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  1. Thanks Iain, great shots. Love the fact that Orbx are doing some mid/north UK Airports finally Leeds as well as Newcastle will be instant purchases from me. Hope to see more of these in the future like Isle of man.
  2. Great shots and such a nice airport Narvik Framnes, a shame its closed and no longer used in real life.
  3. I dont use Orbx Edinburgh at present time, back to UK2000 version for now. The only reason I have not requested a refund is becasue I trusted there would be an update as promised. At present I find, and have found from the start the prodct as "faulty". If we see no update in reasonalble time is a refund still possible?
  4. Nice, but too bad we dont have a good ESSB, hint, hint Marcus
  5. If it follows the trend they have to first shut down the real World Airport before we see the sim version, just like Narvik Framnes
  6. There are several topics of this alteady. Orbx are working on an update to EGPH including many issues discovered by users on these forums
  7. Hmm I can really understand that a developer wont update their addon airport every time the real world airport change layout etc after its initial release, but the reasons to use a three year old layout from the get go is a little hard to understand for a quality addon like Orbx. Hope you are right Chris and that they will update this with all other requested issues.
  8. Just purchased Edinburgh airport today and I notice that the new stand 308-317 seem to be missing. Is Orbx Edinburgh based on an old terminal layout perhaps? If possible please add those to represent Edinburgh airport as it actually looks today. Thanks Mike
  9. Hi I just purchased TE Central (very nice!) l am now looking for some nice addon airports to go with it. I see there is a Orbx Leeds for X-plane but will it be ported to p3d at all? If not I might pick up the Uk2000 version. I also see there is a nice Liverpool airport from Digital Design, did anyone try it with TE Central?
  10. So if I own FTX Scotland (as well as TE North), can I somehiw benefit from the 10m mesh from FTX Scotland when using TE? (Perhaps copy the mesh data over or something?)
  11. The Sim720 staff has helped me to do exactly this for their Oban and Stornoway Airports when flying with summer only True Earth GB North. They initially made these two Airports back in the day with season variation to be compatible with Orbx Scotland just like Orbx did Sumburgh. In less than one day (yesterday) they informed me that the fix I requested was done and I can now fly year round in their summer season texture. This should not be a hard thing to fix.
  12. True I did not see this was regarding the X-plane version :) I know nothing about X-plane
  13. EGPB does not work properly with True Earth GB North from my experience in p3d. For starters there are seasons with snow in winter with the Sumbugh airport addon, but TE is summer only so it looks very strange in winter with TE North active. Secondly there seem to be some elevation issues. Orbx does not claim from what I can see on the Sumburgh purchase page that it is compatible with TE North so I don't hold it against them at all, but it would be nice with a patch since its their own product. I have spoken with both the UK2000 people and the Sim 720 people and Gary from UK2000 will look in to adjust the ground so his airports will blend with TE GB soon. The Sim720 people made a quick fix instantly yesterday when I told them of the problem (amazing customer service). They now have a selection in their configuration for Stornoway and Oban airport where you can select True Earth and you will see no snow in winter.
  14. TreeTops, I know I can select to fly in summer only but as I wrote in my first post, its still nice to fly in automn, winter and spring season because of how the trees shift etc regardless if TrueEarth is summer ground textures only. In fact personally I dont mind TE GB is summer only its fine! not much snow IRL anyway like it used to be when I grew up. Man, its +5 degrees C today in Stockholm, Sweden and and all green outside. Hmmm, what is happening with our climate
  15. I think (and hope) this is a rather small fix, I mean the summer texture is already there and look beautiful so no work with color correction should be needed for Sumburgh. We simply need the already available summer texture to show year round when we have TE GB North running.
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