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  1. My Completed Cockpit

    That is a fine looking finished product there Howard, although I suspect that it will never be truly finished Us flight simmers are always tweaking
  2. San Diego Low and Slow

    Very nice! Love the carrier flyover, nice touch
  3. Three simple shots

    For simple shots, these are pretty special. Very nice.
  4. GES/GEN: looking for variety

    This is a very good report of your 'revalations' J van E, thanks for sharing.
  5. Way to turn and burn Fulvio, nice scenery shots.
  6. Advanced aircraft testing

    Well Jack, you have definitely proven yourself good at those skills.
  7. Advanced aircraft testing

    Great stuff Jack, truly great!
  8. MacRobertson Air Race - leg 1

    Paul, I am the same way! I love maps, especially historic one! I have many times spent hours just poring over atlas' and maps of all sorts. Very cool posting!
  9. This n That.

    I see you are out having some fun Iain, nice shots.
  10. A Misty Morning

    Great shots Paul, just so 'Alaska'...love 'em! Those are the kind of shots that make me love bush flying.
  11. Sydney Skyline

    Most excellent Rick.
  12. Beautiful shot Renault! And I have actually been up in hot air balloon, way back when I was a kid. I still remember the name of her...she was called "Tequila Sunrise" and was mostly yellow with orange and red accents. It was indeed a very serene flight,.
  13. Breaking news - Entomology.

    LMAO!! Too funny!
  14. MacRobertson Air Race - leg 1

    Great start to what should be an epic flight sim journey Jack, have fun and will look forward to more reports of your 'race' experiences.