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  1. I am in for OpenLC Asia, specially the himalayas......My opinion with the pre release payment and to divided it into stages could work
  2. Dear Orbx team, Yesterday I made a flight from Nairobi HKJK to Cairo international HECA, the flight time was about 4:30 hours, crossing countries like Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt. For the first time in my almost 12 years of focused FS, I was at the cockpit most of the time enjoying geological features that I can directly relate to maps, google earth or my personal knowledge, before this I avoided flying over Africa because it's such a huge continent and endless textureless mesh - beige or green - with blue streets that you realize it supposed to be rivers, the a
  3. Hello Nick, Thank you for reply, Regards Alaa
  4. Dear Orbx, Thank you for this great product and a long awaited one too, huge amount of work for sure and significant development, so much appreciated . The Suez canal in Egypt, specifically, starting from latitude 30 43 N to 30 42 N - the southern part of it- was developed into two canals and not one as it shows at Africa LC since 2014, it should show as you can see in Google earth but only when your eye alt. is 50km. or less, don't ask my why it's a Google thing? Many thanks Alaa
  5. I think because of the limited cabiblites of my PC I will go now for EU England.......I am already running out of frames
  6. Hello all What is the difference between the two products? I have the Global range products except for south America FYI 1- EU England 2- True Earth Britain South Which to get if you are planning to get one only ? Great job BTW Regards Alaa
  7. Thanks a lot but I read this too late ...... I had to download everything again .....All good now
  8. Dear ORBX, I am moving soon to P3D, I have all the FTX Global Range products except for South America open LC for FSX......Is there an extra cost included if I want to use my products for P3D? Many thanks
  9. Just for the record........I started a flight last night with the above configurations and there was no AI ORBX traffic at KMLB in whatsoever ........I exited the flight and modified the control panel options, only the bottom option and ticked it .......Started the same flight again and there was a traffic finally, I have no idea how because I tried that before and did not work ......I thought to inform you guys.
  10. Just a note I tried ticking the FSX default traffic box and still did not get any AI traffic
  11. Hello All, I downloaded the ORBX AI for both NA and Australia, Starting with Australia, I realized I was missing AI traffic except those I have from WOAI, after research and help from you I managed to convert the FS9 traffic files into FSX and now I get beautiful traffic in Austalia...... I attached the files bellow because, after a lot of research and tries, I did not get any traffic in North America to work except the traffic of the WOAI..... Kindly help me Best regards Alaa
  12. OK, After trying the solution above I finally can see AI traffic in Australia......Looks beautiful ....BUT ......At NA there is no AI traffic from ORBX yeat .....Any suggestions will be appreciated
  13. I found sort of tutorial here https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?277857-How-to-install-World-of-AI-flight-plans-and-covert-them-for-FSX But I did not try yet
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