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  1. incredible journey of shots there. thank you for sharing
  2. First and last are excellent representations. But here are some recent drone shots
  3. Just like Home...Excellent..absolutely astonishing...
  4. What a lovely day it is and will be.....so looking forward to this.
  5. Awesome....so much so...I'm heading back there now
  6. Yet again, another Orbx delivery in spectacular fashion. Looking forward to it.
  7. What's so cool..is that it doesn't look like the typical Xplane environment anymore but blending more toward a P3D look on steroids. Clearly....literately, this will be a purchase for me and a gateway to really get into GA /VFR flying. As similarly shared above, that last shot is special and over sold me on this product. Can say I'm entirely pleased, as I only wished that my P3D could show and perform in the way xplane does....but that's why I brought Xplane too..... Thank you Orbx for helping me keep xplane out of the hangar Beautiful work
  8. Excellent shots Jose.....how could you not:).... Also I was hoping to get out of the triangle and back to my stomping ground for the Expo too...but unfortunately I have a preety booked schedule. I look forward to streaming and any surprises that may be released or teased this weekend....
  9. Must agree here. And I'm an avid P3der. I have XP11 (latest) and its here where I enjoy the TE scenery. And you best believe I'll have Washington as well. TE is truly designed for Xplane.
  10. So looking forward to this and visiting Orbx's flagship regional area. Copious hours anticipated here over many days.
  11. Thx Sportskid500, Let me make a disclaimer before sharing.....I shall not be held responsible for any increased addiction to P3D and the likes after these welcomed suggestions Plan to use your funds (and time) wisely..that said.. You are here, which IMOP is the best place to start your journey. Everything and anything Orbx is golden. I own (purchased) the majority (95%) of Orbx products for P3d. From here, launch and create your world. If would be better for it. Continue to check back on the forums for inspiration. I'm well into 974 active layers (of scenery) for P3d. That took well over several years to acquire. You've come into FS at a great time. MY make up consist of : Activesky for P3d4, REX Skyforce and Environment Force, Tomatoshade, and several high fidelity aircraft and well...tons of scenery Enjoy
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