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  1. Hello Derek, on the order page is = Available on August 18, 2020, 5:00 AM whether that is USA time I do not know, but having placed my order the receipt shows 17 August 2020
  2. Hello Max, if as Nick asked, you are certain that a virus software has been excluded from the attentions of P3Dv4, are your Orbx Libs set correctly in your scenery library ? Are you running P3Dv4 as Administrator with Full Rights ? Plus your Orbx Library if it is outside the P4Dv4 folder. Remember the Orbx Libraries are concerned with ALL Orbx scenery. It has to be something simple that is giving you a problem
  3. Hope you have a great day Stew, all the best
  4. Hello Don, I am unable to recommend any specific software as I use Acronis True Image and do regular backups of OS and Flight Sims. In my case I would just need to change the drive letters and then restore the backup onto the HDD that would now have the old SSD drive letter that it was created from. There are many available on thw web, free and payware. Once you have moved P3Dv4.5 to the HDD, run it to check and if all is well, doing a format on the SSD will clear it in preparation for MSFS2020
  5. Hello Don, apart from the initial P3Dv4.5 loading time on the HDD being slightly longer, there will be no difference. If you format your 1TB HDD and then copy / disk image everything on your 1TB SSD onto it, then change the drive letter to the next available on your SSD, APPLY that. Then change the drive letter on your HDD to what the SSD was, and APPLY that, then change the SSD to what the HDD was, will give you the least amount to do before MSFS2020
  6. Hello Lee, welcome to the forums. Have you checked that your scenery library is correct ? You do not say which airport or if that is an Orbx product or not
  7. Hello Rocket. Orbx Vector APT needs to be above Orbx Vector CVX
  8. Hello PortaNav, 5 Vector entries should be shown below Africa and above Base entries, in the order shown, with 1 further Vector down near the bottom of the Base entries.
  9. Have a great day Graham, all the best to you
  10. My sentiments exactly Nick. Have a great day Wolter where ever you are
  11. Hello William, if your products are installed into the P3Dv4 folder, there is no need to migrate. I can't quite fathom how you got that message after a Verify Files, could you have accidently clicked an incorrect button ?
  12. Hello William, please see Nick's post
  13. Hello Max, How full is your D: drive, with a HDD it is advised to leave 10 - 15% free, I seem to recall more free space with an SSD is required, otherwise it chokes.
  14. Hello Enzo, Orbx Central - My Products scroll down to the bottom and click on SimObject Display Engine, it will show where it is installed and an uninstall button.
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