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  1. A most Happy Birthday JV, and I hope your family dinner is most enjoyable as well
  2. I do! I remember Mallard Software! Thanks for the memories Dominique
  3. I am watching with interest....lots of personal opinions on this topic....lots....
  4. What an awesome set of pics of the crew JV...great idea for this thread!
  5. Oh yes! It's a Happy Birthday to you magic1! Enjoy that new setup while you are at it
  6. Hi there Martyn, nice to see you around here again. I too was away for awhile, but that is another story and I am very happy to be back myself. Now it's time to soak up some simming around fellow friends
  7. Moose are no joke...those baddies will ram cars and do some serious damage
  8. Count me as another that is super thankful for the May Madness sale. I did not 'go off the reservation' as it were purchasing a ton, BUT, the sale DID allow me to purchase double what I would have been able to purchase in the month of May. So, a huge THANK YOU Orbx!
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