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  1. Well, in my opinion Paul, you have had to adapt to your situation to be able to work and still and enjoy your hobby. So, that said, you have done what you think is the best option to take advantage of. I think that laptop will serve you well, and I am sure you know you might have to turn down a slider here or there if needed. But that goes with the territory of being portable. So, overall, I think you have a more than capable computer to take on your travels and still be able to sim
  2. closed beta means they are still testing the newest version of Central, and that it is not yet released to the general public. EDIT: Doug beat me to the answer
  3. You're welcome Dominique, and now worries
  4. Much thanks for the disclosure and update JV Will be exciting when they get completed.
  5. Hi there Dominique, thanks for the kind words. Yes, a fan or ventilator in the front does help, assuming you have a good airflow plan set up. However, it can also be a detriment in certain situations. For example, a common thing to do is to have a large, low rpm fan on the front, bottom part of the case. This fan is usually set up to PULL in air from the outside, and PUSH it towards the inside of the case, over the mainboard and GPU, in order to cool them. Then, that cool air that is now pulling heat off of the mainboard and GPU is PULLED by fans on the rear of the case to vent that warm air outside. Now, the problem with hot HDD's is the cool air that is being pulled in by that large, low RPM fan in the front, is now flowing over and around all those hot HDD's. When it gets to the GPU and mainboard, it is already warm air, and not providing much cooling help at all. So, what can be done is to have a bottom case mounted fan, right below the HDD's that pushes hot air generated by the HDD's out the bottom of the case. Many newer cases have a fan mounting spot just for that. There are other solutions, but that is a common example. By the way, I spell my name 'Landon' as opposed to 'Brandon'
  6. I would also add, regarding SSD's, that another advantage they DO have that is often not mentioned is very low heat generation. HDD's DO generate a lot of heat...all those spinning mechanical's in there get heated up, and never really cool down until you shut down your rig. Further, the HDD stack is rarely cooled properly with a good case and a good case fan arrangement to provide proper airflow over the HDD's as well as other vital, heat generating components in the system. Most people tend to focus cooling solely on the GPU, RAM and CPU, for good reason. But, if you are trying to keep your system cool, the amount of heat that HDD's can produce is definitely worth looking into. All the advice above is good advice, I just wanted to add that HDD heat issue as an added consideration.
  7. As the title says, I will be gone for about ten days and back soon. I am going camping in the Rockies for a few days, and then immediately departing for a river rafting trip for wounded veterans here in the USA, on the San Juan River in Utah. Just didn't want you all to think I had disappeared, as I know many of you get concerned I did manage to purchase LEAS Asturias and get some flying in this morning, and man, what a great looking airport and scenery package. And, on my system, with all the options on in the control panel, I get super smooth performance in 4k....awesome! Hopefully, when I get back from this trip, Buildings HD and maybe some other little surprises might be released! That would be great. Anyhow, everyone be nice to each other and I'll see you all again when I return
  8. Stewart, as others have said, great to hear from you and I wish you the best with your recovery. Try not to push it...those chest muscles can take some time to heal, and when setting up a new home, it's very easy to over do it when you are physically hurting We'll be here when you are ready. Congrats on the new home btw!
  9. And those are some beautiful stunning looking final shots there Iain. Well done! Looking forward to getting my simulated hands on this one
  10. Happy Birthday cyberpilot, and what an awesome way to celebrate! Have fun!
  11. Some great shots of this upcoming P3D release Iain.
  12. Not an airport on my personal radar before, but now it SURE is! Some great looking screenshots here and my interest is definitely piqued now. Will be keeping my eye out for this release as instructed above
  13. Oh yes! Finally! This has been some time coming, and looks to be well worth the wait for the GA Orbx crew! No airline flying for me either, so this is the perfect ticket to update all the low res autogen buildings. Ready to purchase this one!
  14. Concur, great post John...very glad see this kind of post.
  15. Wow...so much love in this thread...no wonder the World is so mad all the time. Can no one ever have nice things to say on here lately? Has a Happy Birthday wish ever caused physical harm to any of you? Geez, angry grumpy old men around here lately.....
  16. Here a birthday, there a birthday...everywhere a birthday....Happy Birthday Ken !
  17. Glad you had a lovely day Roger...now I wish there was some way I could actually assist with your cockpit woes.
  18. Happy Birthday wished to you @tuisong, may all your cockpit troubles be sorted
  19. My oh my, Martyn has a birthday....Happy Birthday my Aussie friend
  20. A most Happy Birthday JV, and I hope your family dinner is most enjoyable as well
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