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  1. Are these back in a latest MSFS update, or were they never fixed?
  2. Pattern work and airport hops without shutting down are a very common real life practice scenario (I've built more than half of my actual hours that way). How common these scenarios are depends on the pilot type. GA pilots certainly just burn fuel most of the time for practice. Yes. I believe there are relatively simply solutions to these: 1. Either allow multiple landings per flight entry (including the nearest airports), or 2. Split the entry if there was a ground touch, at the middle of the ground roll. For landing challenges:
  3. Feedback... Please count a landing/takeoff as a start of a new flight, or at least allow it to be split. For those doing hops or pattern work, it turns into quite the mess. This is even worse if you're doing landing challenges, as it logs as one aircraft even though you may have used different aircraft for different landing challenges. As of version .76 the data quality recorded as a result of these issues makes it unusable. Little Nav Map has no problem with these scenarios.
  4. The PAPI on 08 seems to be off. No matter how low I got (skimming building tops) it would not turn red at all.
  5. A couple of questions and suggestions: 1. Will you be able to import your old flights (even with some missing data) just to have a unified log book? 2. I've seen some screenshots that show touchdown rate. This is insufficient information to determine how good your landing was. Please at least records the following: - touchdown rate - touchdown G - heading (how well does this align with runway heading to see how well your crosswind technique is) - airspeed (anybody can land smoothly if you don't land at the right speed) - weight and flaps state (correct
  6. Right, that makes sense for the starting airport, but my question is specifically about the airport at my destination. Could someone test this? For example, let's say I set up weather (clouds at 200 AGL) and start at KLXV (9900 MSL) and fly to 1V6 (5400 MSL) in a 20 minute flight. Will I still have clouds at 200 AGL at 1V6, or will they be clouds at 10000 MSL (essentially making 1V6 VFR).
  7. But what happens if you fly from an airport at 3000 feet with let's say overcast 1000 clouds to an airport at sea level. Would the ceilings still be 1000, or be 4000 overcast?
  8. Are the cloud in the themes based of AGL of the starting airport? If I start at an at say 4000 feet and fly to something at 1000 feet, what will the weather be like (at a minimum I'll have 3000 foot ceilings)? Is temperature dynamic or the same for each theme?
  9. I haven't had this happen elsewhere. Any updates on this?
  10. I have tried the following: 1. Disable all community add-ons except paid content (Marketplace: 3U2, Washington Landmarks, Orbx: 1S2 KORS KTIW LOWI LOWZ CYLW) 2. Tried every graphics pre-set from Low to Ultra 3. Toggled Bing Data off/on The issue remains.
  11. My density is set to High (and generally my graphics settings are set to High-End, on a 2070).
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