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  1. I think I discovered the issue - I may have missed an instruction somewhere: I had been using Lorby's Addon Manager to account for AEC not scanning addon.xml airports so was using the export function creating a temporary "scenery.cfg" file. Previously this had worked without issue. After doing some digging I discovered my scenery.cfg had become corrupted so following LM's instructions I deleted it and allowed it to rebuild then tried again. Still no success. I'm not sure if that's Arny's issue as well, however it seems to work fine when without using the Lorby export function.
  2. Hi @Josh Koz I'm having the same issue as Arny. Followed your steps as above and in my case I discovered that icaos.txt wasn't created at all in the \Temp folder (running configuration tool version 1.6.5). Occurs with Windows Defender both enabled and disabled. Regards, Haydn
  3. Cheers @XCLTM3 - I knew there was a thread regarding it but in my haste before work this morning I couldn't find it. Thanks very much!
  4. Hi All, On a flight yesterday I noticed some odd black textures (see spoiler below). Not sure if the snow should be there or not (whilst winter, it wasn't that cold yesterday!) but the black textures certainly look out of place. Is it an installation issue or a file issue? Location: S33° 54.78' E149° 57.00' Cheers!
  5. No problems at all. Learning a complex aircraft is a steep learning curve for everyone (professional pilot's are not excluded from that). In my experience, the saying "you get out what you put in" has always rung true. If you're prepared to put in the work and really think about - you'll find it very interesting. You'd probably also be surprised how much of your GA experience still carries up to flying a commercial jetliner. Despite having a few extra systems and such the wings and primary controls still work the same as a light aircraft! A lot of those acronyms and such you learn
  6. Hi Anthony, Others may have better input regarding parking, however I can probably assist with the departures. Following on from Mike's comments regarding vectoring - it's even simpler than that. Generally speaking the only people who vector are approach controllers. So mostly, departures from smaller airports are almost entirely under pilot navigation. I know Coffs Harbour operates under what's called "procedural separation." Tamworth may be different as it's a joint civil-military field and I believe ATC is provided by the military. Smaller procedural towers don't usually o
  7. Hi Jim, Directly from the SODE website (https://sode.12bpilot.ch/?page_id=2): Essentially it is a control system for various animations. For most sim users jetway control is the primary use however it can do other things as well (I believe I've seen some developers use it for a pseudo pilot-activated lighting system). I don't own a great deal of airports that have it but it seems as though the jetway animation is a little smoother and "connects" to the aircraft in a slightly more natural way. The other major advantage is that you can have multiple jetways per parking gate
  8. Groan definitely!!!!! But thanks for sharing Happy New Year to you too!
  9. Hi All, I recently upgraded from P3D v2 to v3 which of course involved re-installation of my Orbx scenery. This happily also coincided with the release of FTX Central v3 and the change to OrbxDirect. I reinstalled the freeware AI Traffic initially selected the "Add to Account" option via the website. FTX Central then happily downloaded and installed it for me. I then went to the control panel and de-selected the default AI traffic, selected the FTX traffic along with the FlyTampa YSSY enhanced APX file and the enhanced ATC sound file. On loading the simulator I discovered that
  10. Worked perfectly thankyou! I remembered as I read your reply it was supposed to be folder rather than textures, but being new to Windows 7 I was unfamiliar with the bug for adding scenery.... thanks again!
  11. Ah ok. Thankyou very much for your help, I'll try that solution when I get home and let you know. Cheers.
  12. Thanks for the reply Ian. That's the part I'm getting stuck on. I go to the scenery library menu, click add area but then can't find the scenery files to add. I can see there are files in the Orbx file in the FSX main folder, however when I navigate to the Orbx folder in the scenery library add area option, the folders are there, but the texture files are not. Even though they can be found through windows explorer.
  13. Just installed YMLT and YPLC to try the FTX Scenery but am not having any luck in manually adding the scenery to the FSX scenery library. AU Traffic installed with no problems, and traffic can be seen at both airports, but no updated scenery. I have installed the Orbx Library 110614 which was mentioned in the YPLC installation file. But when I go to add area, neither airport can be found. I have searched in both the Add On scenery folder and the Orbx folder. Cheers in advance!
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