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  1. Hi Colin That is good news, well sorted I have no problems with FSX other than the 4GB VAS limitation, it is good to return to it now and again for certain aircraft and scenery creation. Nothing special to get it installed and working, are you having problems ?
  2. Hello Colin Start button - Control Panel - Devices and Printers - Right Click on the hardware - Game Controller Settings - Hardware is shown - click and highlight one of them - select Properties - You can now check that hardware is working satisfactorily, check the Deadzones on each axis are equal.
  3. I am stumped, if PAKT ia above Pacific Fjords in your library, and you have tried a fresh install as I explained above, it needs a better man than me to solve it for you. You have not got another 3rd party scenery in that area have you ? Is that P3Dv5 Vector, not P3Dv4 version ported over ?
  4. You will need to click on PAKT in your scenery library to highlight it then use the Move Up button to place it alphabetically in you airports section. As you can see my PAKT is at Priority 147, and PFJ at priority 232 - 235, Airports must be above Regions. Your path to the airport bgl would be P3Dv5 - Orbx - FTX_NA - PAKT - Scenery folder If you cannot find the file in there, uninstall PAKT within Central, delete your backup from your backup folder, and do a fresh reinstall within Central. My PAKT folder in P3Dv5 is 1.15 GB in size and contains 483 files 2 folders
  5. Hello dwadsworth, welcome to the forums. Have you set your insertion points correctly in Orbx Central ? PAKT needs to be in the Airports section above Pacific Fjords in the Region section.
  6. Well done, but, Randolph AFB is one of the named default sceneries and can not be used. Your answer is sitting directly above Randolph AFB in your scenery library = JustSim ELLX. in Central - Insertion points set the Airports and Regions below JustSim ELLX, that is the lowest of your 3rd party addons
  7. Oshkosh is a default named scenery and cannot be used as your lowest 3rd party scenery above Airports and regions. Have you followed Nick's advice and removed the P3Dv4 Orbx Vector ? If yes, then you can install the P3Dv5 Orbx Vector The fact that EDDM still has another layer over it, shows that the scenery order is not correct. Because I do not use the Addon method, I do not know whether there has to be a specific order as there is in the P3Dv5 folder scenery library. Try setting Just Sim ELLX as your lowest 3rd party addon above Airports and Regions.
  8. I am not all that aware of using the Addon method that you are using, I have everything in the P3Dv5 folder, so having all Base Named sceneries high up in the order is alien to me. Your Fly Tampa would appear to be correct, the Just Sim at 28 should also be higher. I, in your position would delete / remove the Scenery.cfg from ProgramData - Lockheed - P3Dv5 and on starting P3Dv5 it will build a new one. Once you have loaded to the Flight screen, close P3Dv5. Open Central and check your insertion points, then run Sync Simulator.
  9. Hello Your 2nd insertion point Orbx Global open LC is incorrect. It should be below Airports and Regions. You cannot use Oshkosh twice, as your lowest 3rd party it is correct at above Airports and Regions.
  10. Hello Patrick Is your Mesh Resolution setting at 5M in Options - World ?
  11. Welcome back Iain, just don't get too excited all at once, a step at a time
  12. Roger, have a great day, you scoundrel, happy birthday
  13. Wishing you a Happy Birthday Holger, and many more
  14. Hello Mente, welcome to the forums. Once you had installed P3Dv5, did you run it at least once up to the Flight screen and then close P3Dv5, before you opened Orbx Central ? That is required to create the registry entry Central needs
  15. Hello sp227 Have you ran = Orbx Central - Settings - Help - Sync Simulator ?
  16. Hello syahruladi You can check the Orbx servers at any time with this utility posted by Nick you can check the health of the Orbx "servers" at any point at this link. Then you will know if the problem is yours, ours, both or neither. https://status.orbxsystems.com/
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