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  1. Okay. Just for saving 3,6GB; but I think, these are peanuts compared with TE! Kai
  2. Thank you Nick, I'll try it. If I deinstall Wales via FTXC I don't know what will happen to Cardiff? It is a part of FTX Wales. Is it a part of TEGBS too or will it be wise to back it up before uninstalling? Kai
  3. Good morning, I played in mind to deactivate/deinstall FTX England and Wales too. For the lack between FTX Scotland and TEGBS openLC Europe could work as substitute. But I'm not sure dectivating them because during installation of TEGBS both of them were active and I don't know if some files of them will be used for a proper TEGBS. If somebody could confirm that I don't need both older FTX regions underneath I would put them away. Kai
  4. Yeah, the time has come! Thank you, Ian! Kai
  5. Klassischer Fall von German outback, Bert! mfg Kai
  6. KaiUweWeiss


    Wow, very ambitious! Good luck, I'm looking very forward to it! The aerials used by Drzewiecki are not the sharpest one in my opinion. So good having P3D in 64bit! When I remember the former times where I have to fiddle everything to avoid CTD's. And it was so often, when I was flying to Vancouver; just before landing: black textures and after that: peng, OOM! It's over now, what a luck! Kai
  7. So many different experiences... I'm totally overwhelmed by this scenery! I like flying hours for hours here and do sightseeing, surrounded by some music. Wow! I enjoy it very much, sorry for you, Doug! Thanky you Alan for this masterpiece! Maybe you can do (some day of course) such scene for Berlin? Kai
  8. Just for my imagination: TE Netherlands: is it LOD 15 or LOD 14? Kai
  9. Thank you very much; indeed I oversaw them amongst those many many pictures. Yes, TE GB seems to be very nice. Maybe a little bit too green? (Compared to TE NL).
  10. Oh, I wasn't exactly enough I'm afraid. I didn't mean the first 480p pics. Rather I thought about the "next week" message from #27 from John. mfg Kai
  11. Did I oversee something? I can't find any pics mfg Kai
  12. Thank you John, all the best for you! Kai
  13. I nearly don't dare to ask: is it possible and realistic to use TEGB South this year already, maybe to the holidays? Kai
  14. Is it for X-Plane 11 only or will it comes together with a version for P3D ? I'm not sure about it by reading this thread. The headline speaks about "for X-Plane 11" but many comments here are sounding as if there will be a release for the other platforms at the same (or near the same) time. That would be amazing! mfg Kai