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  1. Here is, for the youtube fans among us, Vernonia on youtube. (and it's embedded right here) I am sorry for the double post. Feel free to remove my first one. Though, it's probably interesting to compare ... >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CbP5w6HQCc
  2. ateh1


    I believe I haven't posted a video here for more than a year. So I thought it was about time ... Enjoy my impressions on Vernonia. (It's an external Vimeo link. The quality beats youtube videos by far.) https://vimeo.com/86386398 Alex
  3. ateh1

    Siletz Bay

    thank you sir! I am from Serbia, but actually I live in Germany ...
  4. ateh1

    Siletz Bay

    Thank you sir, I am glad I could entertain! Alexander
  5. ateh1

    Siletz Bay

    Not sure about the next time (if and when), but I am glad you stepped by to say a word to this latest orbx video I did. Thank you very much sir! Thank you very much, sir ! A pro ? Well, spread the word, I could need some income ..
  6. ateh1

    Siletz Bay

    Thank you all for the kind comments, gentlemen !! That's much appreciated!! Hey Jocko, the song is a bluegrass rendition of Eric Clapton's "Promises" ...
  7. Hello there ... I need urgently a customized repaint for the 727 by Captain Sim (FSX). No logo or markings or company, just using two colours. I am willing to pay a fair reward. Interested? Please contact me via pm .... (Sorry, I am not sure, does this stay in terms of use in the forum? If not please don't hesitate to simply remove this post. Just desperatly trying to find a good and fast repainter ... )
  8. Hello gents, I am not sure but I think there was an "ORBX Goodies" folder inside FSX/ORBX. Now it's gone. Basicly I am looking for the OrbX bloom shaders mod. Did something remove the folder ? Thanks a lot ! Alex
  9. Coastal fliers, this one's for you! [media=]http://youtu.be/SG8UYriQS0k
  10. Awesome!! Thanks Heiko, I just bought the Waco ... Will be featured in my next orbx video ...
  11. Heiko, can you tell what airplane model is shown in the first screenshot ? It looks just fantastic ! And so does the scenery btw ... can't wait !
  12. Wow, mine even made it on the main ftx startpage .. Thanks a lot !!!
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