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  1. Greetings Thanks for viewing Dreamer
  2. Last I knew Tipella is no longer available...
  3. flying Georgia Straight FTX PNW today in skirting weather systems and some amazing Thunderstorms
  4. Here are a few from the week Thanks for Viewing
  5. Greetings Great job, by the way, fantastic detail and filled with memories from my Sim home base area a very welcome addition... Note about the CVX... I have several additional custom scenery add-ons in the area and have noticed on one specifically the elevation on some models have been adversely affected... And as always thanks for viewing Dreamer
  6. Setting up new Comp and Tq6 Into Tofino head of the Alberni inlet Vancouver Island Thanks For viewing Dreamer
  7. Thanks, Dolf must have taken it when I hitting the "V's" for that Christmas card shot...
  8. Thanks, to everyone's compliments Dreamer
  9. Greetings Packing up the 2018 shots and found this and thought it looked nice... looking up Sechelt Inlet (FTX NA-PNW) just before Christmas... Thanks for viewing Dreamer
  10. Greetings Just an inquiry to the developers are there any more updates, regions or airports planned for the west coast and interior of North America as in improving the Tongas gap e.t.c... Dreamer
  11. The end of a long 10 flight and pitstop for Jet and a burger... Thanks for viewing Dreamer
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