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  1. BTW if any of you guys are looking for some interesting videos about float flying around the PNW check out Jim Howard (Jim the Pilot) on YouTube, I have learnt quite a lot from his videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC8pyQcMtBwDEfY0-3GJVIQ
  2. Since the release of campbel river a few weeks back, and the start of the floatplane season proper up in the PNW I have taken several scenic flights to bases all over the Salish Sea, ranging from Desolation Sound all the way to downtown Seattle, here are a few I have snapped along the way for you to enjoy! The old girl waiting on the public dock in Nanaimo: DHC-3T tied up at the dock and waiting on the next load of pax out of Squamish Seaplane base to see the glaciers: A steep decent into Pender Harbour offering a scenic coastal view
  3. DHC-3T tied up at the dock and waiting on the next load of pax out of Squamish Seaplane base to see the glaciers:
  4. Not that plane is a long way from home! Nice shots - love the lighting.
  5. Not done much flying this month, but here is a quick one I took after a few circuits at Burlington KBVS this evening.
  6. I hope this is identifiable enough as ORBX. P3DV4 QW RJ70 Departing over south east Anchorage with the waning winter sun behind. Climbing en route to CYDB Burwash.
  7. Early morning over PFJ between Port Hardy and Ketchikan in the QW RJ70 reacently re-released for P3D V4.
  8. Nice shots. It is a good job you were only flying round the block, 16% Fuel is not going to last long in that 777!
  9. Thanks guys, a new style of post for me, glad you liked it!
  10. This afternoon I took a leisurely flight along the Bitterroot River valley from 4U7 West fork lodge to KMSO Missoula International in the trusty Bird Dog. Joining the Valley after Take off from 4U7 Passing over 6S5 Looking for Kimp 0MT4 Must check out the Runway and wind first! Looks like someone else is here Round we go into the wind, looking for any other traffic Easy does it And we are off again
  11. The leftovers from a photo flight over YRC and the surrounding area in the Flightport Soloy T206 Mk2. I took off from Cambell River and after orbiting over the YRC area for a while landed ath the logging camp at nearby Quatam River.
  12. At my local airport (Inverness EGPE) the flying School (Highland Aviation) charges non members £171 for 1 hour of flight instruction in an Piper Tomahawk or £203 for the same in a Piper Warrior 160. I have done both in the past and it is great fun, they are friendly and helpful and you can go wherever you want within the time frame and as weather and airspace restrictions allow on the given day. Have a look at their Website here - http://www.highlandaviation.com/trialflights.asp
  13. Just a few shots of a quick hop in the Air North HS748 from Port Hardy to Terrace - Hope you enjoy! I love the fact that these classics are still being used across Canada! And a bonus one from another flight - can't remember where somewhere in western Washington or Oregon - but the light was too good to to not post it!
  14. Thanks for the replies guys! It is not too hard really - once you get down low, say about 20 feet just trim it out and ease it onto the water with the power - obviously a bit different in each aircraft but the key is to stay slow with some flap out, much more stable that way! I suspect it is a bit easier in real life because the Bush Wheels actually provide some flotation.
  15. Just one shot from this evenings bimble along the Skeena River from Terrace to Prince Rupert B.C. in the Bird Dog.
  16. Bummer - I have just uninstalled FSX and all addons! When I say backup that is a backup of the install file created by FTX Central via the install options, not a back up created by me.
  17. I installed CRM for FSX just a week or so ago and saved backup files of the download when I did. I have now purchased P3Dv4 - will I be able to install CRM to P3Dv4 from these or do need to download different files? Thanks in advance.
  18. I know this is a non voting post, but here is a quick map I put together showing most of the active airports in Scotland to give members an Idea of what is where. />http://goo.gl/maps/4M8Jt
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