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  1. How Can I Fix This?????

    Love this Benny and love that weather!
  2. Another happy birthday

    Happy Birthday Derek. Cheers!
  3. KSNC - Winter Wonderland

    Love those shots!
  4. KSNC some more.

    This little gem of an airport is looking marvelous.
  5. Oh boy withdrawal symtoms

    Alternatively, you could always go the Dr. Frankenstein route and build a new customized system from the remnants and pieces of your old one, if it does not survive the surgery that is. Just think, you could utter those famous words ..." It's alive!"
  6. Happy birthday

    Happy Birthday medx241, enjoy!
  7. Happy Christmas to All.

    And a most Happy Christmas to you all from me as well. May you all enjoy special time with family and friends this season.
  8. Where the heck is Sniper?

    Ah guys, thanks for making me feel missed Rest assured, I am around, but just have 'other things' on my priority list at the moment Even though I have not been posting as much, you can bet I have been keeping up with all the threads as best I can. That's about all I can say on the subject guys, but again, thanks for caring
  9. KSNC a little fly around.

    Nice little flight Iain, and nice shots of new upcoming airport and area.
  10. Day Job& DC3

    That is one very cool job Richard, thank you for sharing. And the pics of the Dc-3 are just wonderful too!
  11. Happy birthday Richard

    Hopefully you find time to enjoy your birthday today Richard, and have a most Happy One
  12. Why this screen?

    Jack, it's just problems caused by sun spots is all
  13. And happy birthday to Captain Pugwash

    A most Happy Birthday to the good Captain! Enjoy!
  14. Finally Moving From FSX To P3dV4.. Worried

    I can tell you that FS Global 2010 will work just fine with P3D V4.1 (it's what I have been using without issue). As for answering your question about P3D purchase, that cannot be discussed here on these forums and you are best researching that elsewhere. It's nothing personal, its just the way it is. All that said, once you make the transition and get everything setup the way you like, I think you will be happy with P3D V4
  15. Not Black Friday, it is Gold Saturday for me!

    Big time congratulations Gerold, I agree that your posts are always worth reading and it's good to have people around these forums like yourself.