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  1. RIP Fred, you will be missed on the forum, my thoughts are with the family, blue skies
  2. Very sad news, my thoughts are with his family, he and I spoke many times over the years and he was always a true gentleman, Frank took flight simming to a level I could only ever dream of, we'll miss his presence here on the forums
  3. Hello Ismacmatic, and Andrew, and thanks for tagging me Nick When AYPY Jacksons INTL (PNG experience #1) was created Vector was a very new product in the Orbx range, and in PNG it (Vector) radically changed some coastlines and added many roads that simply did not exist in the default MS world. Vector also went through quite a few changes over time in PNG as I pressed the developers to add more of the intricate river system. Adjusting our airports to fit Vector would have meant some of them ended up in the ocean when used in default, so we went with what worked sufficiently with both in regards to the enhanced regional airports. Moving airports and the many little objects placed around them is no easy task, and honestly I'm not a fan of having multiple versions of files for many different scenarios as it causes a lot of extra work In hindsight I think it would probably would have been better to not include these airports into the product and release as 'extras', same as the Western Samoa vector/landclass-based part of the Samoan Experience in NSTU Pago Pago INTL, certainly some lesson learned on my part on product complexities and not over-reaching! What I can do is look into re-routing some of the roads to better fit the airports in PNG when used with Vector Kind regards, Tim
  4. Hi Mikee and Carlos, Thanks for asking, I'm pretty keen to get Invercargill out, it's getting real close
  5. Lovely set of shots, captures the feel nicely
  6. Waiting for some better orthoimagery, something PNG lacks I have a folder full of ground photos... some we did already
  7. Hi Andy, Make sure you have vegetation shadows set to cast and receive, below is an example of the changes Having said that, I do have a update planned for NSTU after my next project is released, and I will revisit the vegetation cover for the P3Dv4 version, as systems are getting more powerful and P3D is becoming better optimized I think it could handle the style seen on the other two islands of Tau and Ofu
  8. Hi again, I'll keep an eye on it, if there's anything obvious we'll certainly nip it in the bud The bushstrips along the Kokoda track are quite close to one another I wonder if the increased display radius has something to do with it?, its the major change with 4.4
  9. Hi Kilstorm, I've not noticed anything myself or from others to date with 4.4 Are you running anything non standard like p3d.cfg tweaks, etc?
  10. Beautiful set Jack, one of my fav flight routes
  11. Have not encountered any of these issues personally, installed a full fresh copy of V4.4, it was only the folks who updated from 4.3>4.4 that suffered this vanishing bug
  12. Hi Greg, The objects missing are just normal library objects from AYPY, I do see some are showing while others are not @Ken Hall these were yours I think, any clues? May I ask which version of P3D you have? and is it an older version updated with the latest patch, or a fresh clean full install? There is a bug with older versions that are updated that makes some objects vanish - to test this load up at AYKO and then go into the p3d settings and move the scenery complexity slider up or down a notch, and press OK, and see if the objects return And also in regards to the missing roofs, do you have any shader mod tools like PTA running or have run in the past?, you may just need a shader refresh delete the 'shader' folder and P3D will rebuild it, its located here: It should look like this:
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