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  1. Warning, P3dv4.5 does not like when you assign a scenery with an Autogen file via xml method. This causes the trees to disappear. I have over 1019 scenery entries and discovered that when I either deactivate the offending scenery or change it to cfg method the trees return. Bear in mind you must do this to all scenery. Leaving any one of the offending scenery active will cause this anomaly. I have pleaded and continue to plead to all developers to stop using the ACM. It is not a solution to the problem as it may have been prior to p3dv4.5 HFII. Also, while on the topic of Africa I've noticed that it takes a long time to load after the OLC Africa install. And the ground textures appear blurry. You can see that in some of the forum's SS. Side note: To restore the Auotgen Descriptions you must: step 1 - ensure all scenery with Autogen folders enable through XML method must be either deactivated or changed to cfg Step2. - uninstall P3dv4.5 content (this removes the corrupted descriptions (but again be sure no other autogen file is active in your sim) Step3. - reinstall the p3dv4.5 Content Step 4 - delete the prepa3d.cfg Step5. - load up the sim and make sure your speed trees populate the initial startup state (F-22 at AFB). (if they do not then there is an active file in your sim that is suppressing them and in that case, you will need to deactivate all scenery xml files and start from step 2 again. Once that is done you can then either reinstall global base /HD Trees/ HD Buildings and so on. (this is why I plead to have the ACM function revisited or removed - these are tedious actions on the end-user)
  2. I have both a free copy and the Orbx (purchased) copy of the scenery (call me crazy...but that's just me . I'll notice a few anomalies after an install. The free copy eliminates trees (discussed in other forms). The purchase copy appears to slow the autogen population/induce blurries and causes p3dv4 to use up an inordinate amount of time to load into (initial startup) the sim. I've had to uninstall KOS to return the sim to normal performance. As such, I can't unequivocally say that Orbx has resolved Gaya scenery matters. Therefore, I will leave it uninstalled until the installers have been resolved (hopefully before LOWW is released). I trust that Orbx/Gaya will come to a solution. Looking forward to the resolve. Cheers Keino
  3. noted thx...I have all of the following (but turned off) Kos - Free (I was apart of the early release) Lukla Skiathos Chania Because I this issue I just decided not to active scenery that cause this. You can imagine with my 1019+ titles it was frustrating to go through every one just to understand what was happening. But yes, in most cases now I just add scenery via cfg. and delete the autogen folders and the ACM. One time all of the trees worldwide were of the same species. Still looking forward to LOWW Thanks again
  4. I think it has to do with your autogen Folder. We've lately had a multitude of issues with the use of autogen folders and the Autogen descriptions internal with p3dv4.5. Especially when activating scenery via xml method. For some reason it discombobulates the tress worldwide. The fix has been install via cfg and remove the addon scenery addon file. Seriously, we need to stop using the multiple autogen descriptions and find another way...Its casue mad frustrations. (Love the scenery ..absolutely love your work -PLEASE be sure not to include an autogen file on the release of LOWW and setup the installer to register with the CFg thx with KOS active XML first two shots with it turned off last 2 shots
  5. Wow Lain, Even though I already purchased Leeds, those shots resold me.
  6. Thx all. Would love to have Orbx do all Bermuda Jean Marc ...hint...hint
  7. Good all It seems that the HD buildings suppresses the Autogen /HD Trees/Turbulent trees. Is that a true statement? Here's what I would expect to see (before HD Buildings) But I see this after install Does anyone else have this issue around the globe (YSSY,LAX,SFO, New Zeland etc)?
  8. That's interesting. So migrating to library fixes the missing Autogen trees near airflieds? I see missing trees regularly and thought it was due to another third party scenery or the ACM. Both of which I have removed. Some of my scenery including the default runaways look like your first SS. and the Trees start to populate in the distance.
  9. Man I love these pics, But the Delta's and the USAirways liveries are killing me. They are really a distraction from the beauty (emersion) of the scenery. Should be able to fix that now that xplane has a Global AI Traffic App available. Nonetheless, it's a buy for me...so stop with the teasing:). I'm eagerly waiting on the P3dv4 version, praying for a dual release. Excellent works..
  10. A day in the life of my Desktop... trees trees and more trees light "em" up Meiggs in the mix gotta love the Autogen for now
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