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  1. Hi Mikee and Carlos, Thanks for asking, I'm pretty keen to get Invercargill out, it's getting real close
  2. Lovely set of shots, captures the feel nicely
  3. Waiting for some better orthoimagery, something PNG lacks I have a folder full of ground photos... some we did already
  4. Beautiful set Jack, one of my fav flight routes
  5. Interesting if it did come back, would be quite different thats for sure, even if they kept the original layout it would have to be all new surfaces, and I'm sure they would want to put a 21st century 'spin' on it
  6. EULA: End User License Agreement It applies to anyone who purchases or uses an orbx product, no matter the location, its pretty straight forward, and if all you do is buy a product and run it on your computer for your own personal use, dont charge people to use it, dont rent it out, dont share it with others, dont pirate it, and dont use our intellectual property to make your own products.... you have nothing to worry about https://orbxdirect.com/eula
  7. From looking in the backend the titles are set automatically depending on the number of posts Newbie 0> Member 10> Advanced member 30> Senior member 100> Life member 500> Orbx VIP 10,000 >
  8. Lovely shots, got me wanting to learn carrier ops again....
  9. Hi MZ, I'm pretty sure the air traffic for Samoa is a part of @Graham Eccleston AI package now, highly recommended as it also provides the little aircraft flying out to Ofu and Tau islands, and over to Western Samoa @Ken Terry The Navy P8 is a static model I made, it alternates with the Hawaiian Airlines 767 in that parking spot depending on the time of day
  10. Hi Rob, It most certainly is not done via scripts or automated, just hard work in photoshop with layers, brushes and lots of testing. Winterizing landclass tiles is also a very different task to winterizing a huge photoreal area like England if it is have snow in only certain locations, or snow constricted to certain altitudes, with photoreal it is manually done, and fixed in place limited to a certain month of the year, there is no dynamic changing with the weather as seen with landclass tiles (even though that is not an overall pleasant looking effect)
  11. Hi Steve, I posted some here in p3dv4.4 with nothing other than rex clouds
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