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  1. Thanks for that, It was a stupid mistake but I think the complete re-install was getting to me.
  2. I would be very grateful if anyone could provide a copy of the default C208B config file as when installing the new config for the Carenado C208B I accidentally placed it in the wrong folder thus overwriting the file. Thanks in advance, Jamie
  3. If may ask is that the music at the very start from James May On the Edge of Space?
  4. I think you will find that the A400M has the capacity for AAR as the RAF ones were to have it for support of CSAR untill Labour were forced to scrap it when they signed the PPP For the A330MRTT / Voyager C.1.
  5. Mine is the same, when I am in Aberdeen during term time, I get 50Mb upload and 25-30Mb download, but at home about 3 miles outside Elgin( a town of 30,000) I am lucky if I get 1.5-2MB upload and around 800Kb download.
  6. It is anoying that although I had pre ordered it I will not be back at my desktop untill late tonight so will not get to fly there untill tomorow afternoon.
  7. Some military aircraft such as the C-17 can deploy reverse thrust in flight for tactical decants and landings into hot LZ's, the C-17 can achieve a decent rate of up to 15,000 fpm using this method.
  8. If I install Anacortes when it is released will I have to install the library over the top or is it included in the Anacortes instaler.
  9. I am more than likely going to purchase the Logitech Flight System G940 in the next week or so, and I was wondering if anyone has it and if so what they think of it?
  10. Have you tried opening a new window with say the gps in windowed mode then right clicking and selecting undock window then you should be able to drag the new window onto the other screen.
  11. Despite the fact that Lyneham has ceased flying operations it is to remain the property of defence estates and an RAF personnel station for the foreseeable future. Branson keeps coming up with these ideas without actually speaking to the relevant bodies, it is the same up here in northern Jockistan he has been mouthing off about using RAF Lossiemouth for the same purpose for at least a decade, but without having consulted the MOD it is not even a pipe dream.
  12. A few shots of the Tiger Moth just west of Seattle.
  13. Great news, alaska offers in my opinion some of the best bush flying locations in the world! BTW any chance of the north western reigon arround Bethel and Unalakleet?
  14. Great shots, BTW where did you get the C185 repaint from?
  15. I like the effect but it would be that bit more convincing if the prop were bent.
  16. The "Belly" Landing effect is included as part of the RealAir Spitfire package, and I think it is intended to simulate a mixture of oil and sky paint from the underbelly of the aircraft.
  17. A few shots of the Spit arround 3W5. Concrete traffic this is Spit-23W two miles west requesting immediate assistance from anyone on the field, I require gear check, over. Roger Spit-23W, your starboard main gear appears to have jammed partially extended over. Roger Concrete request you notify the fire department that I intend to make an emergency landing on runway 25, Spit-23W over and out.
  18. A short hop from KPDX to KBFI. Thanks to Bill Womack for the Repaint
  19. My other main hobby is model making and I find that at times I need to take a break from FS and I will not do much simming for a week or two and sometimes I will fly almost every day, but not do any modelling.
  20. "kicking in the spoilers"? The C-130 does not have spoilers, assuming that you are talking about the extendable rear section of the undercarriage sponson they are in fact air deflectors for the dropping of Para troops. They are deployed when the side jump doors are open prior to the drop so as to create an area of smooth air for troops to jump into.
  21. On the mail run from KBFI to KPDX over the PNW.
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