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  1. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, John! Randy
  2. I'm on board with this idea as well. Orbx's approach to date regarding free upgrades of their FSX titles to P3D V2 compatibility has been generous, but I would be willing to pay a reasonable P3D2 upgrade fee to speed the release of the triple installers for the legacy titles, and would be willing to pay even a little more for updates that take advantage of new features in the 2.x release and/or upgrades content.
  3. Marvelous video with an accompanying soundtrack that fit perfectly! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks to all above for the helpful comments. I downloaded the P3D2 version of YCUN again and unzipped the file using WinZip. The YCUN installer briefly appeared on my desktop along with a message from Norton that it was "analyzing" the file. Once Norton completed, the YCUN installer was automatically deleted from my desktop with the message the file was not safe. This time I clicked on Norton for more details. Norton reported the file is a "WS Reputation, 1" security risk. In NortonSpeak, this is a risk based not upon a specific risk or class of risks, but rather on a reputation score. In this instance, the score of the file must be low due to the relatively few number of times it has been downloaded by Symantec's community of users. So I right-clicked on Norton in my system tray and temporarily disabled Anti-Virus Auto Protect while I downloaded and successfully installed YCUN and YMLT. Problem solved. Thanks again for the comments. Randy
  5. I'm currently in the process of downloading and installing all of my Orbx titles into P3D V2.2 on a new computer. I've been at it for about a week now and the process has been problem free until today. I downloaded the seven Australian freeware airports compatible with P3D2 using the download links in the announcement threads for each airport. YMUI, YPLC, YRED, YBLN, and YLIL all installed without a hitch. However, when I unzipped the files for YMLT and YCUN, Norton Internet Security warned neither of the files were safe and removed their installers from my system. I downloaded YMLT and YCUN twice more, and was met each time with the same results. Since my new system arrived, I've downloaded and installed all of the Global products, along with every region that is currently P3D2 compatible. I've also added several of the payware airports successfully without this problem. My download manager is DownThemAll, and all files have been unzipped with WinZip. I know Norton can cause problems when installing software, but I haven't had to turn it off yet with any other Orbx title. Is it possible there is a problem with the P3D2 versions of YMLT and YCUN? Randy
  6. Great video! Can't wait to try this myself!
  7. Hi John, Thanks for the quick response. That solved the problem! Best regards, Randy
  8. Before I ask my question, I just want to express my appreciation to ORBX and the freeware developers for having developed outstanding products such as FTX AU Blue and FTX AU Gold, along with the freeware and updates. I've been flying MSFS since version 1, and I don't think I've ever enjoyed myself more. Cheers! Applause! Stomping of feet! You guys are GREAT! Now for my question: The attached images were taken of Launceston at dusk. Since installing the 1.2 version of the freeware, Launceston has been glowing a bright incandescent greenish color at night. The view from the tarmac is almost blinding. http://www.myoldpostcards.com/images/Launceston1.jpg http://www.myoldpostcards.com/images/Launceston2.jpg I own both FTX AU Blue and FTX AU Gold. Since installing this scenery, no other scenery has been added to FSX other than the 1.2 freeware. The first time I installed the 1.2 freeware, I left the FTX mode "ON" when doing the install. To try to cure the problem, I re-installed the 1.2 freeware with FTX mode "OFF", and then turned it on again after the install. Any suggestions to help resolve this situation will be appreciated. Sincerely, Randy von Liski, Springfield IL
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