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  1. Excellent shots, Ian, as everytime! Wow, maybe I'll use one of them as a background on my PC! Hopefully these are your final shots? Kai
  2. P3D-settings are not very helpful here... Kai
  3. I wasn't able to use or activate OF2. So I went back to V3 and now it is back again. Kai
  4. Thank you all for your great comments! Glad you like it. Kai
  5. LEAS is wonderful, thanks a lot to the developers! Just a short in the evening. Kai
  6. Congratulations for all Xplane's! Hopefully the P3D-version will be out (if it is planned anyway) before MS release its new one with its breathtaking landscape. Kai
  7. I'm afraid it P3D4 it won't be usable. The performance is not the best at the Moment and in conjunction with EGLC...? Kai
  8. hello, is there a timetable for TEGB central and north for P3D4 already? Thanks Kai
  9. Wonderful, Australia rises up again! mfg Kai
  10. Is it possible at all, certain files like these from global base having outside the sim in which the same files ( being the stock ones) resides? How will this technique work? Deactivating them shoulddn't be the solution because I want to habe the original files untouched, should it? But you can't call a file withe the same name twice?! That would be interested for me how this will be handled. Kai
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