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  1. Tigerclaw, I dont understand. Please correct me if I missunderstand your logic but to me for example region England is a completely different product from a TrueEarth product of England, one beeing photoreal and one beeing just landclass based repetetive tiles. To me its like night and day and I see absolutely no problem at all with a TE area where there is already a landclass based product. thats said I hope the new country is Norway, but most likely as you suggest Its Germany.
  2. Nick, evey PNW Orbx airport have the same issue, they do not blend with TE Washington, the colors are much light greener. I have been waiting for this product for so long and have been a customer of Orbx product for years and years and for the first time I am honestly really disappointed. I will gladly remove TE Washington from my computer with a refund. Have a look at Skagit Regional below. This is not acceptable. To further prove this, go to Orbx Friday Harbor. The whole island is light green and sticks out like sore thumb with TE Washington.
  3. So have I Brad, back when everyone was familiar with names and brands like Sublogic, Lago and Bruce Artwick, good times Having said that I cant figure out why they left the blend between their own products so bad. I also own Riddlez Bellingham and the DD airports and even they look better with TrueEarth.
  4. The apparent color difference between 1S2 and TE Washington does not bother you?
  5. Yes they only fixed some autogen issies from what I undetstamd. Are you saying your Orbx addon airports look ok with TE Washington?
  6. Nick, do you think this can be fixed at all? If not can you please direct me to a refund request.
  7. ”Yikes” indeed, you should see Orbx Skagit Regional KBVS with Orbx TE Washington, thats Yikes ++
  8. F737NG, see my topic in the P3dv4 Support forum for screenshots. After I took those however I found many much worse. Compare Skagit Regional for example, all green in Orbx KBVS but dark green with hint of automn orange in TE, just so distracting that the immersion of flying gets lost using them together. i dont want to spoil it for anyone and without the old Orbx airports TE Washington is probably just fine so I urge everyone to judge for themselves and everyone might not be as picky as I am either,. Personally however I regret my purchase at this time and I have been a loyal Orbx customer for many many years.
  9. Compatibility with the old Orbx PNW airports is frankly rather terrible. They are much lighter in color compared to TE Washington. To call them compatible is a stretch in my opinion. Very distracting when flying in to them seeing the color variation.
  10. This is not ok when they claim compatiblity, it looks aweful and I checked most of them by now. TE is so much darker! It completely takes away from the immersion flying in to them. Coming from the same company they should have checked this.
  11. ok this is payware Orbx Friday Harbour with True Earth Washington surrouding it, this is not good at all TE is so much darker. I am considering to request a refund. With all this color variation I am better off with the old PNW package. So many years I have been waiting for this
  12. I like what I see so far in TE Washington but I have to be honest and admit I was expecting a much better blend between payware Orbx airports and TE Washington, after all its from the same company. Here is one example of Diamond Point and TE Washington, not very good at all in my humble opinion. I write this in the support forum because I don't know if its supposed to be this bad blend or if something is wrong with my setup?
  13. Just put everything related to "old" PNW below any TE region entries in the scenery library and you should be ok. My plan is to keep old PNW for any winter flying and will activate those entries come winter as well as for flying beyond the TE borders.
  14. Nick, no I am just saying I see static aircraft at the airport. It should really be an option to turn them off like there is with every other Orbx airport I own, and I have them all in the Pacific Northwest. If one chose to use Orbx AI traffic package there is no need for static planes in my opinion and when there is a lot of static planes at an airport (like Orbx KTIW) the addition of Orbx AI package makes the airport look overcrowded with planes and of course a framerate hit as a result. If there is too much work involved in making an additional option in the settings to disable static aircraft then perhaps you can ask the developer what BGL file to disable.to get rid of static planes. I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  15. Nick, in the P3d version of Tacoma Narrows there are plenty of static aircraft all over the airport grounds including several helicopters, you dont see that? I am not saying they ar taking AI traffic parking spots but they are there. This is the only Orbx airport I own that does not provide an option to disable them. Can you please ask the developer to offer an option to do so or at least to let me know what BGL file to disable to get rid of it. Its really distracting and takes away from the immersion. With the AI traffic package enabled its just too much traffic at the airport. When there is such a lovely Orbx AI package with traffic that actually moves for all of the Pacific northwest i cant but ask WHY static aircraft,.. why who wants static aircraft anyway ....On a positive note, I love the airport itself, great job by the developer!
  16. Great screenshots. Can we possibly next get some shots showing some Orbx PNW addon airports with True Earth Washington?
  17. Will it work in p3d v5k? With Orbx TE Washington on final it would be a great addition. I am on p3d v4.5 at the moment but consider to update
  18. I am also interested in EGJJ and EGJB. Are Orbx versions of these two airports still planned?
  19. Hi Proud owner of FTX Global, Vector and OpenLC Europe. Unfortunately there seem to be something with FTX Vector that make the surrounding on approach to runway 8 at Jersey airport EGJJ look very odd with a steep cliff and another strange looking cliff on the left, see picture. I have no additional addons so everything is default except the above Orbx addons. This problem does not seem to be there if you own the FTX EU England addon as most people own who have tried to help me on the various forums, and its not there if everything FTX Vector related is disabled (or uninstalled). Please help as I love to fly between the Channel Islands
  20. I am in the market to buy LOWW (or wait a bit and upgrade my old payware from another vendor) So my only question is how well Gaya LOWW blends with Austria Pro HD East, any sharp borders etc? This is my only concern really as it looks otherwise like a good addon airport in general. I dont care at all for landclass scenery anymore so Austria Pro HD will stay regardless. Thanks!
  21. I know that UK2000 och Sim720 both very quickly and without much work it seem added to their UK addon airports install an option to keep summer ortho year round once you guys released TE GB. Very nice gesture on their part and good for us who wants to fly year round and see trees in automn color etc. Something you might consider for your own line of airports to fully support your own region product?
  22. Ed, is the idea that the many Orbx P3D Washington airports will work and blend nicely with the True Earth Washington product? Like many I have them all and they would be a nice addition for sure.
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