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  1. If I look in the preview Forum it looks like KSAN will be released earlier then LOWI ;-) Wondering if they have any problems with LOWI at the end as the release takes really a long long time after they provide us with a bunch of pictures
  2. Wondering as well after a "hundred" preview pictures, videos and "coming soon".....
  3. Hi Jarrad, quick question regarding AI Traffic. In the past (on other LOWI Sceneries) it was always an issue due to the mountains around that the Traffic lands "as usual" on 26 or 08. Is there any solution on that one? Thanks Regards, Mark
  4. I waited more than 6 hours too yesterday but every byte is worth. What a great scenery again from the ORBX Guys. If you would start to work on some german sceneries like that it would be fabilious. Rgds from Germany Mark
  5. Cool pictures. Where I can get such nice AI Traffic/Planes ? Is it a seperat AI package ? Thx ! Rgds Mark
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