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  1. Yes Ian some airports please: EHTE (Teuge airport) and EHTW (Twente) around Hengelo. Thanks. Cheers Bert
  2. As a former resident of Apeldoorn: I also have a big smile on my face. Screenshot nr. 5: Palace "'Het Loo". Also the Zwolseweg where I can see our former house.
  3. Beautiful shots Iain. Thanks for posting. Cheers, Bert
  4. Hi John. Thanks for the amazing screenshots and the status update. Cheers Bert
  5. Hallo John, Prachtig (beautiful). Heel erg bedankt voor de shots. (Thanks) Groeten, (regards) Bert
  6. Look I'm smiling : .LOWI is coming to town.......eh..on my pc.! ! ! ! !
  7. Topic - FTX Innsbruck a few more - in a post from Iain: " the trains are movers".
  8. Two real life photos taken in 2011 when we were on downwind runway 08. Iain, when I see your screenshots and then look at my photos I can only say: I am speechless ! Amazing scenery; great job Jarad.
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