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  1. @Tjader and @Nick Cooper I goofed, checking again on Google Earth, I placed ESUR too far North. I have redone ESUR in the correct position and all is sweet with the finding airport shortcut. All info is contained within the zip file. ESUR new position.rar
  2. Have a great day Scott, and many more of them.
  3. Hi Lars If you just drag it into the folder it will ask to overwrite as there is already a APX52090 file. As a safety precaution you may wish to create a copy of the original file in a safe place, before putting the edited vesion in your FSX - Scenery - 0601 - scenery
  4. @Tjader and @Nick Cooper I am not sure if you are aware of or use the shortcut Toogle_Airport_Name_Display to locate airports while in flight. But if you do here is a replacement APX52090 to be placed in FSX - Scenery - 0601 - scenery Although the ESUR airfield moved successfully, the Airport Reference Position did not, so I have edited the bgl It is not quite accurate as Ramsele is not shown right over the new position, but slightly to the side. APX52090.rar
  5. Hello iiitokyo, welcome to the forums. Is your temp folder still in Windows on C: drive and how full is your C:drive ? This could be the lack of space. You can use Orbx Central - Downloader page to use another temp folder that you have created on another disk with plenty of space. This is only used for the initial download and extracting before it is installed to your chosen position.
  6. @Tjader and @Nick Cooper This is the closest I can get it to match Google Earth etc, create a folder named ESUR and extract the zip into that. Place into FSX - Addon scenery and add to your scenery library. ESUR Ramsele.rar
  7. Welcome back buddy, hoping your lives will settle down nicely now
  8. Hello Lars This is what I see at ESUR Ramsele with Orbx Vector and Open LC Europe and unless you have a 3rd party addon, for you the same. You are correct that it does not match Plan-G or Google Earth, river missing close by. I do not know if it is just an FSX airfield or an Orbx entry with Vector. There are no entries in Vector AEC, to enable Airport Elevation Correction.
  9. I see that Nick is helping you in your other post, hopefully the Orbx Central developers will have an answer after Monday
  10. This would be a good place to start https://www.scruffyducksoftware.com/airport-design-editor
  11. On the product page in Orbx Direct it says = Acclaimed developer Jarrad Marshall has created something truly unique with his first European destination. That would imply it is an Orbx product.
  12. Sorry Profs I am at a loss, have you reached out to Pilot Plus who created this airport, as lower down on the product page in Central ? This product has been produced by Pilot Plus. For Pilot Plus product support, please to go https://pilotplus.io/product-support/
  13. If when you are approaching and there are no lights visible, if you hit the pause button and wait a little while, does it then load properly ?
  14. Are you installing into the simulator or into a library you have created ?
  15. Hello Profs, welcome to the forum. This is what I see at EGGD runway 27 at night, do you see the same ?
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