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  1. Your wonderful pics are showing that winter is an important season. Hopefully the future in flightsimulation will not only being in summertime. mfg Kai
  2. Das er übertreibt habe ich auch bemerkt. Ich ärgere mich eigentlich mehr über diese, so typisch deutschen "Aber", die immer gleich im Vorfeld zur Stelle sind und alles in Frage stellen. Ganz anders die anderen Kommentare hier; siehe z.B. den Post hierdrüber (176). Kai
  3. This is not for sure, you can't measure the demand of hardware comparing with the outdated and inefficient way FSX is coded (and P3D partially too). Kai
  4. They told something about a certain amount of backward-compatibility. So I hope the architecture of the upcoming sim is a little bit similar like the old ESP-platform and high fidelity addons like some airplanes of airports can get portated. kai
  5. What a lot of beautiful pictures, Ian! I'm looking very forward to EGPH. mfg Kai
  6. Excellent shots, Ian, as everytime! Wow, maybe I'll use one of them as a background on my PC! Hopefully these are your final shots? Kai
  7. P3D-settings are not very helpful here... Kai
  8. I wasn't able to use or activate OF2. So I went back to V3 and now it is back again. Kai
  9. Thank you all for your great comments! Glad you like it. Kai
  10. LEAS is wonderful, thanks a lot to the developers! Just a short in the evening. Kai
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