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  1. THis is beautiful. Any chance of seeing just up the road from Darrington in Arlington?
  2. > The team has been formed and they have begun preliminary work. Thank you John! I would love to buy more Orbx scenery for AFS2 however there are none that I don't already own. Please don't give up on AFS2...there is a big sleeping giant waiting to burst forth if given a chance. PS...I truly believe that PNW for AFS2 would be as well received as it has been for the other platforms. I can not help but believe that once there are more quality places available to fly, AFS2 is really going to take off, and when it does, it will open up a whole new group of potential customers for you!
  3. Yea, it was a great place to spend time as a kid. Would love to return!
  4. You can actually see my old house in that shot! It's just a little bitty smudge ( not much more than that in real world lol) but it's there. I would LOVE to see Orbx do Kodiak....especially if they squeeze it into FS2 as well.
  5. Ray, You are correct, the Lear is a 45XR not a 35. The repaint is available from the Aerofly web site.
  6. A number of pages have not been displaying properly since yesterday with Explorer/Edge (Win 10) either. I thought it was just me.
  7. >KSAV Savannah/Hilton Head Intl Thank you for previewing the Savannah area!
  8. I second the desire to see SE Georgia tidal marshlands. I would also love to see the tidal river area around downtown Savanah and the area just West / North West of KSAV airport. Really looking forward to this product!
  9. My rig is an i7-2600K @3.4GHz with 8 GB RAM. GPU is an admittedly old GTX 460 SE, but it handles most other places, including the Puget Triangle area just fine. Nothing special, but it should be able to handle at least low end visuals in SoCal
  10. I have REX Essentials Plus, but I will typically allow it to load the weather and textures, then I will shut it off and let the loaded weather sit static, so it should not be doing much harm. Also, trying SoCal, I set it up with clear skies, all options off, sliders full left, and it is still unusable. San Juans though, with Orcas and Friday loaded, sliders about mid-field, traffic, and weather and every thing loaded up runs just fine.
  11. > That's an airport density of one airport every 4.2 square miles or over 200 times the density of airports in the LA Metro area.. Your math is reasonable. So, who can explain to me why I can fly the San Juan triangle all day long in my P3D setup, Including Friday Harbor, but if I load up SoCal, I slow to a crawl at under 10 FPS, even in the less dense areas?
  12. > There is indeed creature flow Hopefully there will be coyotes running across the runway when you turn final. I can't tell you how often I had one dart across in front of me while landing at Agua Dulce in the real world. I even had a horse run across once, forcing a go around. Agua Dulce was my favorite $100 hamburger stop before they closed the diner there. I'm really looking forward to reacquainting my self with it.
  13. I remember Indian Dunes from waaayyy back when I used to live in Canyon Country, just beside Valencia. Too bad the old Black Sheep (and M*A*S*H 4077 as well) location is gone.
  14. I didn't stay on the Queen for my Honeymoon, but I did visit her, and her then neighbor, the Spruce Goose. Then hoped a 747 to Hawaii. Seems like a long time ago (1991) in some regards, but seems like yesterday in others. Funny how that works. Nice screen shot. This is a must buy in my book. (Edit) Sorry for the double quote of Rob. Don't know how that happened, and don't know how to fix it :0(
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