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  1. In MSFS there isn't a really pause like it is in P3D/FSX. You have the active pause, but this is not a really pause/break; some functions are still working on and the other choice is the escape button. This would come closest to the pause function in P3D IMHO.
  2. Probably the airport only. And the prices for FSDG-MSFS-related products are .
  3. good morning, I just would like to know if there is a timeframe when we can expect EFHK for MSFS from MK-Studios? Thanks a lot!
  4. Filou, you are an artist! I wonder how you manage making such amazing screenshots everytime!
  5. just a short question: next week world update 4 Benelux-France will arrive. Is the citypack Paris prepared for this or do we have to wait for an adaption like it was for London? Thanks!
  6. Wow, Lemberg, such a nice looking airport! The Ukraine and the east of Europe are starting to rock!
  7. I see. But for P3D-versions I don't give money anymore. So I'll wait for the next sale.
  8. I tried this already: they have a ticket system where I have to enter an order number (which I don't have yet). Unfortuntaly support or even general talk to partners in this forum isn't possible anymore. Maybe I'll have a look at EFHK made by the competitor.
  9. Just another question to the sale: I'd like to buy EFHK from MK-Studios, but I don't use P3D any longer but MSFS already. So EFHK is in the sale until the end of March; I don't believe that the version for MSFS will be out until then. If I buy the P3D version (which has no value for me anymore) will I get a free update for the MSFS-version?
  10. Yes, thank you, I know this method but I am only allowed to upload 273kB, much too less for these images. Thanks Nick. I sorted out the reason for that already: I had a tool called Enhanced Airport Graphics active, which I bought some time ago. After deactivating it Brisbane is looking overwhelming; as it should be .
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