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  1. Orbx This product was announced as being under development July 2016 and I'm curious if there has been any progress with this project or whether development has stopped. Tried doing a search but that didn't yield any relevant results for me. Cheers, Brent
  2. I presume I need Orbx global to use these? Cheers Brent
  3. Thank you Tom and Jeff - very much appreciated!
  4. Is there a kmz file for AU SP4 available similar to the other Orbx NA regions? Cheers Brent
  5. Hi Noel - good catch! I could have used some Quality control when I put this together! Originally I had gone through the KMZ in Google Earth for the regions to just identify seaplane bases but I obviously made some errors. OAK1 should have been 0AK1 (substitute the O with a zero) and is found in the southern Alaska region (Anderson Lake - gravel strip and water)....I've fixed that one and removed the other three you identified. For anyone else who might find it useful here is an updated list: Orbx & Tongass Seaplane bases.txt Cheers Brent
  6. Here is a list of bases with an airport code listed only for the Tongass region (i.e. the rest are Orbx only). Cheers Brent Tongass seaplane.txt
  7. FWIW I've attached a text file with all water aerodromes for all North American Orbx regions plus Tongass Fjords (only those with an ICAO code) in a simple text file. I use this with Ideal Flight 10 app to generate flights only between water bases within the NA Orbx regions when I'm not using amphib craft. Orbx & Tongass Seaplane bases.txt Cheers Brent
  8. Good for you for being so persistent! I haven't experienced the problem you've had but will certainly remember the route you took and bypass Thrustmaster altogether...mine is long past the warranty period. Oh for the days of Buzz Hoffman (RIP) and the personal support he gave to all things Thrustmaster (FCS,WCS, RCS). Cheers, Brent
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