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  1. Xplanes default roads work well with the default scenery but are too chunky on orthos and don't sit well problem is because of the consistency the size (too wide) is wrong on most if not all roads also some of the rendering is chaotic and looks bad if only they could be made narrower (something for the Xplane forum guys I think) on the other hand Ture Earth UK has a lot of inconsistences in the colour (that awful green tinge on roads and other areas (check out the white lion on the chalk hillside at Whipsnade zoo should be white not be green) and blueish fields and as stated that fuzziness) I have come across areas that look really good with near correct colour but far to many that are not its a real shame and stops this product from being truly outstanding and not so great for flying VFR as it could be I much prefer no default roads but find the greenish, blueish and fuzziness really really annoying and for me it is a biggie
  2. hi Tony I disabled EGLC and still have the problem with the water and the decals this also extends south of the river Thames also no decals around out side Compton Abbas area I haven worked out where it starts again when flying back east towards London I will do a slow fly to see where it starts I will also use the terrain append app to see if I can fix this images of Blackheath South London and Compton Abbas (goodway map for location)
  3. I probably spent £10,000 (like a lot of other flight sim lunatics) on scenery for Xplane 8 9 10 11, FSX, P3D 1,2,3,4, Aerofly Fs2 and DCS, I bought a lot of the original Orbx releases all of Global (except buildings) all US and AU Regions plus lots of airports, all of the UK stuff regions and airports for P3D, Norway (don't use any more) all Ture Earth UK and US, (photo real is the best I wish Orbx done this originally) this is not about money xplane has water bodies that True Earth does not recognise and covers in Decals (texture) and turns them green see my odd water post https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/176845-very-odd-water-issue-uk-south/?tab=comments#comment-1546352 you can even see that some are partly covered with water and decals. also noted is the inconsistent use of Decals between UK South Central and North Tony Wroblewski says quote I can take a good guess of what's going on. It's on the tile boundary between 0 and -1 degrees and looks like a mesh difference between the patched area provided for EGLC and the remaining GBS. I've noted it as a bug I think this is a complicated issue (bug) so Im backing up Tregarth and David broome with my own observations (I should be a beta tester for all the scenery checking flying I do and most of my posts to date have had to do with water and roads) I think its something to do with the way the Decals are applied and see some xplane water as grass and makes roads go green (when xplane roads set to transparent) which not very useful when flying VFR the Open LC range done wonders for FSX water, xplane uses open street map data which is the same thing so im sure there's a solution, maybe a separate product to really sort out water and show better roads personally I think this is a high priority issue and the fix would make this great product absolutely outstanding
  4. hi thanks for reply will do but I have to fly it again to get the GPS info basically it runs in a line from Canary Wharf, isle of dogs northward as far as I flew about 30 miles first shot is in between Broxbourne and Lower Nazeing last shot is Limehouse basin which west of EGLC there are a number of basins (docks) along that stretch before tower bridge (did you see the other post I did about tower bridge issue) also have the same issue around Compton Abbas will post map soon as I get around the aera
  5. this is not great there should not be discrepancies like this especially within a single region I have already posted on inconsistencies between regions i.e. decals on south and central but not on north (which after having fixed has reverted to having none again) its very annoying that having decals (which I prefer) hides Xplane water bodies also annoying is the fact that ORBX has done all the work when creating the LC addons and not implemented in the True Earth (roads and water which I purchased ages ago and don't use anymore) please reply
  6. i'll give it a go otherwise clean reinstall thanks
  7. iblue yonder ok thanks there were updates to the ORBX libraries recently and I did validate TEGB too I did a xplane beta update maybe that's messed it up
  8. SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_OrbxlibsXP/ I know this one SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_iBY_Library/ but when did this turn up ? disabled TE UK south Tower Bridge ok im absolutely sure it was fine when I first installed TE UK south
  9. disabled EGLC problem with tower bridge persist
  10. as you can see decal and no decals and you can land on water were the decals are another example Limehouse Basin should be water I will disable EGLC and check water bodies
  11. thanks Fizzelle tried it and it didn't work I know open scenery used to do stuff like this but im not using it I going to disable EGLC and see what happens as I have decal, water and building issues (see other posts) couple of things you disabled KSEA I know I have TE Washington but is that really necessary? and do you know what SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_iBY_Library/ is?
  12. further to my other topic EGLC UK South decals and building texture issue just noticed this (I did notice that the water did not look good a while back) the lake is covered in decals with half lake your able to land (covered in decals) the other half is as it should be water and you cant land and the anchor deploys
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