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  1. Hi Purchased Tacoma Narrows yestrday and to my surprise I did not see the option to remove static Aircraft in the configuration. Please let me know how to remove them as it distracts completely from the immersion. Orbx have an outstanding AI Traffic pack (with Aircraft that actually moves) for Washington State, why the need for any static Aircraft. At least let me choose to have them or not? Thanks Mike
  2. Just want to say I am very excited about TrueEarth Pacific Nortwest for P3D. Those X-plane folks have had the pleasure long enought now in my humble opinion The fact that I own every single Orbx Pacific Northwest airport does not make it less exciting! I hope they all will blend well and function with the TrueEarth? I guess seasons variations must be made optional then for the Airports given TE is summer only. Anyway, I look forward to return to the area where my Flight Simulation experience began all those years ago with the PNW region from a company called Orbx that I stumbled upon by "accident" and that I have followed and enjoyed scenery products from ever since. Mikael
  3. Yes Bodo has really been developed forever, whats going on? Tore really takes his time with airports, although what can you say. Narvik Framnes looks great so...
  4. Yes P3D please! Was so happy to read the announcement until I realise it was for X-plane.
  5. It did the trick, no more static aircraft I did a few T&Gs at Dundee, great little airport. My only feedback would be the 3D grass,, or lack of it rather other than small pathes here and there of a very light green color looks a bit strange. If ever a patch please add more, especially at and around the GA terminal that in fact is actually a grass parking area.
  6. Thanks Nick, I will give it a try! I also notice that with the install of Dundee the default TE GB North Dundee Airport afx, object and CVX files are not automtically deactivated like they normally are when you install a Orbx addon for the same location where ther is already True Earth coverage (like Edinburgh, Sumburgh airports). That said, I dont know what (if any) consequence this will have. Just saying
  7. Short questions. First, why is there no option to turn static aircraft off in the Dundee install like there is for most other Orbx airports? Secondly. How do I go about to removing them all, what BGL can I deactivate? I use AI traffic and have no intreset what so ever in static Aircraft filling up all the parking spots. One of the reasons I got the Dundee Airport in the first place was to get rid of the static planes from the default True Earth version of Dundee, an Airport that I actually think is good enough if it wasnt for those static planes. So please let me know. Thanks
  8. Does anyone know how Amazon use Dundee Airport and with what type of cargo Aircraft if any?. Looking at Google maps it seem the main warehouse is not actually located directly on the Airport grounds with no connecting taxiways or aircraft parkings nearby. Just curious to know if its time to start painting some AI aircraft
  9. Dont you think thats a very big task, perhaps too big, also given the fact FS2020 is on approach and we kniw notjing about what AI it will include. Seems to me like a risky project.
  10. What a pleasant surprise! Everything Scotland is an instant purchase from me.
  11. Thanks Iain, great shots. Love the fact that Orbx are doing some mid/north UK Airports finally Leeds as well as Newcastle will be instant purchases from me. Hope to see more of these in the future like Isle of man.
  12. Great shots and such a nice airport Narvik Framnes, a shame its closed and no longer used in real life.
  13. I dont use Orbx Edinburgh at present time, back to UK2000 version for now. The only reason I have not requested a refund is becasue I trusted there would be an update as promised. At present I find, and have found from the start the prodct as "faulty". If we see no update in reasonalble time is a refund still possible?
  14. Nice, but too bad we dont have a good ESSB, hint, hint Marcus
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