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  1. Great news. Count me in. I have a full size Learjet simulator that runs P3D V4.5 in my shed. I have an inside computer that runs P3D 4.5 and 5.1 AND I have MSFS2020. I have dabbled in MSFS and have been amazed at the next generation in visuals, however, I also got the dreaded update loop. Long story short my whole MSFS2020 got deleted and it took me a month to download from the beginning because of this loop bug. I finally figured out the fix thank goodness. I'm passing on this story because I will be sticking with P3D for probably at least 12 months. I haven't even mentioned VR yet.
  2. I too am blown out of the water by the news of us all losing Frank. I cannot count the number of times I have replayed his Youtube videos helping me out with View Groups etc. He was a gentleman and a dedicated 'teacher' to many of us actually building a simulator.. Frank legacy has now shown that we are all fragile and that any of us could go at anytime. Good enough reason to get on with building and finish, so that at least you have time to enjoy the fruits...and money... of your labour. I am genuinely sad for his family's loss. R.I.P Frank Tennyson Cooper.
  3. Well here is another perspective. My main simulator computer running P3D v4.5 ( I have 4 in total) is Win7. Please someone correct me, but, in order to run V5 with DX12, I will probably need Win10. I have already tried to upgrade my Win7 to Win10, but, ' ít ' gave up due to driver issues. So whereas I am looking forward to V5 it may be an expensive exercise. Mark
  4. Yes a good topic which I am faced with on a weekly basis. I have a flight crew that I give a mission to every week so I have to put in considerable planning for them. One of my commonest ideas for a flight comes from the news. Just last week I flew from Whakatane to White Island, in New Zealand, the scene of the eruption with unfortunate loss of life and severe injuries. Prior to that was an article on mountain climbing in the Himalayas. So I had my boys fly from Tribhuvan airport in Kathmandu, up the valley, with Lukla on your right, up to Mt Everest and then either fly to Lhasa Gonggar
  5. 60. Not often I'm one of the young blokes on a forum. However, I did start simming with F/A-18 Interceptor for the Amiga in 1988. I suppose that classifies me as a ' young old fart '. Try explaining that to a Martian learning English !
  6. Hi boys, I live in the Latrobe Valley and I can assure you that they all still exist in real life. Loy Yang A & B and Yallourn still function. Hazelwood has shut but the buildings are all still there. I have been very disappointed over the years as these very large power stations have not been modelled at all. The stations that still function all have large cooling towers which from the air the steam clouds can be seen from a very long distance. Loy Yang A&B are next to each other and combined is the largest coal fired power station in Australia. In Prepar3d v4.5, Aus
  7. Hi Roger, I have had stuck rudder's a few times in the past. The different fixes have been 1/ Restart the P3D computer. ( Which you must have done ) 2/ Change the USB port i.e. either use a hub or directly into another computer usb port. If you use a USB for your pedals did you plug it into a USB 3.0 ? Not always backward compatible. 3/ Windows has loaded it's own driver for the pedals which may not be compatible. Check whether the right driver is loaded for your hardware. Hope that helps Mark
  8. Interesting topic. Since I retired, I took over the duties of being the chef, so as for a conflict between dinner ready and being in the middle of a flight, it doesn't happen. But on the rare occasion my wife cooks i.e. when I have co-pilots around, I would not be taking advice from W2DR. My wife is Danish and you do not want to channel her Viking genes at any time. If I did not turn up when requested, she would deliver the dinner to the cockpit. I and the cockpit would then wear, it followed by a good axing. If there was any instruments still in functional order, or myself for that
  9. I totally agree. As a P3D user since it's beginning, I like to enjoy all the pictures as a comparison to what settings I might be using. However, there's no point looking at a picture from XP11 other than to appreciate its beauty. It is comparing apples with oranges for a FSX/P3D user. I would also like to implore to contributors to mention the locations of the pictures and videos, as many times I have been in awe of the scenery and want to explore that area myself.
  10. I just had to chime in and thank Nick for suggesting changes to graphics settings, in my case P3D v4.2. I have been stuck on a combination for years with only minor changes but his suggestions have given me greater clarity in the visuals with no stutters ( unless the weather turns really nasty). I have a Learjet cockpit with three projectors. Last night we flew around the Himalayas and circled Mt Everest and I can tell you that we were in awe looking out the window. Actually it will save us a lot of money as now we don't have to travel there in real life ! Worth a try with anyone str
  11. Hi Steve, As a long time member of the Hangar 45, Learjet 45 cockpit builders, I can tell you that until recently we have been using the FSX ported default Lear which still works in P3D v4. However some of us have just recently started using the Perfect flights-Private flights- Learjet 45, which at The flightsim Store sells for Aus $23.05. It is fully compatible for FSX and all P3D versions and comes with 24 missions. Maybe that should satisfy your ' Need for bizjet speed ". Now having flown many hours in my Learjet cockpit I understand why people would choose
  12. She is a keeper Bassman. Just don't tell her that you'll need to do it again in 12 months time . Wishing you all a wonderful and safe New Year. Mark
  13. CRM is NA Central Rockies. RTMM is Return to Misty Moorings, which is not ORBX, so you need to buy it elsewhere. Type it in google and you should get their website. I stand to be corrected but RTMMs original beginnings was primarily done by a prominent ORBX developer. A hint would be 'Holgermesh'. So quality is as good as you have been accustomed to. I have both and well worth it for lots of exploring. RTMM if I remember rightly took a bit of 'massaging' during installation to have it play nicely with P3D. Certainly worth the effort though.
  14. Just tried to download as well, ifrevets, and got the same result as you. Re-downloaded 3 x and still same result. We will have to await someone else with a confirmation or workaround. Even version 1 I have had for ages, is a beauty, so was hoping Ver 2 was better again. I'm using P3D v2.5.
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