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  1. My top 15 (Mainly Scotland as that is where I live and where I know the small airfields best) EGPE Inverness / DalcrossEGPD Aberdeen / DyceEGPB SumburghEGQS RAF Lossiemouth (Current)EGPA KirkwallEGPC WickEGPO StornawayEGPL BenbeculaEGPN DundeeEGPT PerthEGPU TireeEGTB Wycombe Air ParkEGLS Old Sarum AirfieldEGTD DunsfoldEGTK Kidlington / London OxfordFor those from Foreign lands this may be of help: http://en.wikipedia....wn_Dependencies
  2. I would not say a must but it will ease the flow of high resolution textures required for such set-ups.
  3. A larger RAM buffer (more than 2Gb) only really provides a performance benefit when used to run screens at a resolution greater than 1920x1080 such as 2560x1600 or 1080p surround.
  4. I would suggest an i5-3570K and a Z77 Motherboard of your choice as well as an SSD of your choosing! That should work a treat and will be well within the price range.
  5. As an owner of the Canon 70-300mm in question I would suggest that the IS is best left on but switched to Mode 2 which provides stabilization specifically designed for panning shots and provides a very good base for good aircraft shots.
  6. I would say go for the 650D now and get a better lens when you can afford it. Two key advantages of the 650D over the 600D is that is has a faster burst speed (5fps vs 3.7fps) which is hand when panning for takeoff or landing shots; and secondly it has a more sensitive AF system which ensures a faster and more accurate focus on the intended subject. As for the 55-200mm lens it is not a bad lens, it is just not as fast to focus as the more expensive ones and does not have such high quality glass elements thus not always giving quite as clear a shot.
  7. Both the 600D and 650D are both good entry level DSLR's and are great for the new aviation photographer, however I would recommend spending a little bit more on a lens such as the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS which can be had for around AU$350. I have one of these and I use it as my secondary lens along with an EF 100-400mm L f/4-5.6 IS mounted on a 60D and 40D. Bear in mind that if you buy a good lens it will last the lifetime of several body's.
  8. The PAC 750XL is derived from the PAC Cresco agricultural turboprop, which is in turn developed from the original piston Powered PAC Fletcher and that was derived from the Fletcher FD-25 COIN aircraft! They are quite popular for skydiving, there are a couple operate here in the UK from time to time. />http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAC_750XL
  9. You can't go much wrong with anything from Samsung or LG (as long as you steer clear of TN panels) any of their IPS or PLS would be a good bet. Bear in mind though that may of the cheaper 27" displays in the £200-300 range are only 1920x1080 and as such have a much lower pixel density.
  10. Well I don't know about the FL ANG but here in the UK it is routine for military operations to be conducted VFR (where weather permits) as long as they are not within civil controlled airspace, with only flight information being provided by ATC. It is also quite common for the F-15s from Lakenheath to fly low level VFR through the Highlands near where I live, in fact a pair flew over my house about an hour ago at about 200 feet.
  11. I believe it is a Nissan Figaro as driven by Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who.
  12. Thanks for the comments. This is only my second lesson, however I hope to have more in the not too distant future, however it really relies on funds as University is proving to be rather costly!
  13. Today I took to the air, in a 1981 Piper PA28-161 Warrior, for a flying lesson around the Highlands of Scotland. Whilst I was in control for almost the whole flight (and thus there was no time for a photo opp) luckily dad and the instructor managed to get some shots of the action. Firstly a capture of the track from SAT Map Active10 Lineup After takeoff from 05 at Dalcross we headed to the southwest in the direction of Loch Ness. Inverness Loch Ness Drumnadrochit We then turned southeast and headed for Aviemore then back up to Inverness. The ca
  14. I used the auto pilot on a flight from Seattle to Stewart a few days a go and it worked fine.
  15. I did try a few circuits with almost full fuel and it was pretty tight, but a good challenge all the same!
  16. A few shots from today around West wind and Riverside. A bit of fun. The reward for a hard days work. Almost there. Time to call it a day. As they say, the place really comes alive at night!
  17. Great I have been waiting for a long time to be able to fly around the beautiful scenery of my home land (Scotland) in proper detail.
  18. A few shots from a flight last night in the C310R from Comox to Ketchikan.
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