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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks for the advice, it worked well. But I needed to close Central after adding the new library and start it again before the moved sceneries became visible in Central. The missing point 10
  2. Hi Nick and Mitchell, Previously I had to install True Earth GB to a library on my HDD, because my SSD was too small. Now I bought an additional SSD, and I want to move my orbx library from the HDD to this SSD. Is there a way to do this without having to re-download a whopping 356GB worth of scenery? Thanks, Eric Operating system: Win10 Simulator: XP-11 Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  3. Hi, Please see also this thread about the same: Now we are all waiting for a reply
  4. After migration the sort order of the Scenery Library seems not correct. I have the similar issues as the OP. What should be the correct order of (Orbx) scenery in my library? Is it useful to correct things manually, or is the order determined by scripting or other automated proces? Can I correct it with the insertion point settings in Central? So far it didn't help.
  5. Hi Ben, I am a bit late to the party, but I applied to the early access (beta). Is there still room for testers, or is the beta full?
  6. Indeed an interesting thought. Personally, I love DCS and the level of detail of it (both systems and graphics), so it could use some more 'scenery' to give it more variety.
  7. Maybe because of the use of XVision? I am interested now in that product...
  8. Don't worry, I got my Warthog more than 7 years (!) ago, and after heavy use during that time the joystick and throttle (axis) are still close to perfect! No jitter or spikes. The only problem that I recently have, is that one of the coolie hats on the throttle is a bit 'sticky' (does no return to center without some help). I am going to contact TM to see if they can replace that one.
  9. Good news, the problem is solved, I uninstalled OLC EU in FTXC, deleted the OLC folder from within the Orbx folder, then reinstalled OLC. Now everything works and no CTD's. Thanks for your help, Nick.
  10. Hello Nick, I did un-tick the other add-ons, leaving on only P3D default plus all the Orbx stuff. No difference, P3D crashes. Maybe there is a corrupt file. I will now uninstall OLC EU again from P3Dv4, delete any leftover folder, and also delete it from P3Dv3 so it will force FTXC to redownload OLC EU at the new install.
  11. I started with the default flight, then used 'goto airport'. I just found another airport that made P3D crash: EDDM.
  12. I just set it now above bathymetry. When I goto airport LOWI, P3D crashes at terrain loading, when OLC EU active.
  13. No, it's not present in FTX Central. (and I do not have it installed)
  14. Yesterday I installed OpenLC EU and NA in P3Dv4. It works fine except at LOWI, there I get a CTD of P3D. Apart from all Orbx Regions, Global and Trees I have almost no other scenery installed. Only the Aerosoft Norway airports. I uninstalled, deleted and reinstalled OpenLC twice. The only other thing I can think of is that I also have LOWI for AF2 installed. I do not have LOWI for P3D. [edit] I also set the FTX insertion point below Oskosh. If I disable (or delete) the OLC entries in the libary) the CTD at LOWI is gone.
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