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  1. Have been enjoying this little jet, rolls like a demon, very fast and very easy to get lost in. Heres a take off and landing in CRM and a quick blast through some mountains in PNW [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qdj9oeqJ9Y
  2. lovely video, showcased the scenery very well, and lots of variety of planes too, very cool
  3. Yep nice video, very smooth. Bearcat looks great and you landed it so well
  4. Nice I was wondering about YMML, after seeing on the news tonight they were upgrading it p.s ymav is great, runs well, I bought after visiting there in person and it's spot on
  5. sounds like the prop pitch to me also, can recall having the same problem. I just have the view were it should be in the seat and have zoomed in views to read the gauges in ezca
  6. Nice shots, pic 3 really shows of the hercs epic wingspan
  7. Nice work on that clip Sam,NGX looks amazing . As I have recently learned use the [ media ] youtubeurlhere [ /media ] without spaces
  8. very impressive, much like first person shooter quality than what you'd expect from a flight sim
  9. nice shots, I enjoyed flying around this island also
  10. thanks guys, I was pretty happy with this one, even got the landing perfect. I was quite fond of the pan from wing to wing also, look forwarding to making more.
  11. Thanks to 2110 Phil for suggesting the location and plane, Though I got the wrong plane probably and got lost so here we have the Captain Sim U.S coat guard c130H, I do I like this plane. Flying from 5SS or was it 55S to Portland Oregon in the captain sim [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca1tK1K0pEA
  12. I'm using chromium on ubuntu, I have a video to post this evening, though I'm still unsure how to so it, do I just post the youtube url in the link button?
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