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  1. Can't find Pioneer Valdez PAVD...is it there? Don.
  2. Smudger, thanks for your prompt advice. Couple of supplementaries: Would you recommend any particular software to copy/disk image from SSD to HDD? Once P3D copied to HDD, presumably need to delete/uninstall everything from SSD? Any need to format SSD before installing MSFS? Thanks again, Don.
  3. Tried to find advice by searching the forums...maybe didn't use the right search terms! I'm planning to install MS Flight Simulator in due course - probably when I've seen the experiences of the first few - or many! - early adopters. I currently have P3D 4.5 on a 1TB ssd...but have a separate 1TB hd with not much on it. I'm thinking I might move P3D from the ssd to hd, to free up the ssd for MSFS. Any thoughts on this? But in particular, what's the process - hopefully painless! - for moving P3D from ssd to hd? Sorry if the answer is already somewhere on the
  4. Thanks Nick - didn't spot that in Key Features, Don.
  5. Hi All. What mesh is with OLC (Africa)? Thanks Don.
  6. So W10 v 2004 is quite good? Thanks for that detailed analysis - W haven't offered me 2004 yet, but sounds like I should grab it to go with P3D5, Don.
  7. Hope this is the right place. My P3D4.5 is on drive E: Samsung SSD 850 PRO 1TB. With all my Orbx stuff it's using 357GB currently, leaving 596GB free. My D drive, WD 1TB HD, is almost empty, only 15GB on it. Question...should P3D5 go on E, alongside P3D4.5 where, subject to further Orbx stuff, it would presumably consume another circa 357GB, leaving around 240GB free? Or should I put P3D5 on empty drive E, the 1TB HD? I'm aware that loading times are slower than SSDs than HDs...but dramatically slower? I also understand that once a P3D scenario is loaded and running the
  8. Hi All, I'm thinking of treating myself to PILOTS Global Ultimate NG 2020 mesh for P3D4.5. Is it good? And especially, hope it doesn't mess up airport elevations. Comments/advice please, Don.
  9. Ignore please, already repled to by Nick in P3D4 support, Don.
  10. Thanks Nick, I'll try that. Presumably turbine reverser relates to reverse thrust on touchdown, for jets? Don.
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