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  1. I hadn't been to the site for a while. I am pleasantly surprised that the problem has been solved! Thank you very much. Richard.
  2. Hello, 2 people levitating... Thanks and Regards, Richard.
  3. Hello, I'm having a little trouble finding the KTVL I had on FSX or P3Dv4. Maybe it's me but do I see on the pictures are normal? Thank you and Regards, Richard.
  4. Operating system: W10Pro64 Simulator: P3Dv5 Screenshot: Issue: Hello, I migrated Global openLC North America and Global openLC North America Alaska-Canada to D:\Orbx Library\p3dv4, among others. I then copied those 2 folders into D:\Orbx Library\p3dv5. The problem is that Global openLC North America Alaska-Canada does not appear in: Orbx Central My Products Prepar3Dv5. Are present only: -Global Base Pack -Trees HD -Global openLC Europe and -openLC North America Thank you and Regards, Richard. central.log
  5. Hi, Thank you for the clarification. That brings me to a question. What is the purpose of the "Insert Point" option because whatever changes you make, they don't seem to have the desired result, e.g. I have a number of Orbx regions or airports located under Orbx Global openLC instead of above it. For info, outside of Orbx I have installed 3 FlightBeam airports and FsDreamTeam Honolulu International, all installed with .XML method. Thanks in advance. Regards, Richard.
  6. I'm afraid I'm not much help with macOS or iOS, sorry. Then I advise you to put the exact specifications of your system so that someone who knows them can help you. Richard.
  7. Mine is in: E:\STEAM\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator AddOns\scenery\orbx_lowi Except for E: disc, yours has the same path? Did you do a restart computer? If you are on Steam did you run AFS2 via Steam? Richard.
  8. This is a different issue from what is reported in this topic. Could you please open another topic related to your problem. Thanks. Richard.
  9. It's the same issue I described here: Richard.
  10. Thank you Nick. I already had it installed in D:\Orbx Library\p3dv5, so I leave it like this, it must be okay (If I understood everything correctly). Richard.
  11. Forgive me Nick but I don't understand. You said: ...and now: "2. When installed, Global Base adds very little to the size of the simulator folder, because the textures are replacing existing textures, not adding to them. 3. If you already have Global Base installed into the simulator there is absolutely no point in also installing it into an Orbx Central Library." Actually, I've got it set up in D:\Orbx Library\p3dv5. Please, just two questions: 1-My installation is correct? 2-Would I have or can I install it directly in D:\Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v5? Thank you and Regards, Richard.
  12. Thank you very much Nick. Richard.
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