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  1. - EGCB Barton - EGTB Wycombe Air Park - EGKB Biggin Hill - EGNC Carlisle -EGLS Old Sarum - EGCV Sleap - EGBJ Gloucestershire - EGCW Welshpool - EGCK Caernarfon - EGBG Leicester - EGBO Wolverhapton - EGPN Dundee - EGSH Norwich - EGTK Kidlington - EGNJ - Humberside As a Northerner I do want to see some up there but I've tried to keep my list (well someone else actually) to a good mix across the UK. Potential for varying types of strips and aircraft landings. Plenty of tarmac in there for heavier aircraft and some cross country classics for PPL training etc
  2. Shade is a fantastic little gizmo. The difference with it on is huge. It gives a real feeling to the sim by adding lighting effects that look very real. 100% must in my opinion.
  3. A Gem. There are some outstanding 'v' shots these days. This is right up there. Well done mate.
  4. Love this shot. Nice to see one from a totally different angle.
  5. It's ok, not one I tend to get out. If you want some peaceful, slow simming, it's a sight seeing dream. Thanks all for you kind words
  6. I would recommend Asus boards also. I would look at a Z77 Asus ROG gene. It's small form factor but delivers everything my Maximus Extreme Iv will for only £150.
  7. I would personally go for the 670. It is the absolute sweet spot for performance vs value. No far off a 680. If the budget allows it of course. If you got the i5 you saved £100 on the 3770k you thought about . What Ram/Motherboard are you going for?
  8. Portland Heliport EGDP - Just south of Waymouth Great shots Nyxx
  9. I wish there was a high quality payware model
  10. Give me a Worthers Original and I'm happy...
  11. I had to take the power station off the uk2000 scenery as it conflicts with the orbx one and you see double. I guess it's up to uk2000 to patch it and a brief look on the forum would suggest they will work it out to make it compatible with orbx. There seems to be a nice mutual respect between the two vendors which is a good thing for us punters.
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