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  1. +1 on this (relatively old) topic... ...with a nice other approach. Thank you and Regards, Richard
  2. Hi, Can I install ORBX TrueEarth NETHERLANDS on my system? -Disk C: 63.0GB free -P3Dv4.3 installed on : Disk E: 324GB free Thank you and Regards,
  3. I was wondering also how much this was going to cost and how to transfer FSX to P3D v4...So, thank you very much for all these excellent news ! Regards, Richard Portier
  4. ...Classy, it makes me want to cross the United States from west to east and from north to south in fast GA at 2000ft ! Thanks a lot, just great ! Regards, Richard Portier Sorry I just realized that maybe, I should have post that in the general forum.
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