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  1. Simply looks stunning! This is also great news to hear and really look forward to the release! There will be SO much to explore in Africa....my oh my!
  2. A most Happy Birthday Scott, and thank you for all your work here!
  3. I always have a soft spot for animals, and the horrible news about the wildlife that has been affected by this tragedy is heart breaking. It's something that I never get used to, nor would I want to. I grew up in fire country in the USA, in Southern California. My mother worked for the U.S. Forest Service as a mapper, and many times her task for the next several months after a fire was to map the full and complete extent of the damage from all the fires that hit here during our fire season. As a kid, I used to be able to go on some of those mapping missions and seeing the effects on the wildlife has stayed with me from those early days to now. Thankfully there are good people down there helping as many animals as possible. It's never enough, but it's better then nothing.
  4. I have been keeping an eye on the Australia fires for over a week now, and it is disheartening. My thoughts are with all of you down under, and all I can offer is to know that people around the world are hoping the best for you all.
  5. Well, a belated Happy Birthday to you both Bernd and Pete
  6. Yes, thank you for ALL of the great paints over the years and Happy Birthday!
  7. Happy New Year to all and my best wishes to all where ever you may be. Here's to 2020!
  8. And a Happy 2020 from Colorado to everyone on here!
  9. A nice and enjoyable little tour of this nice Orbx freeware scenery
  10. Benny, this was very great of you. Have a good Merry Christmas and even though you are alone up there in Canada, you have friends right here that are around 24/7
  11. Much appreciated wishes from you NeilG, thank you very much. May I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and New Year as well
  12. A very festive video FSRobert! And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the Misty Moorings Team as well
  13. A very nice holiday message Bernd, and here's to wishing you the best Holiday Season with your family and friends
  14. That's nice, but did either of you ever consider that some people might have health reasons why they can't get a pilots license, and therefore sim flying might be the option for them? Or, maybe, simming is simply a hobby they enjoy. I am also into back country hiking, alpine skiing and cycling. Each one of those hobbies has had me spend way more than $2000-$3000 dollars. Heck, my GS race skiis cost $1000 new, and my new ski boots were $800....and that does not even count clothing, other skiis, lift tickets..etc. For me, I scratch MY head when people like to question and judge how people want to invest in their hobbies. It's not your concern how I, or anyone else chooses to spend on their hobby I pointed out what tech I had in my system so that the OP would know why I am possibly not having the same issues in P3D v4.5. That is all. I was not, nor am I suggesting that in order to enjoy P3D or any other sim or computer game, that you need to have XYZ tech in your PC. Simply sharing the information since the OP had requested others thoughts and ideas. At any rate, you both are entitled to your opinions, and if the OP gleans some useful info from your posts, mine or anyone else's, then I say Hoorah! In the meantime, Happy Holidays! Cheers! Landon
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