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  1. Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to remove the static airliners at LOWI. Thanks! P.S. I purchased LOWI at MS Marketplace. If needed, I can provide the order number.
  2. Would also like to see the trees swaying in the wind. Just a thought. Probably hard to do.
  3. Amazing. What theme is that for clouds and sky?
  4. Thank you very much ORBX team and thanks all of you guys for your comments. I've just seen this since I had no internet connection for the last couple of days due to some technical issues with my provider. I also caught a cold that really put me on medication and bed rest . But he he this really cheers me up . Some really great shots out there and all of them portrays one of the best scenery ever created for FSX. Thank you ORBX team for really making our virtual flights extremely enjoyable.
  5. [img width=454 height=700]http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshots/images/2972011_1_31_12_3_8_926.jpg [img width=454 height=700]http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshots/images/1402011_1_31_14_6_57_7581.jpg
  6. Yep. Hope you sort it out...I am a little worried about performance when Canberra City comes out.
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