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  1. Good morning Carlos, could you be so kind giving a link to the thread with "multiple definition of autogen" or maybe you can explain what to do you here and does it have the same benefit like using the ACM-tool? I understand that sceneries with an autogen-Folder, in which they declare their own autogen via an own default.xml or some spb-files can set an entry in the autogen.cfg. But how does it work if more than one scenery putting their entries in this config-file? Will only the first entry be active, or the others too, like ACM does? Kai
  2. Hi, are there any news for the upcoming Berlin-Tegel? Thanks! Kai
  3. hello, any chance to get Barcelona cityscene into P3D5? Kai
  4. Frank, you made my day! Thanks a lot; I never had searched for that, even thinking of it! Why Skiathos? That would be very interesting! Kai
  5. hello, I'm short before giving up! It's the third time I see the same trouble in my P3D5. In the beginning I installed the whole Orbx portfolio and after that my third party addons. Suddenly, I don't know when and why I have had strange autogen in Munich, not this one from GES. Because I couldn't find out what happened I deinstalled and installed GES again, the libraries too, made resync, looked over the Insertion points… nothing helped. I decided to deinstall and install the whole Orbx stuff again, a lot of work! But it helped and for a while Munich looked as it should be. Thew day before yesterday I installed vector and now I have the same trouble again! But this time nothing helps to repair that; even deinstalling of vector didn't restore Munich. By the way, Nuremberg looks in the same strange way; ist not the autogen of GES. What should I do now? Again installing everything? As long as I don't know the reason why this happens it makes no sense. In P3D4 where everything was installed into the sim instead of a library I never had this seen.
  6. PMDG and QW 787 are updated already, but Immersion is not offered via OC; is it available inbetween?
  7. That method was not reliable in 4.x; I've read. That's why I used the ACM there and I was very satisfied. In theory you are right of course, Michael. Hopefully in V5 it will working stable; I'll try Slowenia tomorrow again. It should work like Austria Pro or FranceVFR. Kai
  8. I solved this Problem: I deinstalled all addons, made a repairinstallation of P3D, after that the Orbx-entries and now Munich Looks like it should be. But now I have to find out, which addon was Blocking the autogen-entry from GES. I used one addon, Slowenia photo which Comes with own autogendefinitions, build in via autogen.cfg. Maybe I should use the ACM-tool again? Kai
  9. the sync-function I used already, several times, thanks Michael. It looks as if the autogen defintions are not merged (or declared) in the sim. There is no entry in the autogen.cfg and the default.xml is untouched. Is it possible that somethings prevent that decaring process? What will be nessesary to trigger the sim to load the autogen entries into the sim? Is it possible for me to regognize it, apart from having nice autogen Buildings? Kai
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