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  1. Ther's nothing to understand, Otto. It's a question of taste, some people are happy with Tegel, some other don't need it. It's not real life, it's a game.
  2. Hi Raz, thanks a lot for Tegel; I bought it immediately after releasing. It looks amazing, very familiar for me because I'm living in Berlin. Btw., maybe it will possible for you to making the other airport, the BER too? It will be the future in Berlin; after its opening in October Tegel will be closed.
  3. Because we will like it in flightsimulator.
  4. Any idea when will it be out (juust read an article about its near relasing for MSFS)? Kai
  5. Welcome to Orbx, Matteusz! I've bought Tenerife south via simmarket at former times and even Tenerife north via Orbx central. Both are working perfectly together! Kai
  6. I'm just updating via OC. But is everything alright with the Orbx-servers? Downloadspped is about 8KB/s.!
  7. No I can't; LGKO performs very well too. LOWW performs as well at LGKO at my system; maybe your GPU is weaker than mine? In general spoekn the new sim is a little bit hungry for hardware, unfortunately! I'm sure we will see some optimisation in the future; finetuning I would say. Thanks a lot Gaya, hopefully Tegel will be such a wonderful piece too! Kai
  8. So many difference experiences. I'm quite satisfied with KBUR.
  9. I'm sure PMDG will optimize their products very well.
  10. Thanks a lot, looking very forward to it! Kai
  11. Hopefully not until the second airport in Berlin "BER EDDB" will be opened in autumn! Kai
  12. Thanks Nick, I looked at the default airport, there I noticed a small slope. A good idea to look into real pictures or at the charts next time. Kai
  13. Just discovered that KSBA is not equipped with sloped runways (e.G. 33R), compared to the default scenery. Is it too difficult to develope it for the moment and maybe there will be an update for that later? Kai
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