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  1. None taken... I am a VFR pilot in sim and in real life so personally anything not photoreal is just not good enough for VFR purpose in my humble opinion.
  2. I dont think its available for P3D. I purchased it for FSX way back but it works without any problem in P3D latest version.
  3. Yes would prefer photoreal for all of the Island too, no more landclass scenery for me espeially in a beautiful location like this. Looks very nice though and I just hope the free Hawaii-Photoreal can be added for a full Oahu Island photoreal experience. Nice to hear the FSDT Honolulu and Bills Dillingham will be compatible, I am the proud owner of both
  4. fltsimguy, I have them all X-plane 9, 10 and 11 and its just not for me, after a few weeks or months every time I go back to P3D Many aspects are great in X-plane in my opinion but I just cant stand the lack of ATC and AI and those are extremely important to me. I dont intend to start a debate comparing the different sims, its my huble take on it.
  5. Yes its very x-plane oriented and not only here. It feels like most FS news on Fselite and other news sites relate mostly to X-plane these days. I too have my wallet ready for things like TrueEarth UK North, Channel Islands, Honolulu, the Northern Alaska bundle, New Zealands Invercargill airport and other goodies that were announced back in December. That said Im happy for the X-plane guys they have not been spoilt with addons over the years so all good! But please throw us P3D users a bone every now and again as well please.
  6. For me personally ZL16 is not an option. Not everyone fly at FL altitudes and with HD space somewhat being an issue I much rather fly and remain in one or a few select Orbx areas with ZL17 than installing several more in ZL16. I just sincerely hope the remaining UK areas and WA for P3D will be ZL17. If not Ortho4XP and Scenproc will remain my future direction.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up Scott. I dont fly in Orbx regions so that is no real concern of mine but I bet your Buildings HD product will improve the autogen i created with scenproc/OSM for my own generated photoreal area over Stockholm and surroundings
  8. "But perhaps the biggest differences are that theirs doesn't appear to be compatible with Orbx regions (whereas Buildings HD is), and doesn't contain updates to over 400 complex building and structure models (which Buildings HD does)." I am just curious about the first part of this statement. I'm all in to get your Buildings HD product and it looks great and I have really been looking forward to it but why would their version no be compatible with Orbx regions when all it does is replace default autogen? I would understand a statement that theirs might not look as good with Orbx regions but to say that theirs probably wont be compatible, is that really true?
  9. Hi What happened to Alderney from Turbulens Design. It was announced in the 2019 ROADMAP preview. Unlike some other products it actually had a release timeframe, of early 2019 and it looked so complete from the screenshots provided, thats why I am a bit curious. Naturally developers can run into problems along the way, I understand that. Again just curious and I look forward to it.
  10. Hopefully they learned something from the "MS Flight" Product a few years ago. The Community wants an open platform and we want a simulator not an arcade game
  11. I hear you. My wife is in and out of depressions at times and its no fun place to be.
  12. How does framrate compare to Orbx PNW for P3D. I have a fairly recent machine but flying in and around Seattle honestly brings my computer to its knees.
  13. I agree with you Christopher, UK Central for P3D next
  14. I assume you will start converting old P3D PNW Airports to X-plane much like with Airports in the UK. Will there be any sort of discount for us who purchased the P3D Airports or do we have to purchase them again for X-plane? I have purchased them all for P3D. The reason I ask is that I would be perfectly happy to continue to use P3D and True Earth PNW and all my PNW Airports but 2020 is a very long time to wait for the P3D version! The option of course is to switch to X-plane but purchasing all those Airports again at full priceā€¦. hmm I dont know.
  15. I have to agree with Michael. I have compiled a lot of areas lately after I learned ortho4xp ( p3d). While the result is good in places clouds and color variations are really a problem in many other areas. I have not really been 100% satisfied with any area so far. So that said I am happy Orbx does the whole package.
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