, along with my EVGA X58 SLI mobo, and EVGA GTX 260 GPU card. I use it for FSX mostly, and the frames are WAY better than my old Q9450 PC, not to mention MUCH smoother, and better looking to boot. I'm running Win7 Beta on it too without any problems what so ever.
  5. Sorry to hear that your grounded. When this happened to me, I was grounded for a bit too. In my case, I first thought it was my mobo, so I had to wait on a new one to arrive via RMA. When that did not fix the problem, only then did I discover it was the PSU. Hopefully you are able to upgrade sooner rather than later and get back in the air.
  6. I agree...had similiar problem not too long ago, and it turned out to be the PSU....in my case, it was hard to trouble shoot, because the PSU would work fine in another, lesser capable system, but on my newer I7 system it was using more pf the PSU, and hence the bad part of the PSU then caused the crashes. RMA'd the PSU, and have never had any problems with the new one.
  7. I didn't even know Valentine's Day existed outside of the USA...you poor folks there in Australia...I am sorry if it was the USA that spreaded V-Day down your way... On a different note, I too count on technology to help me out. I have reminder's set in my phone for all the important dates...V-Day, ;Db-days, anniversary, make tee time's...oops, er, well like I said, the important one's...LOL
  8. Okay, so I now have RCv4 and I really like it! One question though: Does anyone know how to make the voice's go to a headset as opposed to the voices coming from the speakers. With FSX and SP2, it is possible to have all sounds except voices heard through the speakers, and voices set to hear through a headset. This is the one thing that I actually miss from the default ATC. Any help would be appreciated....thx:)
  9. John, what an AWESOME video!!!! If that doesn't want you to buy FTX areas, that I don't know what would. If I wasn't already flying from YSCH to YMLT as I watched the video, I would not be typing this, but hastily loading up a flight in FSX to go flying in FTX land! Simply amazing work....ALL THE TIME!
  10. Good to hear you're back up in the air Frank!
  11. Tim, that video had me laughing and crying the whole time...I gotta admire the sheer determination on your part to keep on taking off all the while knowing a crash was imminent. Thanks for posting it.
  12. Good one Teecee, good one...and so very true too.
  13. Thanks for the comments guys...as for PFE, I have it and I hate it....it works okay, once your flight is compiled, but there are so many friggin' steps to get up and running with it, and I don't care for it. It already takes me a bit to prep for a flight given that I plan a flight using Google Maps and sometimes Wikipedia (for research on new areas I might fly into), then go into FSCommander and actually compile a flight plan with airports and waypoints, calculate fuel and such, then go into Active Sky and load my flight plan, AND then load up FSX and configure my flight and aircraft etc. I loved ProFlight back in the FS98 and FS2000 days, as it was king then. But now, the PFE just uses way too many steps. When prepping for a flight takes longer than the actual flight, it's time to step back and trim some areas down. I'm all for realism, but I would like to actually fly my sim more than look at it. Okay, so besides the VFR side, it looks like RC4 is the ticket (for me anyway). Again, thanks for all the comments.
  14. I am looking for some thoughts on Radar Contact V4....IE, who uses it, what do they think of it, etc. Any thoughts and comments on it, or a similiar product would be welcome. Lets hear what you all have to say!
  15. This news is all so tragic. I grew up in southern California, which burns badly every year. The fact that it is so densely populated makes it almst inevitable that one will be affected in some way. In my early days in the military, I was called up to fight some wildfires so I got a taste of the ardous, back breaking work that firefighters, especially ones dealing with wildfires, go through. My heart goes out to all of the Australian's affected by this tragedy, and also a big salute to your firefighters. Please hang in there.
  16. The FTX Mode button is not an issue for me....I know where I want to fly before I load up FSX (most of the time it's in FTX areas anyway) so hitting the button if needed is no big deal whatsoever for me. Everything else regarding the DVD is clear to me, and I fully understand everything about it. Thanks for the update JV.
  17. Awesome generosity IRIS team, and also great openness from JV and the Orbx team to work cooperatively with them. It's actions like this that mean so much to people when a tragedy strikes.
  18. I simply forgot to vote I don't go into the Community Screenshots area very often at all, so I missed seeing the Vote thread to remind to look and vote for the comp. My error.
  19. Hang in there Chevy...in case you don't know, there are REAL bad fire's down in Aussie land, thanks to some very hot weather. I don't know all the specifics, as I'm in the U.S., but I know that the Melbourne area is seriously affected. Homes are burning and such. So, be patient with the Orbx crew, as Im sure that many of them are being impacted by the situation, and they'll get on here as soon as they can. Hang in there.
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