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  1. Thank you for your reply, There are 2 applications in this file, is there a preferred file to use? Also are there any instructions for this version to help set up? Thank you, spinker
  2. please please someone help me with this problem spinker
  3. Hello, After installing a new password manager called (ROBOFORM), ORBX required a new password which I installed. I found that I was not able to log in a 2nd time because ORBX did not seem to be saving my new password. Each time I wanted to view ORBX I had to create a new login. This was a disaster since I need to be able to access ORBX to keep track of changes and upgrades for my ORBX files. Has anybody had any experience with ROBOFORM password manager or know of any compatability problems. Are there any members that could help me find a solution to this problem Please help!!! spinker
  4. Hello, I hope this is an OK subject for this forum Need some help to find current "nviviaProfileInspector" program. I have not had much luck finding current version that works. Need to correct jagged edges. Also any current instructions from Nickn or others. Jagged edged sre spoiling videos. Thank you, spinker
  5. Thanks for your reply, I have run the gear icon and found Library Insertion Point but the file does not open to any list to choose an insertion point. The files below, "FTX entries" and "openLC entries" do open to list but I have no idea what to do with them. spinker
  6. Where to find insertion points in FTX Central 3 Thanks, spinker
  7. Where to find insertion points in FTX Central 3 Thanks, spinker
  8. How does manual download work. I have tried it and found it downloaded to my Internet Download Manager just a large amount of file I did not know what to do with spinker
  9. Where do I find location of insertion of files in FTX Central 3. thank you, spinker
  10. Why is nobody answering my request for help with my 45 minute download. Is ORBX satisfied with this as long as they get their money? spinker
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