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  1. Sunday in the MU 2B 60

    Thanks for viewing Dreamer
  2. Greetings Enjoy and thanks for viewing Dreamer
  3. Into the sunset

    Many thanks Dreamer
  4. Into the sunset

    Greetings Thanks for viewing Dreamer
  5. Taking the P46T Malibu JetProp out for a run in the rain... Thanks for Viewing Dreamer
  6. Casual flight in the PC-12

    Lets some of the Moose Jack!!!! Dreamer
  7. Just out and about... Thanks for viewing Dreamer
  8. After the storm

    Thanks Jack I purchased the PC-12 when Carenado released it and it was a wee tad broken... there was a freeware fix out there that was OK but Carenado and I thank them just released the fixe few days ago... As for the livery something I did myself... Have been flying the PC 12 since FS 2002 Dreamer PS if you wish come up with a aircraft registration prefix where your from and a logo when I get some time I will see what I can do
  9. After the storm

    Over Roberts Creek Sunshine Coast BC Canada FTX NA-PNW ... checking out the recent Carenado Pilatus PC 12 fix
  10. Waiting on the weather

    Harvard shortly after sunrise, on a stormy spring morning
  11. Greetings Hometown Airport I remember when the Terminal was now bigger than half a Wal-Mart Department Store> . http://www.yvr.ca/en/blog/2016/yvr-wins-airport-of-the-year Dreamer
  12. 3 for the day

    3 of the Just Flight TCAt Lockheed to go with the Golden Age 12