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  1. Needed some Porto

    Your shots are looking great as usual Dolf. I like these a bunch!
  2. Taken to drink

    Wow Martyn, that livery really stands out well in these shots! I am sure Jack will love these when he sees them Fine set!
  3. Punkie & Bonny Bea

    Oh yeah! Bandits, 12 o'clock high! Sweet shots and paints Jan.
  4. Adelaide & Outskirts

    Some great shots here Fulvio, really! I especially love the very first one. Nothing like a fast mover skimming over the countryside.
  5. Swiss Bliss part 4

    Me too Martyn...I frequently sit down with a nice cheese plate, some fruit, some bits of meat and a nice cold beer...I am in food heaven when that happens
  6. Mirage!!!

    Nice plane and shots, but I really love that cockpit shot! Looking mighty fine
  7. Royale fighter

    Interesting aircraft...resembles the A-7 Corsair a bit too. Nice bank shots
  8. Swiss Bliss part 4

    Mmmm, I love Gruyère cheese.....
  9. Chester Connecticut to East Hampton, NY

    Very nice Chester fly around Adam. This little airport is such an interesting little place to fly into and out of.
  10. Well, don't think I have ever posted this comment on here before....nice inspection shots here Definitely not your normal captures...very cool.
  11. few

    Some simple yet beautiful shots here Dolf.
  12. Another one...

    I can hear the air raid signal in the distance as I am looking for the pilot racing out of the ready building towards the Spitfire...in the distance you can also hear the sound of Stuka's beginning their bombing dives.....nice shot Bug!
  13. Sun set

    A real nice view of the Connie in the hazy sunset.
  14. Albatross at Ganges

    She looks pretty special in these shots Paul Nice work and shots
  15. Another Shot of Bowerman

    That is one nice and different view for Bowerman...cool!