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  1. Happy Birthday Jock! May your new monitor arrive soon
  2. Sad news indeed...I have been loving Ennio's music for decades...I have lot's of his music on several of my playlists that I listen to over and over. May he rest in peace.
  3. Yes Brad, a most Happy Birthday to you!
  4. Wow Filou! What an array of varied, beautiful shots!
  5. What an awesome surprise! This airport scenery looks to be chock full of cool details! From these shots, the colors really pop! Excited to see more.
  6. Hope you had a very nice birthday Matteo, I was away from my PC for the weekend, so sorry for the late b-day wishes.
  7. Oh wow! I love winter shots and these are no exception! Looking fabulous
  8. And a very Happy Birthday to you sir!
  9. All very true...I grew up in Riverside County, about 2 hours east/south east of Burbank. It DOES indeed get pretty toasty there in the summer And, it seems to ALWAYS be summer out there
  10. Martyn's birthday AND Fosters!!! Two great things too hard to pass up. Happy Birthday mate!
  11. Sure looks like a lot of the PeopleFlow at that airport are just lollygagging around Some nice looking shots Iain of the ground operations at Burbank. Should be a very nice release.
  12. A most Happy Birthday indeed JV! Enjoy! Cheers! Landon
  13. Amazing atmospherics in these screenshots Filou! You are really showcasing the feel of this scenery package well.
  14. Some great shots here Iain, and I can tell you are enjoying it as you are really talking about this scenery more than normal
  15. Agree completely. And your reasons are as good as anyone else's reasons for using this sim or that sim or that sim. All good comments
  16. What about the A2A Piper Cub? It's a marvelous aircraft and comes with regular wheels, tundra tire options and floats. No straight amphibian model though.
  17. For me, simply put is the lack of seasons. I love being able to fly in all of the seasons. Winter flying is some of my favorite.
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