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  1. I actually live about 30 mins outside of the 'Springs' but the town I call home is very small, so I usually just tell folks I live in the 'Springs'. Easier then trying to explain exactly where I am located....lol
  2. Now that's an aircraft I have not seen nor heard of in a long time....a long time....cool shots of her
  3. For what it's worth, IF you have an HDR capable monitor with HDR enabled, the colors in P3D v5 pop in a similar manner to MSFS. I have been enjoying both P3Dv5 and MSFS lately, and once I realized my monitor is an actual HDR monitor (thanks to Pete, I might add) both sims look SO much better on my system. Does not seem to have the same effect for P3Dv4.5 though, at least on my system. I still keep P3Dv 4.5 installed and up to date on my system so I checked it out with the HDR enabled on my monitor and it does not seem to make a huge difference. P3Dv5 though....major improvement. An
  4. Great looking series of shots of KORS and the new Jabiru aircraft Iain.
  5. We don't seem to get enough Alaska screenies around here anymore, so nice one to post up!
  6. Super nice looking paint scheme and some great shots Pete
  7. Looks like one cold and dark flight
  8. Wow! Some super shots my friend!
  9. That is quite the funny story Pete! I can picture the whole scene going down. Thanks for sharing
  10. Yes it has, here to in Colorado. We are getting a snow storm as I type that is supposed to last through tomorrow and the temps are hovering around zero degrees F. Hopefully will help douse that huge fire that is affecting Colorado. Meanwhile, very nice spread of shots of this new scenery John
  11. Quite an array of stunningly beautiful and realistic looking shots Iain. Great work!
  12. Don't be a quitter. Do what you have to (within legal limits of course) to get the task done.
  13. What hub are you speaking of for plugging an MS X-Box controller into a PC John? I plug my Xbox controllers straight into my usb ports on my PC and they work fine.
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