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  1. Verify files sorted it. Thank you
  2. There is a big red X between parking spot 3 and the runway in the grass. It appears there should be a scenery object there as it is centered on a white circle. Any ideas?
  3. I had to uninstall the airport as my remedy. This is not an Orbx issue. This is an Aerosoft issue that has persist for a long time.
  4. This is really shaping up to be a must have tool. I forget and it may have already been mentioned (apologize if so), but will this track a users fleet of aircraft as to last flight flown, hours on frame, etc...?
  5. Is the 1.1 update out yet via Orbx? They released it Sunday for those that bought from their website.
  6. Not sure if it already is programmed to do it but would be nice to have a list of your aircraft registrations and be able to see where and when you last flew it. Some like to pick up where they left off with respect to their particular aircraft fleet.
  7. Now this is neat stuff, will definitely be getting this. Been looking for something like this for ages.
  8. It looks right to me. Pretty sure that's how it is supposed to look.
  9. I like the landmarks. Hopefully some lesser known places get this work done on them. i can see these, at the $8 price point becoming a no brainer to buy.
  10. Good stuff. I've come around on your Orbx Central software and now find it does a really good job at keeping everything up to date. If only other scenery developers did the same....
  11. It's not in the FAQ, those with TerraFlora v1, do we need to uninstall that version first?
  12. With as buggy as version 4 is, not going to buy it. If one could purchase with v3 then I would have. Another lost sale.
  13. They should pull v4 from the server. This is just an utter mess causing more problems than solving. The beta team must have been very small as the numerous problems reported here and at Avsim attest to. I for one will stay with v3 and not update or buy any further products as that requires v4.
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