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  1. Paul If you had followed Nick's guide, he says to uninstall Global and then reinstall, I understand it is to do with the textures.
  2. Glad it is fixed for you, but I do not have the Orbx\FTX_OLC\FTX_VECTOR_FixedAPT in P3Dv5 only in P3Dv4.
  3. Hello Dan Your Tongass Fjords should be below your Airports and Landclass and above your OLC Regions.
  4. Hello Have you run P3D up to the flight screen since your new install at least once before opening Central ?
  5. @Nick CooperThis is what I see in FSX. Nick how does your YWOL scenery folder compare ?
  6. Karol, I am surprised at that, if you are sure that initially you only downloaded 1.3GB. With all the updates so far, it is now about 125GB. When I first installed MSFS it took all night. I think that there is another update around the 24th November, hopefully that will sort out your situation.
  7. Gentlemen Please make sure you have ran a Verify files on the Orbx Libraries.
  8. Sorry Mike, nothing else springs to mind, did you follow and try Nick's advice ?
  9. Hello Mike Have you checked in Options - Application that the Enable Avator Mode is ticked ?
  10. Hello Mitch If that is the product YSCB airport that you have installed, have you checked the Control Panel ?
  11. Hello karol. welcome to the forums. You do not appear to have downloaded MSFS 2020. The first initial install is just under 1GB, then there is approx 95Gb download of MSFS 2020 itself. If you go to Microsoft Store and your Library with MSFS 2020 it should show an update is available. At the point when your MSFS is loading and you see this big snowy mountain, that is when you should see MSFS checking for updates. Also make sure your Win10 is right up to date. I have attached a link to a guide for you. https://www.kotaku.com.au/2020/08/microsoft-flight-simulator-i
  12. Hello akmatov At the bottom of each product page - Documentation - User Guide that contains a map of that products area. Is that what you are looking for ?
  13. Can I suggest you close for about a minute and reboot your PC, and try again a Verify Files.
  14. Hello Hippo Have you tried clicking on Verify Files on the product page as requested in your pic above, it will certainly reduce any download to an absolute minimum ?
  15. Hello If they are 3rd party airports, are they above Orbx Airports and Regions in you scenery library ?
  16. Have a great day Richard, many congratulations
  17. Hello Joop I see trees close up beside runway 11, elsewhere they are at a distance from the runway. I am unable to help with the Aerosoft Anchorage as I do not own it. A Google search for Aerosoft Anchorage and Orbx shows this post
  18. Hello Don Start - All Programs - Apps - Microsoft Store When store opens, click on the 3 dots top right, then Downloads and updates, will show update available. You do not need your MSFS version number, it is in your Library My update was 15.69GB MSFS will not start without doing the update.
  19. Joop That was remise of me, it does say on the product pages that NA South Alaska is required, I never thought to ask if that was installed. I am glad that it is sorted and you are a happy man
  20. Hello Joop I was going to ask you to uninstall PAVD via Orbx Central and then to delete the PAVD folder from C:\Users\JOOP PC\AppData\Roaming\Orbx\Central\Backup This would have enabled a full download when install selected in Orbx Central. But you have preceeded me. I am sorry you are having troubles with your PC and that I could not help you.
  21. Jani, if they do not show in Vector AEC then they can not be adjusted by AEC I would suggest doing a Verify files on your Orbx Libs. This is the scenery order for Orbx Central in Settings, if you adjust yours to match, it will be correct
  22. This is an LM P3Dv5 problen, it was also in P3Dv4 with a blue tinge on trees, I understand they are looking in to it
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