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  1. Hi John Reorganized the scenery file. Problem resolved itself. Where can I download AU V1 from ? I own it but it' not sivisible on Central. Thank., WilloW
  2. Same issue with me. Where can I download the original AU parcel that AU V2 replaced ? Thanks. WilloW
  3. Hi Marcus I have nothing unusual installed. My installation is rather vanilla with the exception of ORBX. I haven't done extensive testing. The issue seems to only relate to these two runways. The other runways are okay. it only happens when I select these runways from the P3D UI Attached are some screenshots. Thank you. Regards, Willow
  4. Hi Marcus Thanks for the prompt reply. Your suggestion worked! thank you again. Kind regards, Willow
  5. Hello i have just purchased ESSA. If I position the aircraft on 01R or 19L the aircraft is on grass and not the runway. Is this a known issue or normal ? Thank you, WilloW
  6. Greetings I have just purchased LOWI and ESSA. The winter textures do not display when live weather or the simulator date, season and time is adjusted to the winter season. Suggestions to how to resolve this issue. Thank You, WilloW
  7. Hello Will there be a fee to update the older airports to the new scenery ? Thank you, WilloW
  8. Yes Scott, this is exactly my thoughts and experience to date with this airport. I’m speaking to a 737 pilot friend in a few days time, so will ask him about this approach, and whether it’s usual to disregard an approach chart. WilloW
  9. Hello Ah yes using the valley to initiate the runway 25 approach is far easier, although you must have good visibility. I was under the assumption that as there was a published approach chart, that using the chart was mandatory - especially if flying a 737. Best, WilloW
  10. Thanks Scott. I have this chart but have yet to try it for the approach to 25. It seems that this approach is anything but standard. At first I thought it might have been an elevation disparity with the scenery, but I am glad it isn’t. If I find anything interesting on utube I will post here for all to see. Thanks again, WilloW
  11. Hi Scott Yes a tricky approach. I already have discovered the valley to enable a shallower approach. I was attempting to fly following the chart verbatim, but obviously this is not possible in the 737. At least I know there isn’t an issue with elevation, etc in the sim. Will have a look and see if I can find a few videos on Utube. Meantime if you find the post you mentioned - then great! Thanks for replying, WilloW
  12. Makes me try harder. Very good, WilloW
  13. Hello I have KEGE installed to P3DV4.1. There is not a problem with the scenery, however, when I follow the approach into runway 25 the aircraft is always too high. This is despite maintaining the correct altitude constraints as published in the approach charts. If you follow the chart, then it’s impossible to maintain a glide path less than 1000 feet per minute descent rate. I have checked the elevation and it is correct as is the barometric pressure. Are others having this issue ? I attach an approach chart for reference. Thanks, WilloW
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