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  1. Turns out my 1JY2 also appeared to be in the same quick sand as vf99 experienced. The fix offered by Holger Sandmann, worked like a charm. But, I've got to fess up however! Finding, then moving a copied computer file from one place to another, was not a comfortable action for me. I always fear the worst will happen, and I'll end up with a pile of electronic garbage. I imagine there are others who are liked minded.
  2. Have not read the manual, and a big shame on me for that dumb oversight with this acft! Thanks for the 'advice'. What I have reviewed gave me enough to complete at least one circuit around the aerodrome. Next I'll be occupying a seat in the 'throne room' with manual in hand for a much needed serious read.
  3. I purchased the Lancair IV-P yesterday 12 Mar. Unfortunately the install was not ‘clean’ and problems exist i.e. 1. Two sets of images now exist in the FSX ‘Select Acft’ page. One set normal; the other includes the letters ‘HD’ as part of each image. 2. Selecting the Lancair to be the ‘Current Aircraft’, includes getting this audio; ‘warning oil pressure‘. 3. Selecting the ‘Fly Now!’ window includes getting this audio; ‘warning fuel pressure’ followed by an immediate engine shut down. 4. I’ve uninstalled/installed the software more than once, and run the Libraries utility.
  4. Hmmmmmmmmmmm! That reads like a very tongue-in-cheek goal.
  5. We live in Austin TX. The city is repurposing the City's Convention Center here (and other faculties I think) once again, as happened 12 yrs ago when Katrina hit. Several thousand folks will be provided shelter etc., for however long it takes Houston to recover to the point where folks can return home.
  6. It is at the bottom of the FTX Global Range section in my FTX Central.
  7. I just did a quick look-see and flew a circuit around O17. No issues noted.
  8. Sounds like your snake bit. Waiting at least, may calm your nerves - for a little bit.
  9. Really great images. I loaded an enormous amount of ordnance on the F-100C, D & F back in the day.
  10. I was a very young USAF Airman stationed at Williams AFB Chandler AZ when I first saw Bob perform in mid 1958. The occasion was the completion of the movie 'The Hunters' (a Korean war movie) starring among others, Robert Mitchum and Robert Wagner. Many of Williams' F-86F fighters were used in the filming as were several F-84F jets from Luke AFB located on the other side of Phoenix AZ. The F-86F aircraft of course were in USAF livery, but the F-84F jets were dressed in a flat light blue paint with red stars on the fuselages. When they landed at Willy Field, it was a rather eerie sight.
  11. Gadzooks! That is some seriously fine looking scenery. About the only thing I can brag about today is; for some unknown reason my unlimited FPS rate has been pounding my so-so monitor in the high 100's. Wish I knew what I or the computer did or didn't do to cause such a number.
  12. So would I. The recently available FTX openLC NA Ver110 rendered T82 and surrounding area a bit more accurate. Not sure of the changes to KHYI, as I didn't look at it before loading the openLC. KHYI is but 30 miles from my home, T82 a bit further at 80 miles. I'd reckon any increase in the physical appearance/accuracy of a airport location, just has to add to the 'experience' when arriving/taxing/departing. It certainly works that way for me. In the case of T82, only a see-through fence separates it from Lady Bird Johnson Park. Lots of activities e.g. swap m
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