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  1. Hi Ben, I am a bit late to the party, but I applied to the early access (beta). Is there still room for testers, or is the beta full?
  2. Indeed an interesting thought. Personally, I love DCS and the level of detail of it (both systems and graphics), so it could use some more 'scenery' to give it more variety.
  3. Maybe because of the use of XVision? I am interested now in that product...
  4. Don't worry, I got my Warthog more than 7 years (!) ago, and after heavy use during that time the joystick and throttle (axis) are still close to perfect! No jitter or spikes. The only problem that I recently have, is that one of the coolie hats on the throttle is a bit 'sticky' (does no return to center without some help). I am going to contact TM to see if they can replace that one.
  5. Rob, If that picture shows the LC NA boundary, you made me very happy. Thanks! Is there a coverage map available to us somewhere?
  6. I am very happy that Central America and the Caribbean is included, and release is imminent! Being Dutch, of course I regret that Dutch Antilles (Caribbean!) seems excluded, although I understand you have to draw a line somewhere. I will buy it anyway
  7. Sue, I purchased NZ South-Island on 1 April 2012, not sure when it came out Order #FSS0157652 (Completed) Order Date: Sunday 01 April, 2012 (2012-04-01) Order Total: $xx Delivery Address Eric Bakker Products 1 x Orbx - FTX: NZ South Island - Delivery Option: Instant Download
  8. Well, in that case you can just download the new 3.3 Client Installer and update your 3.2 version. Works without problems with me. (just uninstall your 3.2 P3D Client and install the 3.3 Client. You don't need to reinstall anything else).
  9. Hi Jack, On another note, recently P3D v 3.3 is released. I would suggest you install everything with that newer version :).
  10. I understand all you have said in your reply, Rob, thanks for explaining it patiently over and over again But the one thing I did not see is: what is the benefit to uncheck the hybrid mode when flying outside a full region? I was under the impression that checking hybrid mode will only change what is in a region, but that outside the regions everything in Global stays the same, regardless if the hybrid box is checked or not. So to me it seems best just to leave the hybrid mode box always ticked unless you want to see some specific region details in the region.
  11. Hi Jocko, I think you are a tad too early with your question for pictures. The release of OpenLC Canada is imminent (I read August somewhere) and that Landclass Addon will definetely improve your area further! In that case you will need Global, Vector and OpenLC (and a mesh if you want) to have the best experience.
  12. Thank you for the pics, John, and I am absolutely going to purchase it on release. For my curiousity, can you already tell us the price that you will set it at?
  13. Neil and the other developers, I really appreciate that you are doing this! Thanks a lot! (and please continue )
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