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  1. Hello Morgan, welcome to the forums. When you accidently deleted Orbx Central you could have left certain files behind. I would suggest you start again and follow the advice from Josh. If performing an uninstall of Orbx Central through 'Add or Remove programs' the few directories to check just in case anything gets left behind are: %appdata%\Orbx\Central %localappdata%\Orbx-central-updater Josh Koz
  2. No you will not, at 30000feet POI's are not needed, also your Autogen density and Special effects sliders to normal will help.
  3. Hello, in your FSX - Orbx - User Documents there should be a FTX EU SCO user guide. I also have the FSGX2010 mesh installed. Below are my FSX graphic settings. How different is your view to mine ?
  4. Hello, welcome to the forums. Have you set your Mesh Resolution to 5metres ?
  5. No, it's not that bad, 15 yrs ago when FSX came out it would have been top of the range. It will still do that now with the original FSX, but time has moved on, and the Orbx scenery, HD aircraft etc have enticed us all to want more, bigger and better. We can only achieve a certain amount with the equipment we have got and the best level is what we have to accept, experimentation finds that level. You like the heavies and flying high, the default 747 Jumbo will not pose a problem compared to a PMDG aircraft, but not the eye candy.
  6. I cannot specify any particular settings to start from, but possibly all at halfway would be a good starting point. Shadow settings are known to be hungry so keep them down and possibly off, autogen settings low to start with and gradually increase. It just means experimenting until you find that sweet spot
  7. Hello Mach 2 The folder to exclude = C: - Users - NAME - AppData You should also make an exclusion for your Simulator.
  8. Hello Federico, what happens if you use a default aircraft like the Baron or Maule ? PMDG aircraft are quite resource hungry, and a jet will be moving faster, low down more autogen being called. With only 8GB of ram and 4GB video graphics, you are asking a lot of your machine. I personally would go back to basics and then work up slowly, until an acceptable level was found
  9. Hello Joop, does it still occur if you switch off Crash Detection in Options ?
  10. Hello Hansis, Start P3Dv4 and at the Selection screen, select Scenery and check that the scenery order follows the above picture. 3rd party software - Airports and Regions - Open LC - Named entries - Numbered entries. Check also the Vector entries are in the correct order.
  11. Hello, the 1st thing is to check your scenery order, as below, and to be sure that your Vector entries are in the correct order.
  12. Hello, Orbx Central - Global Range - Vector - Configure
  13. Hello Hansi, welcome to the forums. Only one of them would be sufficient
  14. Hello Colin There has got to be another reason. I have all my FSX and P3Dv4.5 sceneries installed onto their own SSD's into the sim folders, apart from Orbx Object Flow in P3Dv4.5 that is in a library. From clicking on the icon to start up to being able to fly ( without making changes on the selection screen ) in my default startup is 3.5 mins, the same with FSX. FSX used space = 485GB P3Dv4.5 used space = 579GB with only 1 scenery.cfg each, and no 3rd party editor, except AOP4 by Lorbi-Si. I have not done any tinkering in the sims ( especially FSX ) and I am at a loss as to why there is such a discrepancy between our systems in starting the sims I do not have a high end machine, my specs are below.
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