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  1. B.t.w.: is there any progress regarding TEGBC and GBN for P3D? (Its a little bit off topic, I know). Kai
  2. For the moment this could be right, but who knows the future of P3D? Getting the look and feel like XPlane e.g. there is still to do a little bit. By the way, upgrading from GTX1080TI to RTX2080TI gaves me a great performanceimprovement, especially for DR and SSAA-Settings. Everything is nearly maxed out with a great performance and visuals; in the darkness too of course. Even with texture_size_exp=10 setting. Kai
  3. I don't regret any second bought an RTX 2080TI! It is worth more and more everytime I see such amazing pictures! Things like PBR will be the future in P3D and these methods implemented into the sim will cure the disadvantage of the ESP single core CPU-engine. Kai
  4. Good morning, just read the announcement from Aimee: I thought, only Germans are making jokes at the first of April! LOL!. Nice to see this humour in other places too! Kai
  5. Davids "thank you" belongs dto the XPlane-thread, doesn't it? What a merging; I myself did a post for P3D in the XPlane11-thread too because I didn't see the difference at the first time. But the SP for P3D is following soon... Kai
  6. Yes that was my question too. It is a little bit quiet around the SP for P3D4; everything speaks about XP11. But maybe both SP's will be released at the same time? Kai
  7. Yeah, I remembered that too. But after releasing the P3D-version and showing its bad performance an SP (with the ability to control the amount of objects e.g.) was announced too. That's why my question came up. Kai
  8. Probably a stupid question: this SP is for XPlane or P3D4? Soemtimes it would be better to separate informations for products which came out for more than one platform. Kai
  9. Okay. Just for saving 3,6GB; but I think, these are peanuts compared with TE! Kai
  10. Thank you Nick, I'll try it. If I deinstall Wales via FTXC I don't know what will happen to Cardiff? It is a part of FTX Wales. Is it a part of TEGBS too or will it be wise to back it up before uninstalling? Kai
  11. Good morning, I played in mind to deactivate/deinstall FTX England and Wales too. For the lack between FTX Scotland and TEGBS openLC Europe could work as substitute. But I'm not sure dectivating them because during installation of TEGBS both of them were active and I don't know if some files of them will be used for a proper TEGBS. If somebody could confirm that I don't need both older FTX regions underneath I would put them away. Kai
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