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  1. I might need a Speyer plane.

    Very acrobatic show! Compliment.
  2. End of "Connie" NA Tour

    Yes : Good night and good luck" (for a friend of us) and marvellous shot Fulvio!
  3. Observing the Alps

    Thanks for encouragement Maybe my impression.. thank
  4. How to get sharper photos? This is out focus!
  5. Approaching (old) Bombay

    Great shot Fulvio!
  6. Flying the Alps

    That i was thinking.. and a good test for planes!
  7. Nimrod out on parol

    Fantastic precision! Congratulation Stewart!
  8. Flying the Alps

    Thanks probably can be a good base for try new airplane
  9. Flying the Alps

    Nice photo.. wich airport is please?
  10. Balkan Clouds

    Very Nice shot and plane!
  11. Testing new Thrustmaster

    Unfortunately, we will see very rarely here, I'm fine but very busy. Thank you.
  12. Irma the bad girl n2

    Be safe Jack!!! Thank for comment
  13. Cotswolds follys

    Very nice shots and interesting descriptive comments... I really enjoy!