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  1. I too like the sound of your writings Rodger, and welcome back!
  2. John, a Happy Birthday to you! Hope I'm not too late, but I was camping up in the Rockies over the weekend
  3. And a Happy Birthday from me too HiFlyer Sorry, a little slow to the party.
  4. Misha and Rasha, this scenery package is looking amazing! It really looks like you two have been doing some outstanding work on the airport details and the surrounding city. This should be a joy to explore when it is released. Great location as well!
  5. Yes, wishing you a Happy Birthday Frank...hope all is going well with that awesome simulator you have built.
  6. Happy Birthday Stewart, wishing you many happy sim landings
  7. So, using Nick's suggestion above, it looks like YMEN has NOT yet been updated for AU V2 yet.
  8. Okay Nick, sounds good...thank you for the info
  9. Same experience for me, and this is after upgrading to the new Orbx Central. I am not sure if all the Orbx Aussie airports have been updated foe AU2 yet or not, other than the manual way of updating that was posted somewhere else a few weeks ago. I have checked out YHBA Hervey Bay, YMAV Avalon and YMML Melbourne, and they all look good. So, again, I am unsure what has been updated and what has not when it comes to the Orbx AU airports.
  10. Recycling would be my recommendation too, as Nick has suggested. Many big name electronic stores are starting to accept old electronic devices and computers for recycling as well.
  11. To answer your question regarding the cooler Dominique, it is only a CPU cooler, as most AIO coolers are. I think the All in One term comes from the fact that it combines the water block, tubing, radiator and fans all in one cooling, pre-built combination. CoolerMaster, Corsair, Fractal, EVGA (and I am sure there are others) all make these kinds of coolers, and have been for about 5-6 years now. There are air coolers that cool just as well (Noctua for example) but AIO style coolers take up much less space inside the system. If you have ever used a Noctua DH-14 or 15 then you know how big those heat sink and fan combos can be. As for the CPU, the answer is no, my CPU is not delided. It is just a standard i9900k cpu. In fact, I have never bought a delided CPU for any of my overclocks. Not that I am against them, but I have just never needed to. If I was ever to get into competitive overclocking (which I have no interest to at present), then maybe I would. After re-reading your question, I see that you might be asking about if I leave the case delided? If that is what you are curious about, the answer is NO, my case covers are on all the time when in normal use.
  12. I need to correct some information from an earlier post of mine regarding the temps of my overclocked 9900k...I had stated that my temps in P3D were stable around 70 degrees Celsius. Well, that was just going off memory, and I was a bit off. I have been flying today for a few hours, and was tracking my cpu temps whilst flying, and I have been averaging temps in the high 40's to mid 50's Celsius. So, much cooler than I had stated earlier.
  13. Glad I could be of some help Dominique. My last three builds were on EVGA motherboards, which I really like. However, I know EVGA parts can be hard to get outside the USA. That said, I have used ASUS boards and they make some great overclocking capable boards and video cards. For me, ASUS is right there with EVGA. MSI, for me, is right there behind those two. Gigabyte, I know through research, makes some good boards too, but I have not used any of their stuff for years.
  14. Well Dominique, I don't run in Turbo mode, my overclock is a straight manual overclock to 5.2 Ghz. And, as stated above, I have no overheating issues. Now, all that said, I did not just throw in the 9900k into a random case and go right into the bios and start tweaking. Here is a breakdown of what I have done as far as keeping my system cool, and mind you, these are the procedures I have been doing for years. My last four flight sim builds were ALL overclocked by myself, and never have I ruined a CPU. I do my research and test things out in a steady, controlled and planned process to get to a stable overclock with temps that I am happy with. My last build before the 9900k was an 8700k that I was able to get to a stable overclock of 5.0 Ghz, but never could really get higher due to instability. I know it was possible based on research, but I could never get mine there, with my cooling setup. That being said, I was able to reach 5.2 Ghz on the 9900k fairly easily. I think I could even go higher, but I didn't want to get greedy. Anyhow, here is my process: My goal when building a system that I plan to overclock for flight sim use is to build a system that can be cool, not just the cpu. I also pick a motherboard that is designed for overclocking. There are several options out there, but a MB that is designed for overclocking nowadays has built in safeguards, and also several bios tools that make overclocking and testing easier. 1) I use a full size tower, in my case an NZXT, that has tons of open space inside the case. I think this important for good airflow, having all that open space inside the case. 2) I have 5, 120mm case fans installed in the case, in a push-pull setup. No, they do not run at 100% even with my overclock. Most of the fans run around 65-70%. 3) I have a Fractal Celsius 536 AIO (all in one cooler) installed in the top of the case. I have been using this cooler since my 8700k build, and it has worked wonderfully. It does use a longer radiator, one that can accommodate three 120mm fans, so another reason why the full size tower case is important. 4) I use a high grade thermal paste. There are several good options out there, but in my case I use Arctyx. There are tons of tested theories on thermal paste application, and in my case I have tried a hand full of them, without much difference. I generally use the pea sized application approach and then let the cooler spread the paste through even pressure when applying. 5) Cable management....I am a stickler for good cable management. I don't want anything interfering with good air flow inside my system case. I will spend a good while on that phase of the build. 6) Lastly, I then use a computer/electronic thermometer to test various temps inside the case while running a bios stress test for a couple hours. Then, using that data, I tweak the various fan speeds in the case until I get to a level I am happy with. This step I will perform for each level of overclocking that I push up to and test. Yes, it can be tedious, but its a fairly straight forward process. In this way, I arrive at consistently good overclocks that also run at temps that I am more than happy with. I finish off with running various tests within Windows, using RealTemp, Intel Burn-Test, some GPU benchmarking ( I overclock my GPU too). Then, I go into P3D and fly the heck out of my system to test the stability. All this to tell you that, in my case as described above, I have NO overheating issues running at 5.2 Ghz on my 9900k cpu, and this with an off the shelf cooler. Granted, I customize my case cooling, which I think is ultra important, but I don't get into the complexity and cost of custom liquid cooling setups (or nitrogen for that matter...lol). Maybe all this can shed some light for you Dominque, and take some of the worry out of the equation.
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