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  1. Cathy, below the 32bit, click on Show All Downloads, it will request your OS, then scroll down the list for the 64bit driver. It works well for me.
  2. Hello Matthew, try this one for the Flight1 Library http://library.flight1.net/?cat=31
  3. Easy peasy lemon squeasy, the whole kit and caboodle
  4. Take care Iain and get well soon, wishing you all the best
  5. Don, FTX Central shows the full price in red crosed out and the discount below as per KenQ statement. Orbx Central just shows the discount price.
  6. Have a great day Landon, and many more to come. Wishing you good health
  7. Hello, if you are have purchased and are using Pilots Global Ultimate software, they have a program Airport Flattening Mesh for correcting discrepancies such as yours. If you have Global Vector run the Vector AEC.
  8. Change your Dynamic 3D auto vegetation setting to unticked and restart P3D.
  9. Hello Rozel, if you are not changing your Hard drives then there will be no problem, I assume it is a straight forward new Motherboard and CPU install so nothing else will be disturbed.
  10. Have a great day young Jack and many more of them
  11. Hello Freddie, welcome to the forums. There are NO steps you need to take converting. Install your P3D, run it at least once up to the flight screen and then close it. This will create the required Registry entry. Now run FTX Central it should now see both FSX and P3D, giving you a choice, choose P3D. P3D will show your Orbx products as not installed, you can now select and install them into P3D.
  12. Hello Joost, welcome to the forums. Please run the Verify Files in FTX Central.
  13. Have a great time Landon, take care and stay safe out there
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