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  1. I've checked your flight in both Prepar3D 4.5 (HF3) and Prepar3D 5.0 (HF2), departing LPCH and flying west, and I don't have any problem flying through W7* 30.00'. I tried in both direction (westbound and returning to the east). I too have Orbx Global Base, Vector and Open LC Europe installed in both simulators. I also have FreeMesh X 2.0 installed. My guess is that you may have a scenery conflict in that area, may be caused by a bad layering of sceneries, an inappropriate insertion point for your Orbx products, or a conflicting Mesh in that area. Those are only guesses since I hav
  2. I've noticed that also for P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 and I hesitate to apply this update. Yesterday, I updated KSAN to v2.2.2, and today there is an update to KSAN 2.2.1 pending in Central. Do we install it ?
  3. Could it simply be that those who have Central 4.1.21 have opted for what Orbx calls "Fastlane" (access to beta versions) ?
  4. My Central backup folder for AUv2 contains 1.54GB of files (36 files) all dated the day I installed the service pack update.
  5. I just had the exact same problem tonight. Tired of waiting, I closed Central and restarted it and magic, Central logged in quickly and everything was fine. Weird though ....
  6. Thank you Josh. Darrington download is now working indeed.
  7. Josh, FYI - I have noticed the same 404 File Not Found error when trying the manual download for Darrington Muni 1S2.
  8. I have it too about 8nm east of KAQW. I have Global Vector and OLC NA installed. It could very well be a vector issue.
  9. Hi Larry, I understand the logic behind your choice. If the simulator has no problem seeing YRC and CYRC as two different airports in the same country, then there is no problem. I only mentioned it because I did not know if the simulator could differentiate the two idents. Keep up the good work !
  10. Hi Larry, If YRC is to be the "identifier" that you use for Refuge Cove in your scenery, just be advised that there already is a CYRC airport in Canada (Chicoutimi/St-Honore, Qc). I mention it in case it would cause conflict for the users. Your scenery looks very good BTW. Best regards,
  11. Hi Tozzifan, I don't know what the source of the problem you encountered might be, but just to confirm that it is not an ORBX issue, I just flew the ILS RWY 05 at ORBX NSTU with PMDG NGX in Prepar3D 4.1 and it is perfectly aligned with the runway center line. I let AUTOLAND do the job to make sure and it was "bang on". I use AIRAC 1801 and updated MAGVAR 2017. I hope you find a solution some day. Best regards.
  12. The LOC-DME-H (LDA-H) approach to PAVD is indeed a little offset from the runway and it is like this in real life (Loc course is 057, runway heading is 064). On the approach plate, all the minimums apply to CIRCLING, meaning that the approach is not intended to take you directly along the extended runway centerline, but rather close enough to the airport for a visual landing. I can understand that one may think of a possible "alignement" problem since the localizer is "almost" aligned with runway 06. So don't worry, what you observed is all good.
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