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  1. Cairns is one of my favorites, and yes, it has good performance and handles airliners.
  2. Very interesting questions and thoughts, and I am curious as well.
  3. Happy Birthday @paddler, may your day be a special one!
  4. That is QUITE the list of new and enhanced features for the new 'Central'...this will be a great update, Orbx developers, and another testament to the wonderful customer service that Orbx is all about.
  5. Great responses to all those myriad of questions and requests by all of us Jarrad Some top notch customer service, if you ask me
  6. Wow! Just Wow! First off, what a remarkable announcement post just to kick this whole thing off....great work on that alone Jarrad! And what an All-Star Orbx team working on this scenery package....my oh my! As many other, the original AUS Orbx packages were my first foray into FTX land and they hooked me from the very first flight. This is an AMAZING looking return to Orbx roots and I am excited indeed. I still fly in the current FTX AUS packages, which I love, so this V2 scenery is going to be an absolute blast! And, thanks for the 40% discount to boot for previous Orbx AUS purchasers! Can't wait for this one...
  7. Not that I was worried in the least JV, but that is a nice update. Much appreciated!
  8. That is because KCMW Cushman is not a real airport. It's basically a custom, fantasy airport the Bill Womack wanted to make the way he liked in his vision. It IS a very nice, fun little airport to fly in and out of in the PNW area.
  9. I do love my MFG pedals....much better than my old Saitek and even older CH pedals. And much agreed with Colin on the importance of some good rudder pedals.
  10. Andy, lots of info worth commenting on in your post there. Right now though, especially since I process things slower now...lol...I will point out one thing. Besides the video cards you mentioned, GTX 1080 Ti cards ALSO come with 11 GB of memory on them. You had only mentioned Titans and the new RTX 2080 cards, which by the way, only the RTX 2080 Ti comes with 11 Gb of video memory. So, you have at least three choices of cards that I am immediately aware of, but there might be more.
  11. Well said Benny, and so very true. Flight simming via Orbx has been an educational and knowledge building tool as much as an entertainment use for me.
  12. Hmmm....working super fast for me in Colorado, as of 0908 MST...I say, strange things are afoot around the InterWebs
  13. Thank you again guys, it is very much appreciated being welcomed back like this. @Geezer It had it's moments, both good and bad, that is for sure. One of the main reasons I have embraced flight simulation all these years, as it has been my getaway from more serious experiences in life. I suspect hobbies like this do that for many...
  14. It is up and running for me, as of 1826 MST.
  15. You know I have the utmost respect for my Canadian brothers and sisters Ben I've fought side by side with them on too many occasions to not appreciate my fellow Northern North Americans....besides, I am a huge Ice Hockey fan to boot!
  16. Heck Ben, when it comes to aircraft, you Canucks had me when you all made the DHC-2 Beaver....now there's a Canadian masterpiece of an airplane
  17. Wow, everyone! Thank you SO much for the kind words and appreciative comments. As per the advice of many, clinicians and friends alike (some on here even) I am indeed taking things slow. Heck, it's been a monumental task just working out all my flight controls, but thankfully I always have made copious notes and diagrams on my simpit setup, so that has helped. Thankfully, I have a nice quiet home with a huge basement and plenty of room for my setup, so I can just take it slow, in my element and process things at my (new) speed. Again, it's great to be back on here and to be communicating with you all. Resilience has been my watchword ever since I got wounded, but this latest setback was a real shock....it is such a tremendous relief to be simming again, and without issues. And I can't think of a better way to soak it all back in than in wonderful Orbx style
  18. To those few who may have missed me, I am happily back, after some challenging events. I was gone from here, since early last summer, I believe. A few years back, I was wounded in action, and suffered some serious injuries as a result. I never disclosed that to anyone on here, except maybe a few of you privately. Well, last summer, I started to experience some serious medical issues related to my wounds. As a result, using a computer (and hence, flight simming) became extremely difficult and sometimes downright uncomfortable. Short story is they found out I was having low grade seizures due to a brain injury I suffered when I was wounded. Computer use was heavily aggravating it. Lots of specialized rehab later, I have been cleared to 'fly' again....yay! I have missed you all here, and I have missed my simming. I do have some residual side effects, like memory loss, word processing issues and various other cognitive 'things' but in general, I am doing much better. Once I explained the whole flight sim process to one of my occupational therapists, they actually said it would be a good thing to do for my brain because of all the processes and routines involved. I just won't ever be flying any real planes...lol. Anyhow, just wanted to let you all know where I was. I am here now, and although I may process things slower now, and I might need some help to remember things, it's still me, Sniper31...happy simmer to be back with you all.
  19. I have just returned to the flight sim scene to find this sad news...there is some wonderful testament to Neil's tremendous work and love of flight simming in this thread, and that makes me smile at least. I personally have enjoyed Neil's work on numerous occasions, and it was always enjoyable to see him around on the site here, tirelessly working on freeware updates. My heartfelt condolences to all that knew him...
  20. Caleb, that looks to be a re-fueling line which comes ofo the wing tanks on the C-130's for aerial re-fueling missions. What you can't see in the shot here, is that at the end of the line there should be a basket thing that helps pilots capture the line when re-fueling. Mostly, you see helicopters re-fueling in this manner, as opposed to a solid boom. Solid booms are more for faster moving aircraft then helo's.
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