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  1. Of course Gerold, you are most welcome
  2. Gerold, I have been sim flying with a UHD 4k monitor for at least three years now (last count I have at least 4 of them in various sizes, currently a 42" 4k UHD display) and you are right, the clarity and color depth are a whole new level of simming gorgeousness. If it helps, I have tested the AA settings over the last years, and on my system, which is higher end with a 2080 Ti GPU, I have found that 4xAA is best. Smooths out any left over jaggies and shimmers, but does not really effect the smoothness of flight on my system. Granted, it may be different on your GPU, but at least that gives you a benchmark to test out.
  3. I concur and agree. I bank with a large U.S. Bank and I have always been able to make international purchases with ease and without issue using my bank issued debit/credit card. Also, my girlfriend works for a mid-size bank and she has told me they allow their members to make international purchases using their bank debit/credit cards as well. I also submit this is not an Orbx problem. If my bank DID tell me I could no longer make international purchases, then I would go find a new bank. It's my money, after all, and so long as I am making legal purchases, I should be able to spend it where I like to.
  4. Great video with a very in depth look at the scenery. Good job!
  5. This is indeed sudden and tragic news. I too followed Frank's simpit building journey and I always took time to read updates when he posted them. My heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends, and may Franks' memory live on here, among us simmers.
  6. This is some awesome news Misha, thanks a heap for this!
  7. What a great 'first look' indeed Iain. This looks like yet another special scenery package from Ken Hall and the Orbx Team.
  8. Alright! This is one little exciting scenery to see being worked on...awesome Ken! I love desert airports and I especially love the Grand Canyon and surrounding area. I will really be looking forward to this being released.
  9. What a nice surprise I have found this morning! I had no idea this was coming, but it's got my attention now....looks to be a beautiful rendition of the iconic airport.
  10. Tony, a most happy birthday wish to you and may you and your family stay safe
  11. Count me as an interested party to have an OLC Asia scenery package from Orbx.
  12. Looking adventurous and very vibrant! I continue to look forward to fly over and around this scenery.
  13. Some nice, varied scenery you have flown over in all these screenies Iain, really looking superb. Great stuff!
  14. More great shots from you Iain, of this beautiful looking scenery. And, you picked the perfect plane to fly around in these shots
  15. These are some really great looking screen shots Iain that really show how great this scenery package will be when released. Exciting to see soon!
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