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  1. Caleb, that looks to be a re-fueling line which comes ofo the wing tanks on the C-130's for aerial re-fueling missions. What you can't see in the shot here, is that at the end of the line there should be a basket thing that helps pilots capture the line when re-fueling. Mostly, you see helicopters re-fueling in this manner, as opposed to a solid boom. Solid booms are more for faster moving aircraft then helo's.
  2. Nothing wrong with dawn takeoffs Terry, nothing at all
  3. I don't believe you would regret having the Spit for P3D v4, but I could be wrong
  4. Nice shots....I love the tail art on that livery!
  5. Spitfires always look good Jean Marc, no matter the livery A bunch of nice shots!
  6. Thank you all for wonderful comments! Much appreciated
  7. That is a whole lot of lightning there...best to stay grounded until it passes
  8. Taken in P3D v 4.1, with some PTA cocktail, REX and Orbx scenery.
  9. These are some very nice shots Jack...too bad about the end, but it's computers
  10. Well stated Scott, and what a great shot to represent that statement
  11. Incredible little journey and tricky approach Bruce, nicely done! Great narration, as others have commented already
  12. Very remarkable early morning shots at LOWI Paul! I think #3 is my favorite, but it's hard to really decide
  13. Well for oldies, they sure hold up nicely Paul
  14. Stewart, my man, wonderful set of mountain shots and enjoy the low sun lighting in these
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