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  1. Maybe here is the answer (found it in this forum page 4): Quote: " Hi Mark as other have stated Orbx Central won't help you - it's Orbx's own proprietary software client to access their product library. If you bought in-game you would be using the Microsoft Marketplace which is Microsoft's built in software store for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Orbx publish titles to the Microsoft Marketplace as well as there own Orbx Central platform. I bought the products in the Microsoft Marketplace as well, the products take a little while to download but should show as in
  2. Hallo, In the LOWI control panel select the option "FTX Germany South Mode " Groeten, Bert
  3. Hello Maybe you can take a look in the useful tips from Nick Cooper. ( at the top in this topic and it is the nr. 4 tip) Regards Bert Fix for blocks and/or night textures in Orbx Global Base or open LC scenery By Nick Cooper, March 19 in PREPAR3D® V4.x Support Forum
  4. Hello Paul. When you search for: " rename terrain. cfg " or " rename scenery.cfg " maybe there is a topic for you. maybe this one below is what you are looking for: Regards Bert
  5. If you have LOWI installed see my sceenshot for compatibility with FTX Germany South
  6. prachtig plaatje hoor.
  7. Hello John. Nice shots from my country. I also have the Orbx The Netherlands TE on my computer and enjoy flying around. You made 15 shots and I saw places I recognized and maybe it is nice to know where you was. Shot no. 1 : you started at Groningen Airport EELDE , EHGG, on runway heading 05 no.2 : turning to the west before the city of Groningen (the city is a couple of miles north of EHGG) no. 3 : heading south above a holiday resort near a very small town called....... Amerika. no. 4 : the same little lake.
  8. Yes, the beautiful Hunter is from the RNLAF. My mistake Groeten Bert
  9. LOL....it was a nearmiss for sure but I am still behind my pc enjoying the sim
  10. TCAS: TRAFIC..... TRAFIC.... A-320 on its way to EGLL
  11. Nr. 1: A-380 departing from EHAM nr. 2: DC-8 on final 06 EHAM nr. 3: Hawker Hunter RNAF on final 05 EHTW (Twenthe AB now closed)
  12. Mayby you do not have it in a external library location but you can try uninstall them en run Sync simulator etc.
  13. Hi, Doug Sawatsky in another topic: "Please uninstall the Orbx Libraries and Vector and your Global base products from your external library location and reinstall them into the root simulator Orbx folder. Then go to settings/help and run the Sync Simulator function. Then you can go to settings/Insertion Point and set them like this. Ensure all of your 3rd party non Orbx addons are at the top of your scenery library and above your FTX entries. Then in Orbx Central Insertion points "Orbx Airports and Regions”, put your last non Orbx 3r
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