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  1. Wow...this is a hard question to narrow down an answer....after some thought, of all the places across the globe, the most out of the way place I found myself standing was at an old Soviet era military airfield in Kazakhstan . There were Kazakhstani soldiers walking around in uniforms that looked straight out of the 1970's Cold War Soviet military. It was like a trip back in time almost, and this was in 2007. A close runner up would be when I was standing next to the Panama Canal in the mid 90's, watching a super tanker transit the canal, with nothing but jungle all around it and a
  2. Derek, check it out here: https://www.memtest86.com/ I know you don't like downloading 'things' from the internet, but MEMTEST has been around and in use for decades. Take your time and read the notes/instructions regarding memtest, and be patient with the testing as it can take some time. I would even suggest testing each stick of RAM a few times, as memory is just funky like that. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Landon
  3. Yes Derek, testing one stick at a time would work. Also, I would suggest running MEMTEST on each stick of RAM in question. Cheers, Landon
  4. Yay! Some P-40 love! A nice spread of shots here during this venerable WWII bird's flight
  5. What a great little exploration and 'treasure' hunt Pete. Concrete is an Orbx gem for sure, and you showed that off well here.
  6. Quite the dilemma going on here. I wonder who got to go next?
  7. Wow Pete, what a range of colorful captures here! There is so much it's a bit overwhelming...lol. Nice work!
  8. Well Graeme, some great first shots in MSFS for you!
  9. Hopefully you get some time to explore more soon John, so you can capture some more great screenshots like these!
  10. Wallpaper quality shots here Adam. Full of detail and character!
  11. Wonderful shots of the charm filled Concrete scenery TTM....for some reason, it fills me with Holiday warmth
  12. It's like a whole pack of Concrete postcards! Nice set Adam
  13. Outstanding approach shot here Iain.
  14. Yeppers Iain, quite the awesome shot here.
  15. Okay, so basically much ado about nothing...got it. Thanks for shedding some light Pete And Wolfko, if that particular news source that Pete linked to is the one calling it a metal monolith, well, there you go. Not a very credible news source to begin with Heck, when I first read this post, I thought we were going to be taking about Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey...lol Cheers! Landon
  16. Wolfko, I am not sure what US media you listen to, but I have not heard mention of a monolith in our media, at least enough to even know if they call it metal or otherwise. That said, I was always of the impression that the term monolith refers to a very large stone (as in your example of Uluru) or similar.
  17. Folks, it's 2020 (almost 2021)...everyone is watching EVERYTHING, all the time. We live in a globally connected world now. Get used to it. Nothing is private anymore, nor has it been for several years. Once you accept that, life is so much less stressful
  18. Wow! What a bunch of colorful screenshots with that vintage aircraft flying overhead! Great stuff!
  19. I love cold weather...it builds character! And, Pete, great captures of such lovely weather
  20. Some nice looking True Earth P3D 5.1 shots here. There is a lot to like for sure
  21. Truly some great helo shots here OND.
  22. I have been espousing the advantages of SSD's putting off much less heat than an HDD (and taking up much less space) for the last couple years, but people kept responding that a few seconds faster loading over an HDD was not worth the cost. I finally got tired of hearing that response and just gave up telling folks. You either figure it out on your own or not. Anyhow, glad to hear you have 'discovered' the advantage . SSD's and M.2 drives are pretty handy. Cheers! Landon
  23. Mmmm...mmmm! Stuffed fish Haggis, come cranberry sauce right out of the can with the rings still on it, and some fresh fish sauce to wash it all down...Yummers! Cool pic Karl, and thank you for the holiday wishes
  24. Has nobody seen 'The Philadelphia Experiment'?? Just sayin'
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