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  1. Congratulations for all Xplane's! Hopefully the P3D-version will be out (if it is planned anyway) before MS release its new one with its breathtaking landscape. Kai
  2. I'm afraid it P3D4 it won't be usable. The performance is not the best at the Moment and in conjunction with EGLC...? Kai
  3. hello, is there a timetable for TEGB central and north for P3D4 already? Thanks Kai
  4. Wonderful, Australia rises up again! mfg Kai
  5. Is it possible at all, certain files like these from global base having outside the sim in which the same files ( being the stock ones) resides? How will this technique work? Deactivating them shoulddn't be the solution because I want to habe the original files untouched, should it? But you can't call a file withe the same name twice?! That would be interested for me how this will be handled. Kai
  6. B.t.w.: is there any progress regarding TEGBC and GBN for P3D? (Its a little bit off topic, I know). Kai
  7. For the moment this could be right, but who knows the future of P3D? Getting the look and feel like XPlane e.g. there is still to do a little bit. By the way, upgrading from GTX1080TI to RTX2080TI gaves me a great performanceimprovement, especially for DR and SSAA-Settings. Everything is nearly maxed out with a great performance and visuals; in the darkness too of course. Even with texture_size_exp=10 setting. Kai
  8. I don't regret any second bought an RTX 2080TI! It is worth more and more everytime I see such amazing pictures! Things like PBR will be the future in P3D and these methods implemented into the sim will cure the disadvantage of the ESP single core CPU-engine. Kai
  9. Good morning, just read the announcement from Aimee: I thought, only Germans are making jokes at the first of April! LOL!. Nice to see this humour in other places too! Kai
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