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  1. Hello amerlyn Once installed it is required to run it at least once before opening Central, to create the registry entry that Central can see.
  2. Hello Thadeu, welcome to the forums. When you are handling the external camera are you using the menu on the screen or a controller button. Have you tried using the End key on your keyboard to move from interior to exterior ?
  3. Hello Gary, welcome to the forums. You can always check your downloads from Orbx, with Nick's post. you can check the health of the Orbx "servers" at any point at this link. Then you will know if the problem is yours, ours, both or neither. https://status.orbxsystems.com/
  4. I could not rate one above the other, as I said I have both installed
  5. Hello Christopher It certainly is, I have both installed with no problems
  6. Have a great day Jon on this your birthday
  7. Hello simmybear, welcome to the forums. Have you ran a Verify files on EGCK in Central ?
  8. Hello John The only one I know of concerns the Thames in London, could this be what you saw ?
  9. Hello, welcome to the forums. LIRQ is only compatible with the new MSFS2020, not the FSX from 2006
  10. Hello andyhow, welcome to the forums. Enter True Earth coverage into the search box will bring up posts relating to the various areas, there coverage could be shown there.
  11. Hello Peter, welcome to the forums. If you have the email records of your purchases through FlightSimStore, you can follow the article below to have them transferred to Orbx.
  12. Hello John If you have installed the update to YBBN, you will have to disable the original YBBN product, although you will now see the 2nd runway the cranes in the docks are missing, hopefully with the the proposed new YBBN product these will appear again.
  13. Hello TDog Have you any 3rd party software installed by any chance, P3D will misbehave if an old FS9 model is found. I know it is a long shot, but as you say others are not having a problem in that area
  14. Wishing you all the best, and have a great birthday Doug
  15. Hello If you are on Orbx Library V19.7.6, you have the same version as me, the latest, so no problem
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