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  1. Will it be kompatibel with Austria Pro? Out of the box, without things like deactivating files etc.?
  2. Thanks Ed, yes if it would be possible to decrease the rate of repeating the texture pattern it would be great. A question: is there a known way to supress/exclude that issue with the buildings? Kai
  3. Hello, just bought this wonderful piece and did some short visits. There I found some items: in the south of GMAD Agadir the landclasses are looking like a carpet. Maybe it has to be in that way; a confirmation would be appreciate. The second: near FACT, in direction to the Ocean there are large Buildings (Hotels?) strange across the street and other houses. Is this confirmable too? Kai
  4. For this price?...No! No update offer and it looks like there is no discount after bying several products of them like it was before. I'm afraid I will pass by V2 too... Kai
  5. I have had the official shown screenshots in mind. Kai
  6. Bravo Filou, it can't be said better! Just a short question: is there a way to compare the upcoming 2020 with XPlane 11 and which of them gives the better reality and imersion? I only would like to know your opinion; thsi should not become scientic. Kai
  7. It will be depending on the SDK which should be out during the next months if it is possible to port over. Kai
  8. Did you try the installation of the older vfxcentral? Maybe after that a manager can be found (of course in the older oldprop-environment, but for evaluation purposes)? By the way, I see a dot right of your libraries. maybe you should updating here at first? mfg Kai
  9. Did you try installing only the 747 Immersion package but not the Immersion Manager? mfg Kai
  10. That's strange, Nick! I'm sure you tried reinstalling Immersion several times. But you should be able using VFX C without Orbxc. For me, after running vfxcentral.exe, I was able to config the planes like before migration to ORBX. Before I deinstalled all of them in Orbxc. Now I have back the old folders, called oldprop solutions inc incl. an Immersion Manager. Maybe this will help you. I will remigrate later, when everything works correctly. mfg Kai
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