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  1. Well, yes, sleeping under bridges is a whole other matter entirely. I agree, problems would arise from that for many people
  2. ???? I travel over bridges all the time, without worry or issue.
  3. Fred, I wish you all the best with your health improvement. See you soon in the friendly sim skies
  4. Fun and exciting video. Thanks for putting it together for us to enjoy
  5. That sounds like a good time Jack. I hope you all enjoy yourselves and I am sure you guys will create some awesome memories. Have fun!
  6. Yay!!!! Martyn and Jack!!! So nice to see you two hanging out face to face and enjoying some flying. How great does it feel to finally meet a friend from across the globe for the first time? Amazing!!
  7. Welcome Dave! I can tell you that the Orbx regions that you mentioned (EU England, Scotland and Wales) are indeed standalone regions. In fact, each region can be used individually on its own, but they also work together. You did not mention EU Ireland, so maybe you are not interested or maybe you just missed it, but it too works well with the other three regions you asked about. As to the third party airports you have, I am not sure of those as I do not own any of those. I am sure someone on here that will be able to answer that question for you, or point you in the right direction. Cheers!
  8. My first thought was a French-Canadian fur trapper of old, circa 1700's And yes, what exactly IS going on with those pantaloons hanging in the background Rob?
  9. I also camp like Rob actually. When it comes to camping and being in the outdoors, I am very much a minimalist. Very small tent, sleep on the ground (in all seasons), wood fire, phone is turned off and put away (available for emergency use only), lots and lots of hiking through the woods and mountains. Blame it on my 20 plus years as a Light Infantryman, but the closer to the ground I am and less electronics, the more comfortable I feel in the outdoors.
  10. I have been in many places around the globe without power. It's not really much of an issue for me. I almost always have a headlamp or flashlight of some sort available, so I can read, open up a cold one, pull out my camping coffee pot and make some coffee on the stove, or outside over my fire pit. Make some phone calls to people I have not talked to in awhile, go for a drive somewhere. There are many things one can do without power. If all else fails, go hang out with the neighbors who are without power and swap stories, talk about how hard it used to be, complain about your favorite sport team or hated politicians. Much to do.
  11. Yes, have a Happy Birthday Gerold!
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