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  1. Hello everyone at Orbx, finally I want to thank you for many years of so much flightsim fun. I am buying everything I can afford since march 2008, my first order# being 3995 for AU Blue. Everything else I bought back then from other companies is now utterly obsolete, no-one takes care of software that old - apart from Orbx. I finally switched to Prepar3D V2 recently -- for the cloud shadows, mind'ya. Now I am blown away by the visual quality and performance which are much better than Microsoft ever promised in their shameful "built-for-Vista"-scam, but it also meant to bin all the othe
  2. Hi there, here's my first contribution for a screenshot contest: My little Piper Cub at Wrangell-St.Elias National Preserve, about 30 nm SW of Jakes Bar. Scenery by OrbX, Clouds by REX. Could just take a snapshot with the W7 Snipping tool in the last second while FSX CTD'd...
  3. John, I used to buy everything just as it came out a few years back. Nowadays, with two kids, a mortgage and a demanding job time and money are not so freely available any more. Therefore, I still don't have some scenery and airports I really would like. Lower prices would enable me to buy more, so bring 'em on. And no bad feelings because I bought the old ones at a higher price - I still have them and used them for many years, well worth the money spent! As for the EU discussion: As far as I am concerned, I bought England. I seldomly fly there - it's just too flat for my taste ;-) Plus,
  4. Folks, after more than 2 years absence from the hobby, I fired up the old FSX gear, checked that all is still working, did some (very necessary) flying practice, installed all the nice updates I missed during the last 24 months and started to re-discover the beauty of FTX Australia. Today, I took Heidi for a trip from Townsville, QLD to the islands, where we had spotted some lonely beaches earlier. Thankfully, we checked Wikipedia before landing close to Herald Island. Saved us a lot of trouble. Images feature FTX, REX and the great A2A Piper Cub and are unedited except for cr
  5. My Q6600@3GHz/4GB Ram/8800GT 1GB certainly benefits a lot from W7 64 bit. I bought after trying the RC. And it's rather old now I guess. Best regards Marc
  6. I skipped everything between fs2 (yes, on the C64...) and FSX, which I ordered immediately after trying the demo. Then, after the first problems with it, and after reading all those "FS9 was that much better" I ordered FS9 just to see for myself. I was completely disappointed with the graphics. 4.7m resolution just doesn't do it for me. I don't see the point in fancy 3d objects if the general world looks that fuzzy. I am sure with a lot of money it's possible to make it look much nicer, but you can never get around the basic problems with the visuals. Not a problem for tubeliner fans, thoug
  7. No honestly, it was a beautiful flight from someplace inland to the sea. But for the life of me I can't remember where it was... wonder how it looks like there in reality? Anyway, this is my first published screenie... Hope you enjoy! Marc
  8. In fact there is an easy way in windows to move whole folders to another drive without having to change any config files or such at all. I will show this for Windows XP below. Say your FSX resides on c:\Program File\Microsoft Games\FSX and you run out of disk space. You buy a new HDD, partition (let's call it G:) and format it and want to use it for FSX: 1. Make a backup of the partition your FSX lives on and be sure you know how to recover it 2. Rename the folder c:\Program File\Microsoft Games\FSX to c:\Program File\Microsoft Games\FSX.orig 3. Create an empty folder c:\Program File\M
  9. If you want to try out for yourself, Aerosofts "Flight Tales" mission pack has a Beaver trailer takeoff. I made it, but scratched the pickup's roof a bit in the process ;-) Anyway, lots of fun to try for yourself. Best regards Marc
  10. In fact he references the same scenery I do in my post So there are no seasons, and a lot of unmatched colours (parts of it look quite realistic, others look very unconvincing with horrible colours). Great to fly in summer over a part of Germany where the colours are good. very bad if you want to see snow, or specific vegetation, you name it. But photorealistic is quite popular in Germany, mainly because Aerosoft chose to go that way exclusively and promote it a lot. But you never see the imperfections, of course. Best regards Marc
  11. which reminds me I have to update the Tasmania demo... It's not the latest version like the large map, so won't look as nice as promised in the online help. But it's good enough to get an idea. Best regards Marc
  12. Another way to find the airstrips is to use "my" Topo250K charts for FSM Moving Map where the OZx airfields are marked (most of them are in the original topo maps already). Just go to freeFSmaps.pbwiki.com and download all you need for free. Best regards Marc
  13. You lost me on the headline for lack of language skills, but I like the fact you use my maps ;-) Best regards Marc
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