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  1. Well, what an interesting clutch of responses my original post has generated! Thanks to all of you...I've learned much more than I originally asked! Don
  2. Hi All. I've just upgraded from W7 Home to a clean install of W10 Home for my P3D4.5. Before re-installing P3D + all my ORBX scenery I need to decide whether to stick with W10 Home or further upgrade to W10 Pro. Advice please. Are many of you out there on W10 Home with P3D...and if so are all the problems with rogue updates a thing of the past, and no problems with a fresh install of W10 Home...or should I upgrade to W10 Pro, where I understand I can disable automatic updates and select them manually? Thanks to all of you who can help me with this Don
  3. Hi All. Has anyone used Windows media creation tool to upgrade P3D from Windows 7 to Windows 10? Was it good? Don.
  4. Ok, thanks Nick. Do you know (or anyone else?) if troublesome updates from W10 Home are still a problem? Don.
  5. Nick, this sounds wonderful! A few supplementaries if I may: Presumably I need to purchase W10 license prior to and quite seperately from download and running of Windows media creation tool...license number to be entered at some point during upgrade from W7 to W10? I am upgrading from W7 Home Premium 64 Bit. I note that by default media creation tool will upgrade this to W10 Home, 64 Bit. I am nervous about this! I seem to remember that earlier adopters of W10 Home suffered all kinds of problems with rogue W10 updates - unable to be switched off in W10 Home - messing up their P3D. Are these problems in the past, with P3D now safe from undesirable updates to W10 Home? Ideally I'd like to upgrade to W10 Pro 64 Bit where I understand automatic updates can be turned off. Presumably I could do this online, once upgraded to W10 Home? Or would you advise that I should not be concerned about W10 Home updates? Many thanks Nick for your further advice, Don.
  6. Hi All. I need some advice. I'm running P3D + all my wonderful orbx scenery on Windows 7, with Oculus Rift for VR - never fly on the monitor now! I want to upgrade to Rift S. My rig meets the Oculus recommended spec - except it's on W7. I want to avoid spending money on a new W10 rig if possible, so what I'm hoping I can do is upgrade from W7 to W10 on my existing rig, (presumably uninstalling then re-installing P3D + orbx) then plug in my new Rift S. I'd really appreciate it if anyone out there has done this, and can guide me on how to proceed. Many thanks for all assistance/advice, Don.
  7. I don't know you Sniper, but I remember well reading your posts...and I look forward to reading more now that you're back. Well done, and take care, Don.
  8. Bald? Get some rabbit tatoos on your head...they'll look like hares from a distance! Don.
  9. What a load of fuss about a simple question. My response would have been "Shift+P" Don
  10. "FTX England already provides the Channel Islands as a gift"? I think not...but I've just seen JV's announcement re IoM and Channel Islands. Credit card ready! Don
  11. JohnY...talking about asking directions in Newcastle, did you hear about one of Tommy Cooper's favourite pranks. He'd be in a limo, being chauffered to the theatre for his show, when he'd ask his driver to stop. Tommy would wind down his window and ask the nearest pedestrien, "Excuse me, can you tell me where Acacia Avenue is?" "No, sorry" would be the reply. "Well, it's straight on, second on the left, then first right...carry on driver!" Don
  12. Quite a few years ago we had my grandson Chris, and my wife's grandson Seb over to stay for a week during the summer holidays. We had great fun. I would write spoof house rules for them, which of course had to be strictly obeyed. The incentive was: If you're good you can watch the television...and if you're really, really good we'll let you turn it on! Ho Ho! Don
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