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  1. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1PE1hbOnyNuZ5ynpoNmYsEPDi6Ao&ll=48.232528907412885%2C-70.26825657435495&z=3 Anything such as this map been updated? I like to use a map to plan flights. Right away noticed that KDNL (home base) has been omitted, unless updates have caused once freeware airports to be omitted now. Wish there was an official KMZ file updated by the freeware creators whenever a new update is released. No complaints though! Thanks all for the wonderful works!
  2. So the Global Tree product will add nicer looking trees than by just having the Global Base? I'm wondering also if the Base, Tree, or open LC affects the placement and amount of trees? Thanks
  3. Hello I'm planning to buy the FTX Global product and just need a little clarfication. FTX Global will replace the autogen building textures and ground but will leave the tree textures as stock? I'm assuming that the screenshots of the FTX Global product include the FTX Global Trees product since it looks so good with colors matching and such. Thanks for help. Matt
  4. What I would really like to have are the KMZ files for the areas mentioned in the title to see the proposed coverage boundaries on Google Earth that these areas will cover. Any chance these already exist for download or could be released early for teasers? I read in another post the expectation that San Francisco would be within the boundaries of NCA and this seemed questionable to me since the size from the PNW southern boundary to SF would be huge. The possibility to plan scenery purchases around the boundaries may also be helpful to those on a budget. Teasers please! Thanks, Matt
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